Monday, August 17, 2009

healing the king




follow the Bridge?

Legs of Bigfoot King Kong (K2) Bridge the Towers that fell on 911.
StarRing Jeff Bridges

See H for more on connected Twins



  1. I like that Williams is holding the highlighted nose/knows Pinocchio.

  2. I've been thinking about that a bit too, Jake. I didn't plan that, and actually noticed it later. It is two archetypes together and one of my major summer themes: Peter Pan and Pinocchio.

    Pinnocchio is innocence and Peter is shadow and there they are together, and I suppose that's Jeff Bridges and Robin Williams in the film as well.

    Lampwick is the Peter character in the Disney Pinocchio:

    Boys and Men. The role of the father and piracy! Monsters and children.

    Stephen Spielberg [literally *play mountain* which makes me think of the devils tower and witch mountain]-takes both archetypes on. He is all about fairy tales. ET has Peter Pan at its heart. But Michael Jackson connected so well to ET on this blog died. What does that mean? That is the question of the summer.

    Close Encounters has Pinocchio at it's heart, but Richard Dryfuss ends up losing himself when he encounters his shadow.
    AI is Pinocchio also.

    Then there is the boy who lived. His Never Never land is populated with Lost Boys: Snape, Sirius, Dumbledore, Neville, Tom Riddle, Hagrid, I'm sure there are more damaged boys. . . So we have the boy who never grew up and the toy that wanted to be a real boy. All these boys. . .

    And then there is Molly Ringwald with her "miracle twins". [Apparently my childhood is ending as noted this summer with all the the celebrity death.] On the same People Magazine cover that announced Molly Ringwald's twins to me there was a blurb that just floored me! I hope I can find the link. (I can't of course) Anyway There was a picture of the boy who couldn't grow up on it. The cover was fascinating, wish I could find it.

    So union eh? Bridges.

  3. I'm going to make one last connection and put this and me to bed.

    In early July I was listening to a lot of Elliott Smith. So I guess first off we should highlight *Elliott*. He was special, and something of a *Lost Boy* himself. His death was difficult to understand.

    Well anyway, Elliott Smith was nominated for a Grammy for his original song featured in *Goodwill Hunting* Staring Robin Williams. His music is all over GoodWill Hunting which is a Parzival story. It is another Holy Grail story just like The Fisher King. Matt Damon is Parzival and Robin in that one is the lamed king that is healed (whereas he is Parzival healing Jeff Bridges in the other).

    We are simultaneously all the characters at once. Father and Son. Healer and Healed.

    -funny note. I picked up my reserved audio copy from the library today of *Alice In Wonderland* and realized who the reader is: Christopher Plummer best know for his work in *The Sound of Music*.

    The hills are alive!

    probably to combine the two things hitting: wonderland and boys,
    I need to see *The Wonder Boys* again.
    be well all

  4. HA! That 'Jeff Bridges king kong' reflects his role in 'Fearless'

    The part where Jeff is on the edge of the building looking down as if he could fly.

    Gonna post a pic now...Pax

  5. Thanks for the warm welcome all.
    much appreciated.

  6. "We are in my Magic Theater", he said with a smile, "and if you wish at any time to learn the Tango or to be a general or to have a talk with Alexander the Great, it is always at your service. But I'm bound to say, Harry, you have disappointed me a little. You forgot yourself badly. You broke through the humor of my little theater and tried to make a mess of it, stabbing with knives and spattering our pretty picture-world with the mud of reality. That was not pretty of you. I hope, at least, you did it from jealousy when you saw Hermine and me lying there. Unfortunately, you did not know what to do with this figure. I thought you had learned the game better. Well, you will do better next time."