Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Sacred Bleeding Oil/Blood Spill from the HEART/EARTH of the Kosmic Khrist (added Grey Alex interview)

EARTH=HEART. Perfect anagram

The EARTH is the Sacred HEART, a fractal of the Heart of the Kosmic Khrist.

Here Alex Grey's Cosmic Christ points his Jupiter Finger at the Blue Earth over his Heart.

I like the satellite dish/bowl pointing at the forest. This shows us how the plants help us make the phone call home and fill our Star Cups.

Star Cup - C Thomas Howell from Syncwinnipeg on Vimeo.

Depictions of Jesus' flaming and radiating Sacred Star Heart shows it as Bleeding.

Oil is the Blood of the Earth.

If oil is blood and EARTH is HEART we can see the BP Oil Spill as symbolic of the collective Sacred Heart of PlanET bleeding. WE/ME are becoming aware of our own awareness - traditionally called stuff like Christ Consciousness - and this is manifesting as a planetary size version of the Icon of the Bleeding Heart of Jesus.
Further entraining with this theme is the Logo of BP, a radiating Green FloWer

The Heart Chakra is traditionally also depicted as a Green FloWer.

Just like the violent ordeal of Crucifixion or 911 lead to new levels awareness the Bleeding EARTH will do the same.

WE/ME always surrender to the greater intelligence of I AM that contains all that happens in space/time and moves in mysterious ways far beyond our individual comprehension.

When my will (ME) and Thy (WE) will become ONE, WE/ME are aligned and all is exactly as it should be.
The early Crop Circles of the season happen in Canola fields, a Yellow FloWering plant from which we make Oil. The Wikipedia pic above (hence the iconic image currently considered by consensus as representative of the entire subject) contains the 142 of Jupiter.

I consider Krop Kircles regardless of their form origins (made by man, aliens, planET consciousness or whatever) as communication coming from a plant field. The Plant Field of Earth is allowing these shapes to be shared and is the medium regardless what creates them. Ultimately consciousness creates everything anyway which is why a synchromystic can see eternal mystery in Pop films and everything else.

If pressed I guess I would still side with a mysterious PlAneT (importantly containing PLANT as well as ET) Cosmic Consciousness as form origin for Krop Kircles but that is beyond the point. This is just the kind of thing WE/ME do for fun and works the same way as WE/ME play with having individual identities.
The Latest Krop Kircle is the Wilton Windmill, nr Wilton, Wiltshire. Reported 22nd May.
I like that this radiating circle is Green/Yellow like the Bp Flower and Heart Chakra, made in a plant that gives Oil.

As having been reported on 22 it resonates with the V Cup, much synced and entrained with of late.
It is said to contain an elegant mathematical equation called Euler's Identity encoded in ASCII.

It seems to me there is an assumption being made here that is mind and form based. It is assumed that the 'Circle Makers' are telling us that they 'get' our math and systems like ASCII and are repeating it to us as a 'message'. In other words we want the Circles to be from a mind or ego. This is a bias.

It could also be that the math equation displays an inherent elegant relationship of form and symbol entraining with this formation. Just because something else displays elegant relationship akin to our systems doesn't mean it must be familiar with our human minds or aimed at them, it could just as easily be another expression of the inherent relationships of form at play in Consciousness.

The same assumption is made about Giza and its amazing geometries. Instead of Pyramids being objects that naturally entrain with amazing math, like a sunflower or Nautilus shell, the mind and ego wants them to be familiar with math or be messages for minds like ours. I feel they are natural objects just like Krop Kircles and everything else that arises in KKonsciousness.

Perhaps it is harder to swallow that ASCII is also a natural object that could come out of non human plant consciousness but I feel this is still bias. Human mind itself and all our forms come out of the PlanET (containing plant) and the plants that feed and help us breath. ASCII is as much a natural object as everything else on Earth and the Universe.

Another thing that we note about this circle as related to oil is the name of the equation said to resonate closely with it.

Leonhard Euler (15 April 1707 – 18 September 1783) was a pioneering Swiss mathematician and physicist who spent most of his life in Russia and Germany. His surname is pronounced /ˈɔɪlər/ OY-lər (like "Oiler").
Had a hunch to check out Superman 3 as I remember Superman causing then fixing an oil spill in that.

