Friday, September 18, 2009

halo hat sunshine (higher)


i thought my status was demoted...

the hat/crown pattern around j depp seems to correlate nicely with the lil miss sunshine pattern recently stumbled upon. Abigail Breslin wears a top hat for the wonderfully satirical end for "Little Miss Sunshine",

Rihanna from "Umbrella" video

Miss breslin will be starRing with Depp in 2011's "Rango" witch has something to do with birds (and the sun?)...

...along with Isla Fisher. Island Fisher, the water bringer, ref'd by Indras in Rocky Rebis Horror, which starts off with some androgyny-talk, which i'll get to...

and Somebody said somethin about Islands... Rich?

[peep the vortex formed by the mountain and the whirlwind-like area]

{...and the rainbow}

nice rainbow ring vince. floWers even...

Breslin stands in ring, which reflects the halo and by extension of patterns confirmed here, as well as the hat (and the moon, and ferris wheels, and clocks... so i guess everything is everything...). The ring becomes the sun around sunshine girls Dunst and Panettiere from Yellow Fever; miss sunshined... oh and the flower- almost forgot...

the sunshine art and hayden's uniform screams gold and red like Juno...

and Abigail from Little Miss Sunshine...

...who confirms patterns further with her halo headband and rainbow ring bracelets. red and gold kiss Ferris wheels and wonderland in the recently mention Aventureland art.

The red and gold seems to me to be connected somehow to the blue and gold of the Tut Halo headdress... male/female? if so, the androgyny fits right in with the red and blue coming together in other patterns.

next step: go [gaga] Purple!

Here is the red/gold theme along with the red spot (pots/stop/tops) or dot associated to the Master and er/RE/Ra/Ray inside the vesica piscis of MasterCard.

Not sure how to interpret the 'Card in gold' seen on this powerful and omnipresent symbol of commerce and trade. It could be darC/dark; the juxtaposition of bright solar gold and dark giving us a yin yang effect. Car (Chariot) is present which is something Arrowsmith is very into. (Reminds me to highlight a theme of blue cars Kirsten Dunst likes to drive around in..)

The Red and Gold Spots overlap and merge to become RE. They hang in an all embracing ocean of blue.
Here the blue/gold arches play with the red spot/eye of Winnipeg "Embrace The Spirit"

Kevin- Great post Toure! Cool additions from Jake too!

I just wanted to throw these two pics in the Mix because I happened to have done a Meditation on The Aeon or Judgement Tarot card today. Color is a big part of the science of the Tarot and this post jumped out at me today because Im resonating with Fire, which is the elemental Attribution of the Aeon or Judgement Tarot card, in which the Main colors are Red and Orange! The Aeon is symbolic of Spiritual Transformation, Revelation, shedding of the Old and awakening to the New, Purification, and strongly the Transformation from one Aeon to Another. This card represents the influence of the Fire from the Archetypal and Celestial realms entering into the physical and transforming matters.

Theres a Red Dot on Ra-Hoor-Khuits hed symbolic of the Sun, and theres also a Red Dot on the Winged Globe between the Legs of Nuit. If you notice theres Wavy lines connecting the Red and Orange bands of energy beneath her as well. These colors are all communicating the movement of Spirit through Fire. Note the letter Shin, symbolic of Fire connecting the Red and Orange bands as well. These resonate with the Spheres of the Sun and Mercury on the Tree of Life. This all resonates with Spiritual transformation in the material realm.

Just wanted to throw out the Red and Yellow Hair on the ArChangel Michael whos element is Fire on the Original Rider Waite Deck, this card connects the Sphere energy an motion - Mercury-Hod to Earth- matter and integration-Malkuth, this path strongly to me with the idea of Spiritualizing Matter as it is the 21st of 22 paths at the end of the Creative process in Kabbalistic Tarot. Thanks for sharing everyone! Namaste <3>

For some reason I came across the posters for the animation film Arthur. 

The character Arthur is voiced by Freddie Highmore, who also happens to star with Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He plays Charlie.

Perhaps the name Highmore is a clear pointer to this child actor's spiritual resonance. He is also the voice of Astro Boy, soon to be released. More high indeed. A Boy that flies.

In the posters below his association with Yellow Flowers tells me he is an actor to follow. Maybe this star has something to teach us. Yellow is the colour of joy and the first colour of flower to blossom in the spring.

Funny enough, Freddie Highmore also stars with Johnny Depp in the film Finding Neverland. I wonder what kind of synchromystic wisdom exists in understanding the relationship of the two actors. They do connect in films with mystical themes.

Is it a Master and Student relationship between two stars?  


  1. Loving how the path from Mars (Red) to Sol (Gold) is "Ox Goad", considering this year is the chinese year of the Ox...

  2. Demoted? Nah...Fired..rehired..raise!

    I'm eating Planters pistachios while reading.

    Mr Peanut winking under the monical.

  3. The "MasterCard" thing can be seen this way... draC(o [the "drac" is seen inside of a circle "O"]), as in the constellation Draco pointing towards Galactic Center, and the letters in Card add up to 26 which is a number of YHWH like so: The value of the Name YHVH (Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey) is 10+5+6+5 = 26. Been seeing a lot of DRACs lately, jumbled up but including the same 4 letters.

  4. Something else that might interest some of you... I realized my dog "Bearly" is an Ursa Minor resonator, in that she resembles a small bear with a long, furry tail. I resonate Draco through my birth year (1988, chinese zodiac year of the Dragon) and every time I take her out for a walk I see the stars in the night sky. Both of the constellations there are pointing towards Galactic Center (I don't hear much about GC lately, any reason for that?)

  5. Draco! Nice one T.

    I shy away from GC sometimes because I don't want people to attach to a physical and external pointer.
    I prefer nowadays to go directly to the Source or Self of which GC is just a reflection.
    Not against anything mind and have been thinking about George Clooney again lately as a GC resonator as I'm seeing him interact with Kirsten Dunst ER. Not forgetting this Men Who Stare At Goats business..

  6. Great stuff! Yellow FloWers reminds me of the Color of the element Air and Aquarius, the golden flower, the golden age, peace in/out!

  7. Awesome Juno/Wildcat sync. I made a similar connection recently with a different actress, but if you look at Ellen Page:

    In Juno she's the Goddess of Jupiter.

    In X-Men 3 she plays Kitty Pride - Shadow Cat.

    As time goes on I keep seeing more and more Jupiter/Juno/Cat syncs.

    Nice one Toure!

  8. p.s. loved the Freddie Highmore/Flower syncs. I've had an eye on him for ages so it's good to see him finally being highlighted. Cool beans.