Sunday, September 13, 2009

Creator's Adventure on Earth (as it is in Heaven)

Nothing groundbreaking here. But of course very interesting. Especially that the new film about Darwin called Creation stars the female Jesus Christ resonating Jennifer Connelly.

The monkey reaching out I find interesting as MONKEY leads us to MY (which is MON in French) and then KEY. My Key. Monkey in spanish is MONO, which leads me to ideas of monotheism or the existence of ultimately only one God.

Stuff to think about. I am sure I will post more as the day goes on. I am running off three hours of sleep due to an Ayahuasca ceremony last night. I need time for all the mental synapses to fire up again.

later in the day....

OK. I have pondered it more. What we have here is a Jupiter finger pointing to a Jupiter finger.
They are reflections. Another way of seeing it is God seeing himself through the act of Creation. What does Jupiter have to do with our Creator. Well I believe this is pointing to the fact that our Creator is Jupiter. Jupiter is the Father that art in Heaven. (12:21/ABBA/42/Jupiter/Father)

Notice how the Jupiter alchemical sign kind of looks like a hand with the Jupiter finger pointing upwards.

(:{i)> El Jamo'

The Creation of Adam "influence on Popular Culture" section of Wikipedia is gratifying. Space Odyssey 2001, 20012, Simpson's, Bruce Almighty, Leo the Lion, Ben Hur, Atlantis Square pants, even GTA.

Rick Steve's Iran, notice the octagonal shape box
with yellow open palms
Throughout "Persia" these prayer boxes
are used to collect donations.

My friend Houman or Human (sp?)
is from what I thought was called Iran
but if you're hip it's Persia

clearly i see the open palms geometry
this is an octagon

sadly Gamel El-Zoghby is quite a secretive man
like in Shinning we talked without words
I know of the essesence within the palms
from this mysterious genius I briefly knew
for he showed me a symbol he drew
and it contains this energy of the palms


Paul Bettany is also soon playing the ARChangel Micheal in Legion another biblical type sync with this Star of Creation.

He has the heavenly wings of humanity taking flight and the gun making him a Shooting Star.
He is seen emanating from the Yellow/Golden Star Kirsten Dunst on the poster for Wimbledon.
The tagline casts aside all doubt as it reads "She's the golden girl. He's the longshot. It's a match made in..."


Interesting that you mention shooting stars. That is exactly where I wanted to go with this post. Because if you look at the Jupiter hand Mudra ( the two hands together with index fingers pointing out ) it looks a lot like someone pretending to hold a hand gun.

Shooting stars are the same as falling stars. Shooting angels are the same as fallen angels. Perhaps angels from Jupiter?

I see fallen angels not as satanic, but rather an idea of angels in human form to work here on earth.

It is also telling that the movie release date for Legion has the 1221/ABBA encoded in it as well.

Drop Dead Gorgeous DVD cover and a still from the same film with Kirsten Dunst.


  1. great post, im excited to hear how your time with the plants is going, this reminded me of an experience I had on Pcilocybin where the word Hu-Man grabbed my attention very strongly, in latin it means Man of the Hand, the hand just entranced me in a new way and I started thinking Man of the Hands man, hands ....dunno, anyway thanks for sharing! Looking forward to more. Namaste- Kevin

  2. As a double-Sagittarius, I would like to think that Jupiter is "the man" too! I believe however that the Solar Logos is the chief being-deity of our system, and the other planets represent one of each of His creative activities. Jupiter no doubt plays a special role in this scheme, as our Protector and our Inspiration - also that planet could almost have become a Sun due to his elemental makeup.

  3. how beautiful.. later g8ors..

  4. lol, my first pcilocybin trip was with my room mate from Persia named Human Pourmand. Him and Damien started to look yellow and like mushrooms. So I left my dorm room #420 and turned left, the red exit sign started to glow blue. I followed the blue light to Mentor Noci's room, my mentor and in him I saw Jesus. I smoked weed to calm my nerves and spent time in his gentle presence.

  5. Awsome additions to this post!
    Anthonys mention of Jupiter and Saggitarius rings my bells. At my blog Ive been studying the Alchemical Process of VITRIOL and its connections to the Rainbow Bridge of the Middle Pillar on the tree of life. In Tarot the Trump card that refers to Saggitarius who is ruled by Jupiter/42 is Temperence or Art the 14th Trump. This card refers to Saggitarius and the rectification of the inner masculine and feminine self, it represents evolution and the completement of Solve et Coagula, the union of the Sun/Moon, Fire/Water, Salt and Sulfer etc.
    In the Crowley Interperetation of the Card The Rainbow is present in 3 places, it surrounds the double headed goddess Diana who is doing the Alchemical Divination, then from the centre of her Cauldron the Arrow of Saggitarius comes out and aims Upwards and becomes Two Rainbows across her shoulders. The Bow of the Arrow also connects us to the Arch/RainBow. The True Will is symbolized by the Arrow created by the Alchemical Divination. There we have another Jupiter 42 Rainbow connection! Thanks for the great work Jim! Namaste

    James Ratte, thats funny youd mention christ and pcilocybin, I havent been particularly conscious of Christ energy lately, and my Last meeting with the Shroom in July was christ themed. I was at home with some friends after leaving a park, and we came to my moms house where my brothers room has a blacklight, for fun we turned the black light on and enjoyed some spacey vibes, enjoyed looking at Golden Raisons through the blacklight(reccomended!), which is quite the alien world inside if you look. But at the end of the night i was sitting by myself staring at a wild celtic cross i made out of the ceiling patterns, and in the center was an eye, and my internal monolouge was repeating the mantra, "In the Eye, in the Heart, in the Mind of the Christ", over and over, until i finally almost said it out loud, I definatly felt a new consciousness in me once I came out of the breif trance. Im not in any way particularly focusing on Christ these days either, but it was an interesting experience. Be well yall!