Friday, July 31, 2009

Yellow FloWers (I read it for the articles before I commit suicide)

"Curse Of The Golden Flower" 2006
"Everything Is Illuminated" 2005
"Big Fish" 2001
"The Sound OF Music" 1965

(Note the presence of Blue in all examples above)

Like 60 seconds after posting the above a ran into these Citronella Tealights, so it goes.
Manipura: The Solar Plexus or Third Chakra being also a 1o petaled yellow lotus flower.

Richard: I found a few examples of the Yellow Flower back in March/April so I'm glad they can now be of use.

Notice above that the Peacock Eye is Blue.
We saw the Blue Eyes earlier:

Soundgarden lead singer started the band Temple of the Dog:

Thanks to Trish and Rob for pointing out this book:

"In the...bodily existence of the individual...are...two... polarities, a p'o soul (or anima) and a hun soul (animus). All during the life of the individual these two are in conflict, each striving for mastery. At death they separate and go different ways. The anima sinks to earth as kuei, a ghost-being. The animus rises and becomes shen, a spirit or god."
[Richard Wilhelm and C. G. Jung, The Secret of the Golden Flower, (1962), p.64]

"I Can Do Bad All By Myself" 2009

Still been seeing yellow floWers in my environment and all the media I've been exposed to. Above is another new film with the yellow rose..

I head over to Dianne's this afternoon to look in on her cat, Dr. Spaceman (named after the character from "30 Rock") while she and her boyfriend are out for the long weekend.

The Key, featuring the sunflower, is left for me under the pot of plant consciousness.

See more about pots at the new Blob post Pots and Pans
At one point I notice I am wearing yellow flowers on my Hawaiian shirt.

I notice their oversize - one struggles to lift the dam thing - Playboy (White Rabbit 2011 via Chinese Astrology) book with all the centerfolds from the 50's to present.
Doing my synchromystic duty I page through it, stopping to note just who poses for the month of September 2001.
It just so happens to be playmate of the year Dalene Kurtis sporting embroidered yellow floWers above her Red Spotted breasts.

Watching Sofia Coppolla's "The Virgin Suicides".
It's awesome to see a powerful female director in action..
We see the yellow S's are Blue Worm shaped.

Below James Woods is in frame with the yellow floWers.
Kirsten Dunst is Lux.
She picks the leaves, one by one, off of a yellow floWer.
("He loves me, he loves me not".)
Lux is light which easily resonates the Sun. Many of these yellow floWers syncs seem to be pointing at the Sun.
Later Woods, a math teacher, is drawing vesica's on the black board talking about the laws of intersection and union as a model of the solar system, including a big yellow sun, hangs above.
Meanwhile the camera cuts to his daughters outside holding yellow floWers.
Screen time moves ahead and we see Woods again under the yellow sun..
And one more time in shot with the yellow floWer.

Worth taking note that we have seen Elijha Wood and James Woods both plant themed last names entraining with yellow floWers.


  1. Today at work I spent most of my day designing a flyer/voucher which offered customers a summer discount on various printing services. I was asked to make it feel 'summery' so I opted for the image of a bright yellow Sunflower against a blue sky backdrop. I came home and read this post...

    Shortly after writing about the Blue Flower I entered my workplace, walked past the reception desk and suddenly paused as I noticed a vase containg a large artificial blue flower. I've been working there since January and this was the first time I'd ever noticed it.

    Then last week a lady in my office turned on her pc and exclaimed that someone had changed her desktop wallpaper. She's the only person who ever uses this particular computer, and nobody ever tampers with anyone elses machine (as far as I'm aware), so this was a little unusual. When someone asked what she now had as her wallpaper she replied, "a blue flower". In the end no-one admitted to it, which amused me even more.

    And now the Yellow Flower makes an appearance.


  2. I love simple and elegant syncs like this.
    I don't even want to think about what it could mean, just smile that it's there.

    "Beware the tyranny of meaning!"

    Know what I mean?

  3. Check out Richard Wilhelm's book, The Secret of the Golden Flower.

  4. The worst word in the English language is IS...

    Personally I'm the son of a hippie and a geologist... Divided between the world of being free and looking for meaning. My mind can't help but try to find a reason. However every time I think I'm close, a sync comes out of impossibility. The only way to understand is to not try to.

  5. If you check out the Citi Bank/Citi Feild logo a Red ArCh/Bow connects the I and I, just as the Rainbow Bridge connects our Big I to our Little I. JAH! RastafarI, B well! Namaste <-- Citi Logo

  6. Woods looks like he is juggling the solar system...

  7. Great work! In some Esoteric systems Yellow is also the colour of the Element Air and thus the Age of Aquarius, and the Tarot card of the Element Air The Fool. If you take a look at the Rider Waite Tarot card for the Fool the background is Yellow, The poster of Bruno from July 18th resonates with the fool imagery coming up half a year ago on December 19th Yes Man Fool poster. Bruno to me resonates with the Androgynous aspect of the Aquarian Age, and also the global community aspect via his 3 different Charactors of different ethnicities. Were also heading toward a Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on Thursday and I just read this on an astrology site. "The eclipsed Moon directly hits the natal Sun of singer Melanie Safka, the natal Mercury Jupiter conjunction of Jim Carey, the natal Mercury of Neil Diamond and of Muhammed Ali, and the natal Venus of Daniel Craig."

    Keep up the awsome work! Namaste

  8. Went to Peace in Earth Garden last Sunday, in Orange County New York, designed by the writer Frederick Franck [66]. He realized toward the end of his life that he had created " i c ons" It took forty years for him to complete the Garden. Lots of yellow flower Syn-Chromes. 66 was also a year for Yellow. "Mellow Yellow" It reached #2 in the charts in 1966.

    "Peg Carter"

  9. The globes over Wood's head resemble the Breasts above, in the post. More Yellow Flowers from Sunday , Orange County: Found bull's eye syncs there too. And Marked Hands.