Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cosmic Ti♋er: We Shall Dance! (I Pity the Fool)

Stanley Tucci plays Dr. Conrad Zimsky in the movie The Core. ZimKEY is an Earth Specialist and designer of project desTINi.

To save the Earth Stanley must travel to the centre and die in doing so.

Stanley means Stoney Meadow.

Core makes me think of roC(k), or another word for stone.

Stanley, Stankey, StoneKey, Keystone.

I am sure Jake has stuff to add to this post. We can consider this thread a kick off for the Cosmic Ti69er.

Peace In


Shall We Dance StarRing (a ring of stars resonating the Zodiac) Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez is set in Chicago.
Yet it was filmed mostly in Winnipeg Manitoba, my home for the past 6 years. I remember working at Polo Park's SilverCity theater when it came out. We would have to wait extra long for the particular theater showing Shall We Dance to clear of people as the residents of Winnipeg were eager to see the "Winnipeg, Manitoba" title (above) during the end credits, before we could clean up.

In the film Richard Gere (playing JC John Clark) bored with his domestic routine starts taking Ballroom Dance classes. This is unbeknown to his family and co-workers.

See Richard Gere talking about Jesus in Hey Zeus!

Until he discovers that another lawyer at his firm played by Stanley Tucci is also secretly dancing up a storm.
Tagline "Love makes fools of us all"

I had downloaded Shall We Dance a month ago because of the Winnipeg connection but realizing Tucci is also present, adding his syncnificance, made me finally hit play. Tucci came up just earliear this week as Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Puc is a Pan lookalike and a Dark Man just like Stanley on the poster for The Lovely Bones. The 2010 World CUP/PUC logo has the football kicking Dark Man.

See The World Puc
We see Stanley's name entrain again with the Dark Man on the poster for Lucky Number Slevin.
They discuss their passion and reasons for secrecy. Tucci gives examples of names he has been called over the years for being interested in dancing, which some would consider too feminine, one example being "Pinky Boy".
Gere is surprised to learn that Stanley doesn't actually like football and that he has only been pretending to for the many years they have been working together as colleagues. I love how our PUC/CUP resonator is discussing football. This is American Football they are referencing but the resonance is clear.
Tucci goes on to talk about his dream of dancing free from fear of persecution. This resonates A Midsummer Nights Dream, this right after mentioning football. The associations here are getting strong.
I immediately recognized the dude on the far right who learns to dance with John Clark (all JC's resonate Jesus) from the television show Cupid.
His name is Bobby Carnavale and he plays a man who believes he is an Earthly Avatar of the God of Love Cupid.
The shows Title has the Red C in CUP and the Cupid's Arrow styled I.
This resembles Jim's recent graphic for CUP as C-UP or See Up with amazing symmetry. It also shows how C and Up Arrow can come together to form a Bow and Arrow the symbol of Sagittarius the Archer. The planet associated to Sagittarius is Jupiter.

CUPids Bow and Arrow must clearly be resonating the Jupiter CUP and Bow Arrow.

This silly show sticks out in my mind for a very syncnificant reason and I have written about it before.

See The 2010 Matrix Code: What is The Matrix Code?
In the episode talked about in The 2010 Matrix Code a girl called Robin finds her boyfriends secret airplane ticket to Winnipeg Manitoba.

Robin has been united with her boyfriend by Bobby/CUPid who we have just seen in Shall We Dance.

We see that the ticket to Winnipeg contains the arrow inside of a Circle. This is the same message as Jim's C-UP. An arrow inside of a crescent/curved/circle type shape. It is the StarCup we have been going on about over here for a while. The StarCup is realized when the twin energies of creation, the Star/Male/Signal and Cup/Female/Moon/Receiver, have united in sacred union. It is the 'experience' and what is 'experienced' waking UP to Being in a gorgeous Dance.
Winnipeg is the Heart of the Continent and the Heart at which the arrow of Cupid and Sagittarius is aiming.
This scene was shot in a real Diner in Winnipeg. See this article.

To see our CUPid - who resonates Winnipeg via the Show Cupid and its Robin - with Stanley Tucci/PUC both sitting in Winnipeg in Shall We Dance is pretty amazing stuff. A CUP and PUC in the Heart of the Continent.
In the "Chicago" Law firm Stanley and Gere get together in the Men's washroom for a pee. My mind does a double take and I ask myself "Is that where I think it is?"
I recognize the stars on the windows... These are photos from yesterdays visit to the very location in Winnipeg where Tucci and Gere share the Pee in Shall We Dance.
I recognize the grand marble urinals...
Stanley/PUC gives the Jupiter finger right there where I stood yesterday.. Where is this?
It's the Winnipeg Legislature, a building designed by Masons in the early 1900's and inspired by Solomon's Temple. It is very certainly one of the most sophisticated working Talisman in the world. This is the legitimate sanctified Third Temple of Solomon marking Winnipeg as the New Jerusalem and heart of the Newly Ordered World.