This was a good hunch!
Richard Pryor gives Superman a chunk of strange Green Kryptonite that makes him become a BAD (214) Boy. He holds it over his chest giving him the radiating Green heart Chakra connected already to the Bp Logo and Crop Circle above.
At one piont BAD Supe's is persuaded by a BAD Girl to stop an Oil Tanker. He flies of to rondevu with it right past the Twin Towers. Those are the pillars who's collapse ushered in our rapid awareness of sync, part of a massive awakening on planET Earth/Heart.
We see the Oil Tanker is called the British Reliance.
I thought I could just make out the old Bp Logo on it...
I used to frequent one with a 24 hour convenience store with my friends during weird psychedelic nights in my home town in SA and remember it well.
Many strange thoughts and associations come up in my mind to Bp.
So I Googled it and found this site.
This is the same boat from Superman 3 right?
That's pretty cools as a shield is a symbolic heart just like the Green Flower of the new Bp.
Superman's Shield/Diamond is also a heart.
So Superman rips a hole in the ship and oil gushes out into the ocean.
Later he has battled his evil self and returns, now aligned to put things right.
He uses the Breath of Great Spirit to direct the Oil back into the ship.
Filling the Oil Tanker back up.
Sealing the wound with his Seeing Red laser eyes.
Which reminds me of the scene me and Jim have used in both of our recent videos like Star Cup above.

Moses parting the Red C/Sea in The Ten Commandments.
Then an old Jewish exile saying "God opens the sea with a blast from his nostrils"
I take this as a good sign about the spill. The Superman with the Diamond heart causes and heals the bleeding heart.

This website has a video clip of these scenes from Superman 3.

Jim: Below is part of my interview with Alex Grey a couple of years ago. He is talking about his Cosmic Christ painting. What a nice, open, humble star of a person.

Sand Dunes on SatC poster entraining with today's viewing of Dune. Further realized Kyle MacLachlan is in both Dune film and SatC TV series!

Watched first bit of Dune with @syncwinnipeg and @planteye today including this crazy scene entraining perfectly with all the above...
Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, a living embodiment of diseased necrotic attachment, is having his cherished facial diseases nurtured by his doctor...
A lowly slave enters the room, placing flowers. I like that this is a Green Room resonating the color of the Heart Chakra and Bp logo.
The Baron flies menacingly into the air with his bulky form dangling weightlessly while backed by red eye/lights.
He moves under a dripping oil bath becoming a living oil slick and ViA the timing of this sync an embodiment of the Bp disaster.
The Baron, covered in oil, moves up to the terrified servant and reaches for his "heart plug".
He yanks it out and blood gushes from the whole.
Squirting over the floWers as he dies in the Barons arms who is soaking up the terror of his victim.
This clearly shows the resonance between oil and blood. The Black oil is spilled, leading then to the release of the flow of blood from the heart. The floWing blood associates then with the floWer.
Darkness, ignorance and unconsciousness is transmuted by letting go of attachment to fear, becoming a Dead Man and free of the fiction of Ego.



As Jake mentions today we watch DUNE starring Kyle MacLachlan.
Just so happens that Kyle has played Dr. Trey (tree) MacDougal in the Sex in the City TV Series. Sex in the City was the other movie that Jakes was c'ing today as part of his May 27 Full Moon sync ritual.

I decided to look further into Kyle now that I knew he was the Saviour of the Old Spice.

In 1987 he stars in the film THE HIDDEN. The poster has a BLUE FACE on it. In the movie Kyle plays an alien POlice man in a human body. He is an Alien Boy in Blue.

He also stars in another David Lynch movie Blue VelvE.T. This guys attracts blue. Must be the spice diet.

He stars in a movie called THE TRIGGER EFFECT (Ti69er effect?). The poster is framed by the cross of a window frame. X marks the spot. Clearly the trigger effect is a BLUE/BLEW effect.

He seems to strange attract to the Cross X (cross my heart and hope to die?) as it is seen again in the movie ONE NIGHT STAND. Notice SNIPES is in this movie, an actor just brought up by Arrowsmith as resonant of SPINE and the rising of the Kundalini.

All this BP Oil Leak is definitely revealing many broken hearts. How we yearn for all this crap to end. Our hearts bleed, they are broken and on fire, but we are at the top of the pyramid where the twin peaks meet. No one is innocent. Might as well all forgive ourselves.
Kyle in Twin Peaks (K2/2K/11:11/22/V/Cup) is a detective who in the picture below as Dale Cooper reveals his Jupiter Finger & handy phone. The Tree backs him up. Dr. Tree he is.

But Mr. Blue is "Rich in Love" and his broken heart is repaired and whole once again.

Soon our Hearts will be united once again it will be time to raise our Champagne Star Cup like Kyle does in the poster of Touch of Pink.

