Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Conspiracy of All Things (That's Alright Brother That's Just Coincidence)

Kevin Halcott from Live From the Logosphere is interviewed by Will Morgan of A Few Shots to Shaman. They explore Kevin's beginnings into Synchromysticism followed by Kevin explaining his views on the Rainbow Bridge and it's relationship to Daath in the Tree of Life as well as the ancient Egyptian mythos of the Duat. He dives into the connection of the Osirisian boat to the underworld, the Dog Star Sirius, the Constellation Lepus, and the Phooka. Much ado about Alice Bailey,The Kabbalah, and the Synthesis of all things, as well as Kevin's own experiences with personal synchronicites. Please enjoy Kevin's in depth analysis on The Age of Aquarius and The Age of Horus, and the over all effect of these "Airy" periods of time on our collective Psyche.

A Conspiracy of All Things

If the Podcast is out due to difficulty then here's this...


  1. radi-cool, definitely giving it a listen

  2. That was great! Loved the music. Loved the talk about movie worship.

    laughed, cried, its worth a couple more listens.

    Thank you dudes

  3. Opps... I thought I could put out a new show at the end of this month month and still have enough bandwidth to get by with... It should be back up on the 3rd if not sooner. Anyone who wants to donate money would be appreciated over at Jake's Page The Blob(hope you don't mind I said that Jake)... Sometime next week my poor ass will save up enough money to get enough for the next 2 months.... Richard Arrowsmith is next up for those who haven't seen his post under the label "Luck".