Monday, September 21, 2009

Synchromystic Linguistics: Where (spir) ITs @T! Rainbow Brite, Updated w/ Sun in Libra & some other stuff

Happy-nowday all,

Id like to share a neato dimension of the Tarot that I feel would synch in well with the G8or community and fans of the old Synchromystic Linguistics that have been developed round these parts of the Cyber Jungle.

Lets check out the Fool Tarot Card, if you do a breif history of the Tarot, you can find that quite a bit of the history of these Divination cards will say that the sciences of these cards are derived from the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. With that understood, we can see that the Tarot is a Pictoral representation of the Paths and Spheres of the Tree of Life. The 22 trumps can be placed on the 22 paths between the Spheres of the Tree.

The Fool attributed the first Hebrew Letter Aleph, A in English, it is the First Path toward the First Sphere of Manifestation from the Unmanifested Potential of Source at the Crown of the Tree- Kether. The Fool represents the first Thought of creation, the Big Bang, the Spark or the Idea of the Spark that creates the Spark by Reaching the next grey Sphere of Chokmah. Aleph or the Fool or the Thought or Idea by reaching the bottom of the Tree is Manifested as a Physical Creation, IE the Universe or Physical Matter. Its Element is Air, Non Material.

Its said in the Kabbalistic book Sepher Yetzirah

"The appearance of the ten spheres out of nothing is like a flash of lightning, being without an end, His word is in them, when they go and return; they run by His order like a whirlwind and humble themselves before His throne." - Sepher Yetzirah

The Fool is the First of the Major 22 Tarot cards or Hebrew Letters in the Deck. The Fool is attributed the letter Aleph and resonates with Air and Spirit as it is in the upper Cosmic Mental planes of the Trees spark of Creation at the top.

Finally the Last of the Tarots 22 Major cards and Hebrew Paths is The Universe or the Totality, the 22nd Path of Tau or English T. It is Symbolic of Matter, Completion, the physical Universe, and the functions of the 3 elements, 7 planets, and 12 signs of the Zodiac as well as the Planet Earth and Saturn.

From the Fool @at the immaterial top Down to the Universe at the physical bottom, we see the way that SpirIT Ascends and Manifests into Matter. The Union of the Self and the other, the Microcosm and the Macrocosm. (Neo walks through a mirror)

Aleister Crowley said: " THE FOOL is the negative issuing into manifestation; THE UNIVERSE is that manifestation, its purpose accomplished, ready to return." (Book of Thoth p. 118)

These two Poles of Creation start only when the opposite has finished, infinitely.

The neat Trick is that when you Put the Fool-A, and the Universe-T, together, you get the word AT in english, something is present, something is occupying a location. Just as Spirit occupies and animates Matter, and just like the Fool fully realizes himself at the end of his Journey toward physical manifestation/realization in the Universe or Totality.

Aleph Tau in Hebrew or AT or ATh(if verb) is equivalent to saying YOU, or Essence, that which is seated or located within something but together actualize both the object and the Essence. Like Egg Universe, and Yolk Fool, Yoga two things conjoined as one. So Wherever your AT, its where (spir)ITs AT. "You are the Center of the Mandala" as Terrence Mckenna would say. This cool simple Pictorial combination reflects the means in which we Realize our Local-Selves-Fool-Spirit within our External Self-Universe-Matter. So wherever your AT remember that the space in which you Occupy, the form in which you occupy is where ITs At! There is no territory that is not our own self when we know where its AT! There is no Fear where Its AT!

Sun in Libra Update! 9-22-09

Even cooler is that I just realized further down the Synch Stream we can find the symbol for AT in English being obviously derived from the Symbol of the Alpha and Omega symbol or the A in the O, a symbol close to my heart as it also symbolizes Anarchy(no not chaos, but true Autonomy). The Alpha(Aleph) or Fool, who is the Begining, and the Universe who is the Omega or the End or Totality. Amazing! Also amazing that I would decide to post this the first day that Weve entered the Sign of LIBRA whos symbol is the Alpha and Omega!

Note how the AlphaOmega moved on down the line in internet culture to the @ symbol, the Begining and the End, starting and ending always where its AT!