Kevin: Awsome to see Kyle McLaughlin entraining with the Moon/Swan theme of Sarrah Jessica Parkers aura. A while back I had a thought about "Twin Peaks", and how alot of the show focuses around the hidden shadowy layers of the, and Cooper Kyle McLaughlin was there to bring the darkness to light as a Detective. Twin Peaks always reminds me of the Moons Tarot card, which features Two Peaks or Towers,
the Moon tarot card is also the Tarot card of the Astrological Sign Pisces. To get a little more complicated but add some more synchnificance to the Mclaughlin/Moon/Heart theme is that the Moon rules over Water cycles, and the Rhythm of Womens Flow, thus Cups and The Heart.

The Tin Man needs Oil/Blood to make Contact* with his Heart/Cup.

Now the Moon shares its Tarot card with the designated card of Pisces and is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune*. Neptune is a planet that represents things beyond the 5 senses, dreams, the imagination, the occult, conspiracy, things hidden, things murkey, intangible, when active it can reveal the foggy nature of events and perceptions. Neptune is also the ruler of OIL, the SEAS and all Liquids. We can see 9 drops of Blood trickling from the Moon upon the Moon tarot card, referencing the Moons connection to the Flow of Blood and Tides of Waters/Oceans. Also interesting to note about the 9 drops of blood makes me think Beatles/Moon/Lennon/Deadman etc.

Note how the Moon tarot card features Dogs/Wolves, receivers of the Flow, these can be symbolic of the underlying/unc0onscious resources of our animal nature, that receive the Flows Tides. You can say these Dogs are Mad, like Lunatics, drunk on Flow, sorta like the Fool(originally Le Madman) lives on the Drunken Ecstacy of the Now/MON, we can see Dogs around Fool/Flow resonators all about. I transgress...

Jupiter ruler of Destiny and Fortune is also at home in the House of Pisces this year as well. As Explored earlier this year with the Mysterious slice in my Tarot book upon the Page for this Card. Certianly the Piscean Seas/Oils have had the Wheel of Fortune spinning upon them with these dramatic events. Saturn and Neptune were Quincux(not in harmony) on April 20th when the Oil Spill began. These planets were also aligned very close to the Exxon Valdez spill in the 90s too. Read more about the Astrology of the event here. I also really must recommend checking out this beutiful page for a textured exploration of Neptunes properties*

C-ing the Moon Cards Twin Peaks and Kyle McLaughlins Moon aura in MoonShine and his lead role in Twin Peaks(his 42nd feature on IMDB :) Hope to flow some more here soon. Much Love yall. Peace be with the waters inside and Out.

I leave us with some Terrence Mckenna

"We are in the Birth Canal"

"The Only Way out is Forward"


  1. Paranoia happens when you start getting messages via the third eye chakra with out opening the heart first.

  2. (Jim/Jake)
    Just read this article with Coast to Coast on the radio in the background.

    As I read this paragraph:

    "If oil is blood and EARTH is HEART we can see the BP Oil Spill as symbolic of the collective Sacred Heart of PlanET bleeding. WE/ME are becoming aware of our own awareness - traditionally called stuff like Christ Consciousness - and this is manifesting as a planetary size version of the Icon of the Bleeding Heart of Jesus"

    George Noory (C2C host) said "Let's take a look at this Gulf Oil leak"

    The C2C show topic for the day is "dowsing and remote viewing".

    Here's a video that expresses some of the personal syncs I've had regarding this Gulf Oil leak lately... unfortunately it's my busy time so I've not had time to blog about them. I'll record that video link here for posterity and we'll see how it plays into the overall later on.


    And here's an excerpt from something I was writing on May 16 that I never got around to finishing...

    "I hope that some good comes of this Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe - namely putting to bed the biotic/abiotic oil theory.

    For those who still think oil is biotic (made of 'once living now dead things') an explanation of how those dead things got 5000 ft (approx. 1 mile) under water and another several thousand feet under the gulf floor would be appreciated!!

    It's time, at this fork in the path, that we stop being vampires on the "blood of momma Earth" and allow the other sources of energy that are more in tune with 'The Universe', and less restrictive to our progress, to come forth."


  3. Here's a little brian challenge to go with this article...

    How many letter X's can you see formed by the supports of the folding chair under Daniel Day Lewis' ass?


  4. Amazing post--needed to read this. Have been reeling with the massive energy bleed/flow of this event.

    Posted this on the E+SM Facebook page





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  6. Yes, beutiful update, Thankyou :)

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  8. So operation "TOP KILL" is underway... trying to stop the floW.


  9. The explosion and fire was reported? about 10 p.m. April 20 which makes it April 21 in Egypt.


    In Egyptian mythology, Wadjet, or the Green One wadjet is celebrated on December 25, and april 21.

    BP logo is a Green sun with yellow sun center.

    The Eye of Horus is personified as the goddess Wadjet. The name Wadjet means 'GREEN' hence 'the GREEN one' and has the image of a cobra.