On The Day Trippers poster we see Stanley Tucci's star title (bottom right) sharing space with the WTC in the background.
The Twin Towers or Pillars are perfect resonators of Solomon's Temple.
The Holy Temple is signified by its Twin Pillars/Towers.

911 marked the destruction of the Temple a symbolic dissolution of our attachment to form or the mind made self.

The discovery of the New Temple in Winnipeg, right in the Heart of the North American continent, signals the reintegration of the self with the SELF.

JC and PUC practice their dancing in the Men's washroom of Solomon's Temple in Winnipeg. A co-worker walks in on the potentially embarrassing scene. To save face Tucci fakes being passed out as Gere holds him yelling "911" repeatedly. 911 inside of Solomon's Temple...

Stanley Kubrick directed the film 2001: A Space Odyssey about mankinds next evolutionary phase in 2001 at PlanET Jupiter overseen by the black E.T Monolith.
The Monolith was present at the destruction of the Twin Pillars (resonating Solomon's Temple) on 911 in the form of the Millennium Hilton intended by its creators to resemble Stanley's black 'Cubebrick'.
How fascinating that we would find a Stanley, in Star Tucci, by another Solomon's Temple also connected to 911.
John Clark dramatically discovers his wife and daughter are in the audience at his dance competition. This throws him of his game and he fails big time..
He runs after his family about to confront the lie he has been living and past a big bright crowning 42. 42 during a moment of vital progression/transformation in JC's life. 42 Crowning JC in a film made in Winnipeg.
42 is the number veiled by the symbol of Jupiter and the Meaning of Life the Universe and Everything, quite literally.
Another way of saying the same things as StarCup is Eclipse or Splice which Richard pointed out as being anagrams. Both and Eclipse and a Splice brings two elements together to create a third new one, simple.
The Saga Started in the film 2001 and the 911 even continues in 2010: The Year We Make Contact. 2010, the year of the Tiger, when the StarChild/StarCup is birthed.

I love the Star in Drens Eye and the Star between Jupiter and Babe.

You put 'self' and 'other' together and viola! You have the Self realized Self or Consciousness realizing its own existence in form, ignition. i!

In Splice Dren is born with a Split or seam down the middle seen on the poster across her large forehead. This dissolves as she matures. The two halves come together representing union and wholeness of the new state we are entering.
Richard Gere aka JC John Clark passes this red bricked Winnipeg Building by train and looks up into the window of Miss Mitzi's Dance School.
This is a moment of desTINy when his eyes lock on to Jennifer Lopes (aka J. Lo) as Paulina, his siren call to start Dancing.
We discover later that she has been burned by failure at a famed Ballroom Dance competition in Blackpool London.

Her interaction with JC eventually helps heal each other and she makes her way back to Blackpool to fulfill her own desTINy.

The Star Richard and the Cup J. Lo come together and heal each other in Winnipeg leading to Blackpool.
There is amazing symmetry between this film made in Winnipeg and the esoteric reality of the City. The Winnipeg Legislative Building has a room at its Core called the Pool of the Black Star or Blackpool if you will.

It occurs to me that I became aware of the film Shall We Dance? while working at POLO Park, POLO being POOL.
The Blackpool is a circular marble room exactly 27 feet in diameter. 27 is a number we have associated via sync to the Moon/Cup on many occasions here at The Whole.
Directly above the Pool/Cup is this Dome with its Mandalic Star Shape. The Dome reflects in the marble of the Pool bringing the Star and the Cup together.

Blue Swan Event from Syncwinnipeg on Vimeo.

Jim videos the moment this reflection became associated with the Blue Sun. The Blue Sun is another way of pointing towards what happens after the Eclipse/Splice/StarCup. We have our current Sun, its child, just like the birthing StarChild of Jupiter in 2010 The Year We Make Contact, is the Blue Sun.
We have also expressed this as G for Star and another G for a Twin Star thus GG. As GG resembles 69, Cancer/♋ the time of "The Cosmic Ti69er" of 2010/Tiger is expressed thus.

GG/69/Twin Sun/Blue Sun/StarCup same same..

