Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Father of Synchromysticism and The Ayahuasquero of Solomon's Temple pt 1 (Human Error revealed)

Hello all... Here is the first installment of a little chat I had with Jake and Jim a few weeks back. My initial intent on doing these little podcasts is multi layered. First I personal was tired of hearing interviews with Jake that involved a rehashing of what most other sycromystics already knew. I figured hitting him with questions that I myself was interested in was a cool way to pump him for info.... I had been thinking of doing this for awhile, but was undecided on whether or not it was a good idea until Jon Kidd said that he was thinking of doing the same thing. I feel this creates a platform for really diving deep into communication within the sycrosphere and hope that it creates a trend of syncheads doing random combinations of interesting conversations between them.... Who knows what will happen when we go nutz.


Hey, its like 9pm on the 9th day of the 9th month of the 9th year, groovy.
Just wanted to share this pic of the Playmobil set mentioned at the start of this talk. It always gives me a kick.
"Meow, I have 9 lives"

I must admit a slight miss calculation on my part... The Monolith in 2001 was discovered in 1999 not 1997. I welcome humility for poor math skills, however in a review of 2001 some interesting things came up that I shall post here soon.

Ok seems that I had the right idea, but was in the wrong reference. Although we can see a link in the fact that 1997 is a key turning date in the Mayan Prophecies and that it is largely associated for the time when the Y2K threat was at it's peak... Also the beginning of the "Dragon Axis". 2001's HAL 9000 seems to me to have alot more in common with the Matrix than Terminator. I would wager that the mass of the mythos could be considered one lump sum. However 1999 was the beginning of the new millennium that we now reside in and the point that humans latched on to as a period of change. In the Space Odyssey we find that this period was chosen to represent when man would be allowed to further evolve... The aliens or "what not" that left the Monolith left it in a location that only a civilization advanced enough for space travel could find..... The Moon, a symbol of the imagination, was said location. 1999 is also the evolution of Neo whose passport, as most know around here, was seen to expire on September 11 2001 in the movie. The turn of the Millennium was set by the Super Computer from the Future to stagnate the human race. The Hilton Millennium Building that syncronmystically morphs into the Monolith was actually intentional. The location is however serendipitous.The Monolith has made another blip on the sync-radar as the Monolith building in The Shadow with Tim Curry and Alec Baldwin. The mysterious building that through hypnosis lies just under our nose out of sight.The Monolith takes on the persona of a Gigantic Egyptian Terror that is seen here tearing through an airplane... This taking place in an old comic covered in a ancient Blob archive called The Living Monolith.There is also a little talked about addition to the plane stargate theme and that follows...
The Kris Kristopherson(KK) Movie Millennium needs no real force to fit. It was the story of a desolate future who travels back in time VIA a "Gate" to repopulate the future with plane crash victims. It is supposed that people who shall die in the past cause no damage to the future although a living person ripped from the time line would collapse everything. All these things are perhaps standard fodder for a sync-head and the list of Matrix relations could go on for awhile however I felt a ping of inaccuracy to my supposed link of Terminator and 2001... So I went back to confirm seeing that I blurted it out in my exciting discussion on the evolution of consciousness with Mr. Kotze. I found a wink that others may have mentioned before but made me smile non the less....
The Hilton in 2001....


  1. Just finished listening... it was weird to hear synchstuffs being discussed on that level. I found myself talking to the recording a few times. good stuff.

    nice artwork.

  2. Art work is taken from a 'De La Soul' album

    here is a picture of me with the band 'De La Soul' if interested.....

  3. "C" that's sick dude... That's fucking crazy.

  4. LOL:
    Did the shaman (centreportal) hijack a plane from Cancun on 9-9-09?

    No that was another FLOWer...
    Jose Mark Flores Pereyra

    Light Hearted...


  5. Nice chat fellows. Loved the Playmobil additions. Cheers!

  6. yea! I caught that Hilton space hotel too, I was wondering if anyone had covered that yet. Great stuff man, rock on