Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who WE/ME R?

4 September

A strong pattern emerging ViA cinema here in the latter half of 09 that symbolically speaks of much positive growth in human consciousness.

We can through theater and the stories we like to tell ourselves gauge the current temperament of the collected human consciousness and even the temperature of its transformation during this stage of rapid evolution.
25 September

All three these films Gamer, Surrogates and Avatar share the theme of a body being controlled by another consciousness.
18 December

Clearly the question of true identity is being begged.

Are WE/ME the body and the forms I identify with (including thoughts and perception of self)?

No, I AM the Consciousness that knows forms and my Self to begin with.

Namaste/I Acknowledge the God within You


  1. guys this is my forte! what is happening here is the mental ground work needed to get you to feel that you are more than your body, prepping us for the upcoming dissolution of the self.

    With concepts such as mind uploading being discussed all the ethical nick nacks will be ironed out in the films... "supposedly"

  2. september 2009 = 9-2009 = 9-11

    Maybe all the Rs (9+9) and other 9s are pointing towards something (most likely moon related) happening this month...

  3. There is a huge amount of events set for 9-09-09

  4. If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9...

  5. Did anyone else notice the three movies which Jake has placed in this post feature an "R" in the title? "Surrogates" even has 2 Rs (thinking "the only thing that's real is you" sounds pretty egotistical).

    GeRaRD Butler's ego is cracking and his third eye is getting a better view.

  6. They All have A's also. Avatar having 3.

  7. In The Thirteenth Floor, the users of the game jump into the body of a "unit" or character in the game who blacks out when they are being controlled. When a user dies while controlling a unit, they die, but the unit's "soul" or consciousness jumps into their body and wakes up in the higher level of reality. So the character takes over the user like in Mazes and Monsters where the kid who "commits suicide" by killing his (virtual) self becomes his chracter.

    So if our reality is a game for immortal souls in some higher plane of consciousness who use bodies to play around in the material world, what happens when we die? Do we merge with the higher plane of consciousness with our personalities integrating into the over-soul?

  8. Someone in the communion(ity) had mentioned the up + ups (Them. , Illuminati, The Fates, etc.), were manufacturing these films as a mystery play/initiatory device.

    In the past several years (oddly enough growing in tangent with the rise of 'shamanism' and the syncromystic community), we've seen the invention of new movie genres. The typical paranormal thriller, took on a new dimension in movies like "The Nines". Now we're in the midst of the spontaneous generation of another.

    Also when I look into the cultural history of the eighties, and early seventies, I see something emerging, fitting that theroy of our preporation.

    I had a conversation recently, about how many of the innovations in the cartoons of the late eighties, have come to pass. We have mobile video phones, the hormone inhibitors in the water are making not only the fish, but us mutants, the world is supposedly ran by an elite of inbred humans, and they are controlled by an ancient alien race, usually snake-like but always from another dimension.

    interesting no?