While posting this I happened across Part 1 and Two of Rainbow Brite the old Cartoon, this amazing cartoon has all the Elements of the Tree of Life and Tarot with Ascending the Rainbow Bridge or Tree of Life to turn the Dark Into Light IE VITRIOL as weve explored. If you read the Wikipedia youll see that the show is about a Colorless world, Ruled over by the Ruler King of Darkness who is keeping all of the land lifeless and colorless. The 7 Color children must be united in order to reach the Sphere of Light so they can bring all the Colors of the Rainbow to the Dark lands.
If youve seen the Wizard of OZ it is the same tale of Illuminating and actualizing the aspects, elements or Chakras of the Self on the Rainbow/Yellow Bricked Path from the Earth or lower self toward the Source or higher Illuminated self ie the Sphere of Light. In Rainbow Brite note The Evil Lord of Darkness strongly resonates with the Fallen angel Lucifer, who was said to be Lightning in the Bible, Take note of the Bad guys Bolt and his Light Controling/bearing aspects, also that his Snake Guards the way toward the "Sphere of Light" or Kether if your getting versed in these ideas. While reading into the Kabbalah today I read lore of The Snake in the Garden and the Snake as the Ruler of the Heavens and Matter and Time, I hear this is an Allustion to Draco and if you look at the Evil Snake that tries to prevent the Rainbow Kids from reaching the Lightning Bearer, it just gets all sorts of meshed in. Definatly check this Cartoon out!

I grabbed some snapshots to show what Tarot Archetypes turn up on Rainbow Brites Ascent up the Tree of Life toward the Sphere of Light.

To start the young girl ends up being spoken to by a Red Dot which tells her to Seek the Sphere of Light so she can Illuminate the Dark World with the colors of the Rainbow. Right after she falls down and lands on the back of a Serpent, in Kabbalah it is said to Ride the Seprent from the Tail to the Crown, from the Earth to the Heavens or "Sphere of Light". This Serpent is referenced in the Sepher Yetzirah as Wiki mentions- "The "dragon" (תלי tli, perhaps meaning "curled one" as a coiled serpent) which plays such an important part in the astrology of the book, is probably an ancient Semitic figure; at all events its name is not Arabic, as scholars have hitherto assumed, but either Aramaic or possibly a Babylonian loan-word. The "dragon" is often understood as the starry constellation Draco and by extension it represents the cosmic axis (equivalent to the north/south pole) because this constellation coils around the North Star and thus around the celestial axis, as it intersects the northernmost part of the celestial sphere." -wiki

A Goat demon pops up on her Ascent which reminded me of the 26th path of the Devil or Capricorn the Goat, which is between the Physical and Formative worlds on the Tree of Life.

Ascending higher past the Devil we pass the Threshold or Veil of the Tower, or the Tower Struck by Lightning, Enlightenment/Kundalini and Lightning energy.

A man with Bolts of Lightning resonating with Set-Lucifer is ruling the Dark World and rules it with Darkness, Storms, Rain and Lightning, all the Qualities of Set/Satan whom in the Bible is referred to as Lightning ie the Bolt. Something about this guy reminds me of Draco, maybe Dracula resonance, the Serpent above can be interpereted as Draco/The Serpent, and this character is Satan the Fallen Angel. This man hoping to keep things dark all the time is also a great resonation of Set/Satan.

The Invasion of Rainbowland - Later in the Series

Amazingly here we can see the Alchemical Process of Vitriol or Antahkarana energy rectification taking place in these shots. Above is the Mining of Coal from the Center of the Earth or Malkuth, outside a Rainbow Arch, across a track/DNA/Middle Pillar/Jacobs Ladder down toward a Golden building resonating to me the Sphere of Tiphareth.

Cruisin from Earth to Heaven with some Lead to turn to Gold!

This Coal or Spiritual Led is then Fed to the Star*, amazing enough, the Star tarot #17 card attributed Aquarius the coming astrological age happens to connect Tiphareth and Chokmah across the Rainbow Bridge, and is noted by many The Star is also a reference to the Sirius Star* which Alice Bailey references as a foremost influential star in the Cosmology of this solar system and mans spiritual universe. Bailey said that The Dog Star Sirius is a guiding force in the creation of the Rainbow Bridge of Chakras that exist between heaven and Earth in all things. The Star and the Rainbow Bridge come together again and again.