    Wadjet is celebrated on APRIL 21. Is Bp's logo the Green Cobra's scales and sun? Going green really? means going Wadjet? and april 20th is celebrated by stoners and potheads world wide... smoking "Green" herbs which alter sentient consciousness when burned.. just as oil does.

  10. @Soundless...
    There's no December 25 and no April 21 in the Egyptian Calendar.

    That information was taken from the "for entertainment purposes only" festival calendar once posted at the URL http://showcase.netins.net/web/ankh/calendar1.html
    I've noticed that the author of the INCORRECT page has since removed it.

    The festivals and feasts listed on that page were correct but the corresponding dates which were given for them was incorrect.

    As of TODAY we're still approx. 25 days out from the REAL feast/Festival of Wadjet (meaning it is coming in about 25 days)


  11. I think that when Presodent Obama pays a visit to the Gulf Coast in the coming days, we will see the timing of events correspond to the coming season of HERu/HoRus - meaning Obama will play the role of HERU(HeRo) taking charge and saving the day, and the wetlands, as the script goes...


  12. On a sidenote: I have a runty little black cat (shelter-rescue kitty who had feline flu and whom I saved with herbal concoctions) named Wadjet, and nicknamed (usually called) OUI-JA (wee-Jah), as in the all-seeing eye board game by Milton Bradley.


  13. Will - "Paranoia happens when you start getting messages via the third eye chakra with out opening the heart first."

    Exactly. Thank you.

    Excellent post. Side note: Our houses are wooden striped temples....

  14. .... For the most part. But Jon's got the whole brick thing covered. ;)

  15. Thx for the clarification Strange ~ Another thing that came to mind while reading this post is that Richard Pryor was the Wizard of Oz in the Wiz.. Standing next to Superman's Kryptonite he entrains with the emerald city NY/OZ. ;)

  16. @Soundless,
    No Prob.
    Awesome you bring up THE WIZ! I had the same pop into my personal sync sphere in the past couple days as well.

    Then we saw Janet JACKSON on IDOL, sounding very "Michael-ish".

    Then today Arnold JACKSON (GARY COLEMAN / COAL MAN / SEA OIL MAN) died of a intercranial hemorrhage.


  17. Ah Strange you beat me to it. I was coming here to see if you all had heard the news about the small man dying - at age 42 no less.

    In the book, the emerald city was not really green, but everyone had to have green glasses fastened to their heads before passing the city gates (to keep the hoax going). But, what that means for us, is that, to enter the Emerald City or to be in the Wizard's presence, is to have your perception altered. Perhaps to be "seeing green."

  18. The Heart once damaged has to be replaced. It does not regenerate like other tissues...


  19. So we think Jon. I am sure there are higher forms of healing which can heal a damaged heart. We have barely scratched the surface of what can be done with plants and healing. We shall see...

  20. If you look up Dale Cooper on wiki, you'll note that his middle name is Bartholomew--thus he is DB Cooper.
    and his treasure? He was looking for real estate in the Twin Peaks area--one property was Dead Dog Farm.
    It was the early 90s Jim. That not a phone, but a mini tape recorder addressed to someone named Diane.

    "Where's Annie?"
    "Annie are you ok, are you ok Annie?"

    Laura Palmer was a blue flower.
    that was the case that Coop. got, so attracted to blue is right,
    I think there is a song from the sound track, leme see. . .
    "Questions In A World Of Blue"
    -might make a good sync vid song.
    be well all.

  21. Speaking of David Lynch, don't forget the blue box from Mulholland Dr.

    Also, Dennis Hopper was in Blue Velvet and passed to the next world today. He was in a boys-in-blue movie in 2001 alongside Marc Singer who is at the heart of my next blog post.
    LAPD - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0250485/
    User rating 3.7/10 (Osiris' 317)
    Up 17% in popularity this week

    Wow, look over Hopper's movie list, particularly around 38-49

    He twice played someone with the last name Swan

    #40 he played Pelias in a Jason and the Argonauts remake:

    was in Bad City BLUES at #44

    and (since I've been looking at the Jesus going to Venus theme) I'm amazed at #45&46.
    45. The Venice Project
    46. Jesus' Son

  22. The baby on the 2010 poster is also the birth canal aka Moon.

  23. Please read this letter about the spill...


  24. The "There will be Blood" poster strikes me as really strong, bringing closer together the concept of blood and oil, and reminding me of the many "No Blood for Oil" bumper stickers I used to see so often.


  25. Also, anyone making much of the BP symbolism? For some reason, that was my favorite gas station as a kid. Maybe because it had a Bee in it.

    Now I think of Bee + P/Pan.

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