Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Opening The StarG8 ViA Johnny Depp: Hat Trick (Wide Brim)

Ever since he shot a gun on 21 Jump Street, Johnny Depp, the boy in blue has been a shooting star. I love the eagle on the crown of his head.

An angel of the silver screen.

Richard: In the new Alice in Wonderland movie we find another connection to the Hat (this time in the form of the Crown) via the White Queen who is played by the actress Anne HAThaway:

It didn't really come as a surprise to find the Mad Hatter wearing one of these:

Depp has even worn the tribal version of the Crown:

On a side note the actress Anne HAThaway also starred in a movie called The Cats Return (or Neko no ongaeshi). In the title we see that the Cat who returns has a Top Hat, and Anne HAThaway's character Haru lies amongst yellow flowers:


I just realized how the native american head dress worn by the chief resonates the gold and blue head dress of King Tut. Both symbolic for the aura of an enlightened spiritual leader. Mr. Depps resonance with all this syncromystical musings only confirms my belief that he would be the perfect first subject for a hollywood sync feature film.


Depp in Benny and Joon... I was going strictly for the park scene where Depp has interplay with his hat, but settled for the clip above due to it's abundance of good hat syncs within.Balancing a Blue Worm object on his nose while holding Flowers... Some Yellow of course. Also of interest is Depp's ability to bring this trend into his waking life.


  1. "chocolate factory" poster makes me cringe, great post nonetheless

  2. do you think Tom Cruise has worn a lot of masks?

  3. It's totally a growing process. I mean the latest one is like the full flowering of this pattern. "The Mad Hatter"!

  4. Tom Cruise mask:
    Eyes Wide Shut
    Vanilla Sky

    Any more James? This is something I'm interested in . . .
    I'm into bridges, last man in NY, and jumpers

  5. Love these Depp/Hat syncs!

    More Tom Cruise & the Mask:

    Mission Impossible 2 & 3
    Tropic Thunder
    Days of Thunder

  6. Hatters used to use Mercury in the Hat-making process causing them to go Mad

    Mercury-Quicksilver-Flowing metal


  7. there's no real comparison to cruise's two main masks ... nice try ra, top gun and days of thunder might count too even valkrye if were just count face covering appareal ... oh if you were looking for cruise & masks synchs then you need look no further than scientology and those masked people called Anonymous ... some dude got cruise to sign a v for vendetta mask, if was lol

    this hat synch is fantastic, i've noticed that johnny crys blood in O.U.A.T.I.M. and is in a movie i watched the other day called "Cry Baby"

  8. wasn't cruise the only samurai not to wear a mask?

  9. Yes, Depp's hats are vivifying his ever opening crown chakra and date with sync destiny.

  10. Notice Depps blue SpiriT Palm in the Benny and Joon poster.