Here we can see inside the Golden Palace where the Spiritual lead or Trauma formed Negative Karmic mass, also called Energy Blockages , are here Transformed by the 7 Rays of the Rainbow and are turned into Shining Star Gems as they leave the device theyre surrounding above. This to me resonaces spiritual purification within the Chakras of the Body and collective bodys Rainbow Bridge.

This process is described in the Alchemical Tarot Card Trump 14 Temperance or Art. Where we can see the symbols of Sulfer and Salt or Fire and Water mingling, it is the higher and lower self exchanging energy, this energy is pouring into the Cauldrin ie Chakra at the Center of the Earth where it then burns up into a pure emanation of an Arrow* Saggitarius is the Zodiac sign of this card, as well as 3 Rainbows referencing the Alchemical VITRIOL-"Visit the Center of the Earth and there you will Rectify your Energy" this also resonates the Chakra centers of the Body/Mind. This Card is on the Middle Pillar or Rainbow Bridge of the Tree of Life as well. The Rainbow, the Star, and Mining the Center of the Earth are present in Rainbow Bright and the Art Tarot card alone.

Constellations as human forms burning Negative Karmic mass in Alejadro Jodorowski's " The Holy Mountain".

Theres also AI Yellow FloWers present throughout this Cartoon as well.

"The appearance of the ten spheres out of nothing is like a flash of lightning, being without an end, His word is in them, when they go and return; they run by His order like a whirlwind and humble themselves before His throne."

More to come soonly for sure, love and blessings, Namaste- Kevin

The lovely info aboot the @ symbol reminded me of something I noticed about the Ampersand (&) or 'and sign' but haven't yet had an excuse to mention until NOW.
I was curious about AND because it is an anagram for DNA, those twin spirals the underpin all biological life.

I see the & on many movie posters..
It kinda looks like an 8...
Wiki says the ampersand evolved from the Latin et.
Which is silly because weirdos believe the DNA is of Extra Terrestrial origin or that our make-up has been tampered with by aliens at some ancient pre-historic date.

Couldn't dismiss any of that but in my mind ET resonates Kosmic Konsciousness thus being very appropriate that this vast cosmic intelligence is honored ViA the & symbol.

Kevin: Awsome stuff Jake! Gracias~
The &-Ampersand symbol also resonates with the , Aum or OM Glyph to me.

Interesting that all of thes symbols the @,&, , are all symbolic of Union on many levels. AT resonates @ and Alpha Fool Omega Universe, & Ampersand symbolic of two things conjoined together, and the , is symbolic of the 3 stages of life and in a waking day. The 3 looking aspect of the OM is said to represent Waking or Arising, and Birth, the Crescent and Dot above that of Celebration or Mid day or just Life/Climax, and the hook looking part of the outside right of the 3 is of Night, Sleeping, and Death. All represent the Union or Yoga of Being! Bliss and Love <3- Kev


  1. wicked stuff. thanks. i enjoy reading this stuff. it feels right.
    the ashanincan people of the amazon design their fabrics like
    rainbows. i see it as a sign of the state of their spiritual beingness.

    anyways. so cool.

  2. damn! i gotta read that one again!

    right on time; i've been thinking recently about the tarot and the tree of life, and how we use them as "key" symbols. everything is everything, but these symbols seem to touch the harmony of pattern in ways that bring other patterns together. i dont even like referencing the tree of life or the tarot because i'm not educated on them, but dammit they fit!

    jake's comment on my last post touched on this; i hope these symbols are deserving of the weight and position we give them.

    in any case; thanks Indras for the wonderful words.

  3. Thanks Jim! I hear from my Mayan friend that the Mayan Calendar is known as the Rainbow Serpent and the Rainbow Wheel too. Im glad that you enjoy the Tarot and Tree stuff, I feel its a real organic extension of the mind of man and being, I dont Identify with Judaism or anything but the Kabbalistic Tree and the Sciences that developed into the Tarot are such pure organic categorization of archetypes, energies, astrology, numbers letters, polarities, likes meeting likes etc, it just binds so well with intuition and Science of spiritual perception. Im glad I can share what Ive learned and that you can share your path here as well, its all about the synthesis man! Thanks for sharing all of your work and energy too! I look forward to sharing more, Bee well Jim!

