Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ride the Lightning part 2: KiSS the Tower!

Greetings Family!

This post is a Continuation/Conclusion to my last post "Rock and Runes: Ride the Lightning". You might wanna read that if you havent so youll get where Im going with this post here.

So in the last post we explored the Frequency of Lightning Symbols used in Rock and Roll culture, especialy the Sig Rune which is a a Lightning Bolt itself. We connected the Lightning to Kundalini energy, and saw the connections between the Activation of Kundalini via Rock and Roll Pagan Revival, and how The Orgasm Face of Musicians in Musical Ecstacy reflects the Orgasm Face made by humans when in Sexual Ecstacy.

Now lets look at this connection to the Orgasm Face. The Orgasm face as mentioned in the last post is symbolically expressed in Rock and Roll when Musicians are in the Ecstacy of Musical Creation, the mouth Opened Wide and the Head Back*, thus reflecting the Orgasm Face that we humans also make during the Ecstacy of Sexual Union or the Transferal of Life Force Kundalini.

Jimi Hendrix was known for his dramatic O-Face and his sexual style of Rockin and Rollin. The Life Force is within him, and the Mouth agape is the Strike of Escatcy Lightning rolling through his spine.

Now in the Band name KISS we can see Two BOLTZ or Sig Runes of Lightning, and Gene Simmons HUGE TOUNGE/MOUTH, another Expression of the Sexuality channeled through the sensory organ of the Mouth or Tounge. Now heres where this all got really interesting for me.

Notice the TOWER Tarot Card, oroginally just an Image of a Tower bein Struck by Lightning, but the Crowley Version has a MOUTH breathing FIRE onto the Tower!!, that is becasue this Tarot Card is attributed the Hebrew Letter and Tree of Life Path of PEH, which means MOUTH!. So here we can see a very old connection between the Lightning and the Tower, or the Kundalini striking the Spine, and the MOUTH as an Active Agent in the process, a Tarot book I was reading said that the Power of Words is described by this card, are not words the means by which we tear down and rebuild a whole new house or Tower or Beleif System for ourselves? The Lightning which comes from the mouth is the SPIRIT or the LOGOS which strikes matter and Spiritualizes it, or actualizes it. This is where Rock and Roll and Magick also come into mind for me, as well as Alice Baileys Attribution of Aquarius(the dawned astrological age) to her 7th Ray of Invocation/Evocation and of Ceremonial Magick(which word/Prayer is key). She beleived that the power of Words would be strongly influenced as we move into resonance with the Planet Uranus and Aquarius the 7th Ray. Aquarius is also an Air sign, which symbolically Air resonates with Consciousness, Words, Language, Communication and other non physical energies. As we move into Aquarius I suspect the power of our words will be experienced strongly, and it seems fitting that we are sharing all of this KKonsciousness VIA CYBERSPACE, Space=AIR. But remember that The Tower and Lightning are now legitly connecte to the MOUTH Via the Ancient arts of the Tarot. Anyway this gets nuttier, lets roll.

In the Rocky Horror Picture Show, we can see a new Androgynous man created by Doctor Frank N Furter played by Tim Curry. This New man is Resurrected out of a Rainbow Coffin and is given life force by the Pull of a Lever which strikes hiim with Lightning. The Infamous Logo for the Film is Tim Curries crazy MOUTH!!! This rock and roll Aquarian Musical was explored in my Post here, ROcky Horror Rebis Resurrection.

Now a friend of mine sent me this Coca Cola ad, which features 3 Rocky Horror Style mouths, Plus Lighting which Equals A smiley face over H20. The Mouths and Lightning together again!

My same buddy Sent me this Image AS I WAS WRITING THIS POST!! This is a Jack Kirby Era Fantastic Four shot, of a man with the Symbol fof Mercury( the word/Logos) on his head. The caption reads " WITH HIS HEAD HELD HIGH, HIS MOUTH OPENS!" This Guy is certainly in a state of O FACE here. Now wait for this next Shot!


WOW are you SIRIUS? The BOLT, the O-FACE, and MERCURY the WORD/LOGOS all in one shot!!!

Now you might not beleive this, but to my pure amazement, my same friend as soon as he was done sending me these pics of the comic, was somewhere and a Movie was on the Television, he didnt put this on himself, this movie is called LIFE FORCE! and its about Aliens stealing peoples Life Force or Kundalini through the Use of LIGHTNING FROM THEIR MOUTHS!!!!

I cant beleive this haha! I think the Trailer is really worth a look amigos!

And of course I also just finished this invisbiles comic "Apocalypstic" where the Main Character Lord Fanny spews Lightning Astral Fluid out of her mouth when in Shamanic Trances, the cover below here reflects this part of the Comic.

Thanks to Kevin squared for the Siriusly pertinant Synchs! And thanks to all yall for reading and being alive! More to come soon, much L<3VE, Namaste!


  1. amazing personal syncs on this end:

    My dad recently met Kiss as they were doing something at the building he works at.

    I made an entire post about the "Formula for Happiness" ad at my blog.

    I've been looking over the Thoth Tarot deck recently.

    I'm loving the O-face/divine bolt (OZ) theme.

  2. Wow Thanks Tommy! The O and the Bolt are totally OZ haha, great insights! Happy to see Kiss Synchin too! Be very well bro! Namaste

  3. I was driving form work to my house about a week ago when I felt the uncontrolable urge to stick my tongue out a do a falic movement... It felt liberating..Remember the movie BIG? When Tom Hanks eats ice cream and does some kind of tongue ting with a cherry..? something like that. Felt like I needed to mention it.

  4. Thanks RURIK, Terrence Mckenna has talked alot about the connection between escatic states and entheogens and their connection to the Mouth and Tounge and Language, Ive experienced blurbing out Tounges on shrooms as well as the connection to the biblical "First there was the word" , and Thoth-mercury as the Tounge of RA. I find that belly breathing, the kind of breathing that comes out in ecstacy, can be triggered by putting the tounge to the roof of the mouth lightly and breathing in the belly comes up. This reduces stress hormones and acids that are produced by the stress of the stomach muscles. Definatly lots of power in our mouth and tounge! Thanks for commenting RUrik be very well! Namaste

  5. Yep. When I take Ayahuasca and it starts t effect me I yawn so big
    my head tilts back and I get that huge O mouth. Dead on with this. Thanks.

  6. Just dreamed about watching Jimy Hendrix at a concert.
    Pretty sure we would find more lightning O-Mouths in the Indiana Jones Nazi opening the Ark Scene and when Palpatine is electrocuting Luke in Jedi.

    Might see if I can punch up some stills.

    Gr8 work.


  7. Watched Life Force a few years ago, Patrick Steward was in that. I think I liked it, one of those, so silly but takes it self seriously enough that you get carried along beside your self...

  8. Nice posting. Do you know about these kundalini books?


  9. Jake- Those stills would be great! This movie looks wild haha, I put an order in for this one and Milleium, im siked haha. This stuff realy resonates what Jim was talking about over at his blog, the Mariri, the Breath of the Shaman and the Ayausca blue fluid, Dennis Mckenna talks about this in True Hallucinations too I hear. Definatly bubbling up, I hope to follow up with some summarizations soon. Be very well brothas and sistas! Namaste

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