Monday, September 14, 2009



Ghost, the Host of the G-Force.

RIP Patrick Swayze

In death (reverse birth) WE/ME all Rest In Peace.
The sacred ineffable silence beyond form.

"In esoteric Astrology Cancer is recognized as being sort of a gateway, between the higher and the lower worlds."
The Secret Zodiacs of Washington DC by David Ovason p120

Death is the opposite of Birth, not Life. Life has no opposite as all process, including death and birth, are facets of Life. Eckhart Tolle (not verbatim)

See 2009 for more Cancer syncs
I dreamed yesterday of a rastafari flag (striped green, yellow and red) with Bob Marley's face in the yellow part, while the realization of this being seeing/C-ing yellow arose.
I wonder at 3:00 AM to the washroom where the Cat we are looking after for a few months (Mr Prez) Meow's at me.
I lie in bed and realize Cat Eyes are yellow, thus Seeing Yellow. Note the Red C/See.
I recently heard the eye of Sauron described as a yellow cat's eye in Lord Of The Rings (the audio book on my Ipod). Its clearly at the same time also a Red Eye/I or Seeing/C-ing Red.
Saw this today after pondering Benjamin Button (and making this Tinkers post) and noticed the seeing yellow Cate Blanchett (Galadriel in LOTR!). Cate or Cat C-Ing yellow, hmmm.
The Red Eyes of Dame Judi Dench (Iris, the rainbow goddess) juxtaposed again with the GoldenEye as Sauron and The Cat's Eye above.

In addition we note that Iris resonates all this eye talk and that a yellow /gold I, like that in the "Rings" part of the LOTR poster, is another Seeing/C-Ing yellow type sync.

Peace In
Sheesh... Above is GoldenEye with Judi Dench as M and below, some other crazy shit..

Tommy: The last thing which Patrick Swayze appeared in was the show "The Beast", a possible reference to Aleister Crowley, or the Beast of Revelations.

Other interesting titles are Red Dawn, Black Dog, Tall Tale (TT), and Pigs vs. Freaks. Here's his IMDB page.

He was in two movies with "Dragon" in the title as well, Green Dragon (reminds me of Tommy from Power Rangers for some reason, not to mention I was born during a Year of the Dragon) and George and the Dragon.

In this image, his legs are crossed, Hanged Man style:

Kevin mentioned on Facebook "Patrick Osiris Swayze", which went over my head until I realized the St. Patrick's Day/Osiris connection. Green Dragon, indeed.

Quick update from Kevin: "Tommy awsomely pointed out a different Layer of my mentioned Osiris connection, I found him resonating with Osiris in "Ghost" as an Underworld traveler interacting with Maats 42, and an Anubis Resonating Psychopomp.

May he Rest in Peace and be reborn.


  1. The Swayz was in a movie called "King Solomon's Mines"

  2. btw, the Tigers are the baseball team of the city I live just outside of, Detroit.

  3. I plain on doing a post, was putting it together tonight that (in my world) directly connects Crowley with Swayze. (There was a Bobcat sync ove at my Private blog, The part owner of the NBA Bobcats died in a plane crash on this past 9/11)

    Recently I have been feeling alot of spirits presents. I am starting to recognize the energy of certain ones. I would bet all my "personal magic" that Crowley has been close to me for about 2 weeks now helping me "iron shit out". I will try to get into more detail on my blog, but his "spirit/energy" has really been a big help to me recently. So much so I kinda want to concentrate on my blog instead of hanging out in forums.

    With that said I always enjoy your post, keep up the good shit.

  4. WoW mOm! Nice Nice Nice work guys.

    Loved the Roadhouse fool Tommy. Movie posters as the tarot-crop circles only makes sense.

    I watched Drag me to Hell last night. Half way through the movie I paused to check the email and randomly clicked the sync whole...

    It was all ghosts and spirits for me last night cause after that I randomly put on a Manly P Hall playlist about sacred images which delved partially into spirits and Ghosts in relation to masks.

    Happy Halloween?
    Samhain being felt a little early this year?

  5. Didn't he die of PANcreatic cancer?

  6. Wrote / rote / rite on Swa-Y- Ze "Dirty Dancing" was filmed in the part of the Catskills where I lived for many years. Showed the home stomping ground. And was a pretty obscure movie, IMO, But that was what my "backward" area was "famous" for. Never saw the movie. But did once meet Swayze. Thanks for the sync with the two "G" 's and the crab...that was AWW- Some. 2 g's sync with recent crop circle of the 28th, August. -pegcarter

  7. Earlier on today I wrote about the Cats Eye for a new post I'm working on and then you went and dropped this bombshell.
    Amazing timing as usual :D

    It's good to hear that you're keeping an eye on Mr. Prez as I think the Cat is a great companion to have around at this moment in time.

    Tommy and Kev, loved the additions!

  8. Saw a guy while outside today wearing a Bob Marley shirt with a lion eminating from his head. Iron Lion Zion. Realize now that Bob is the Lion and the dream was this same Lion spirit telling me about the cats eye.

  9. I mean the image of Bob Marley on the gentleman's shirt had a Lion coming out of Bob's head, not a Lion emanating from the dude wearing the shirt!
    Synchro wackos..