    Toure- Thanks man! I definatly think these Symbols are as weighty as Ancient Wisdom and Knowledge in written and pictoral form gets for the most part. The Sciences taught in the Oral Kabbalah are expressed Visually in the Tarot, so in both of them are the very Foundations of ancient and thus modern mysticisms from the West and even the Near east since then, we're looking at Pictoral forms of Sciences developed Orally before the Written word! The archetypes expressed are universal, and stem from the same consciousness as POP, so to me its no wonder why we can see these Archetypes that existed even before the Tarot crystalized them in so many new places, theres nothing new under the Sun! By no way do I want to say that the Tree and Cards and Hebrew are the sole Key to understanding Being, but I will say that the Organic and Harmonic and symbolically rich nature of the Astrology, Numerology, and the Science of Creation expressed in this very old Science of Archetypes is very connected to the ways in which our Minds in the west interperet the dance of Being, which is why to me the Sciences of the Tree are so accesible and organic. I definatly encourage everyone to do some reading into the Tarot and especially the Golden Nugget known as the Book of Thoth by Aleistar Crowley. Thanks for the kind work and for all your work Toure, im looking forward to more! Be very well! Namaste

    BTW I wanted to offer all my G8or brothers and sisters the knowledge of your Individual Zodiacal Birth cards that are in the deck of the Tarot, 16 cards out of the deck break out into the wheel of the Zodiacal and Elemental Year, and according to when we are born we can understand our gifts and personalities via the Personality cards associated with their location. If anybody is Interested you can Contact me @ or reply here . Im building a great wheel of People/Cards and am looking for the practice and am also honored to be able to share the wisdom of the Tarot. So hit me up if your interested, Thanks to all for sharing and reading, Much love! Namaste- Kevin

  4. Still reading but just thought I should let the G8ors know that Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is a heavy proper rainbow download. Peace In

  5. Spookfookingtacularly way appreciated, Jung Sonne. There's this one particular Italian master of the Tarot, Ciro Marchetti, whose newest deck, The Legacy of the Divine Tarot, has its own site. His take is that it's a relic from an ancient space-faring civilisation whose collective genius left a symbological language encoded in it (the Tarot) to be read & decoded for future generations. A promotional trailer, almost 8 and a half min. long, is perusable HERE. And remember, Children of the Law of One, the ancient dictum, "ROTA TARO ORAT TORA ATOR", or, "The Wheel of the Tarot Speaks the Law of (the Goddess) Hathor." She is usually depicted with cow's ears & sometimes just as a white cow, given the honour of having been the origin of the Milky Way itself. Live long & learn much ~ Anadæ Effro (•8-)}

  6. Anadae- Im glad to share! That trailer looks mighty cool, I wonder if itll be a fictional story or a documentary, should be great either way! Thanks for readin and sharing friend. live long and prosper! peace and love - Kevin

  7. Hathor = Hawthorne

    "Nathaniel Hathorne was born in 1804 in the city of Salem... He later changed his name to "Hawthorne", adding a "w" to dissociate from relatives including John Hathorne, a judge during the Salem Witch Trials. "

    Which Witch... adding a "w"

    Hathor, Lady Liberty

    Just thoughts...

  8. nice work!! connecting kevin's t-mac vid and jakes ampersand work-
    "The form of this snake also references Terence McKenna’s interest in “the ampersand” (”&”) in True Hallucinations. He saw it as “the symbol of the condensation of the alchemical lapis [...] the natural symbol for a four-dimensional universe somehow bound into a 3-D matrix.” Space and time, or matter and spirit, are looped together with a neat “knot” in the corner."

  9. Toure- Great Hathor/Hawthorne and Tarot reference, on the High Preistess card we can see Hathor with a Book in her hand just like Lady Liberty carries a book(the Tarot?) very interesting, thanks! Be well!

    Thanks Jake! Great additions! Thanks for all of your great work as well brotha!

    Fill- Wow what an awsome and organic thread that connects all of this! Thanks! be very well, Namaste - Kevin

  10. Jake, love your writing and art... are you on Facebook?