When is the Cosmic Ti69er? Right NOW, always has been right here and NOW. In form it expresses itself as this moment, waiting for Jim Sanders to pick me up so WE/ME can go to the airport to meet and greet sync whole member Kevin Halcott (Indradhanush42 on Twitter)!

Peace In = Peace Out


On June 11, Jake saw the A-Team. Not only does it star Zeus (Liam Neeson) with all his Jupiter resonance, but it also stars Rampage Jackson of UFC fame. Rampage replaces Mr. T as B.A. Baracus.

B.A. stands for BAD ATTITUDE.

The first time I saw Rampage was on TV at my buddies house. I remember him kicking butt in the UFC ring shaped and referred to as THE OCTAGON. At the time I instantly thought about the Pool of the Black Star in the Manitoba Joy Temple.

Octagonal Black Stars.

The Black Hole is expanding rapidly. The Black star rises/is revealed.

I find it interesting that when the UFC Octagon is overlapped with the Pool of the Black Star, the Blue Bud Light add fits right where the Blue Sun does in the Manitoba Leg as Jakes shows above.

In the movie A-Team, Rampage, or B.A., has the words PITY and FOOL on his two hands. 4 letters each hand, giving us 8 fingers, or 8 rays, just like the Pool of the Black Star. (fingers are rays as the hand is a perfect symbol of a 5 rayed star).

Now it is interesting that B.A. stands for BAD ATTITUDE as BAD equals 214, which if you follow the sync whole you will know makes us think of all things Jovian (Jupiter).

This links our Black star right back to Jupiter.

BA is perfect as well as it is the Egyptian word for our oversoul, the goal of life being to unite our KA with our BA and therefore attain immortality or the ANKH. ( life awake on Jupiter.)

Our MANITO (Great Spirit) with our BA gives us MANITOBA. (remember TIN OBAMA?).

The other Black Pool the world knows about right now is the one forming in the Gulf of Mexico. Where it gets even quirkier is when we realize that the Gulf Black Pool began to form on April 20, or 4/20. The Deep Horizon rig, or Ground Zero of the leak problem, just so happens to have a Helicopter Landing Pad that is shaped as an Octagon. This image below is from Day 1 after the 4/20 blowout. Otherwise known as 4/21, which is also 214/BAD.

421 just so happens to be the Queen's Birthday. The Method Man album 4:21: The Day After seems to strange attract to 4/21, or the Day After the 4/20 oil rig blowout. Method Man's names even seems to be oozing oil.

I read somewhere the meaning of the album 's title is that 4/21 is the day after 4/20 and the first day of clarity from the haze of 4/20.

OK, I got to go. More later.

( More on the Queen who is coming to Winnipeg and will visit the Pool of the Black Star on July 3. The Queen has been to Jupiter, as Helen Mirren in 2010: The Year We Make Contact. Helen playing the Queen of course, as well as the computer Deep Thought that gives us 42 as the answer to everything. )

Peace In



  1. @Jake,

    along the lines of SPLICE, there's been plenty of "UNION" echoes in the major media...
    it began this week with
    this Union Pacific stall on a bridge in ARKansas


  2. Lovely post, Jake.

    The mash-up "The Cosmic Ti69er" poster is fine art.

    Omnidirectional Peace!

  3. Crazy about Solomon's washroom, Gere (devout Buddhist) saying 911, all that... Good call. That's pretty nuts...

    Also: Shall We/Me DNAce; dance of creation, etc...

    Also: Tucci also has a secret in Day Trippers. (Heh: trippers...). Cute little movie, too. Has two of my fav actresses in like every scene...

    Also: looking at Tucci's IMDB titles -- Spin-The Core -- The Hoax!-- In 2 Deep -- The Impostors -- Joe Gould's SECRET (cool movie, btw, even tho he doesn't play Gould) - The Alarmist! -- A Life Less Ordinary -- Undercover Blues.... Wow.

    Keep up the good work, syncsters. I'm still blown away by the bp/db green logo/heart chakra connection and all the 42's associated with that oil/blood fiasco (happened on 4/20, shots of the gulf where the spill plumes actually look like red blood, news of the sync-hole happened on day 42 of the spill, which was MemorIal Day -- same day as the Wall Street bee swarm, etc)...

  4. Also: just realized that

    DANCE = DNA + C (speed of light) + E (energy)

    (unless someones else already figured that out!)

  5. Also: just remembered that (spoiler alert) Tucci is DNAcing around all fancy free at the end of Daytrippers at a roof top party in Manhattan and WTC may very well be in the BG, but I'm not sure... Trailer here:

    Contains some interesting stuff: man with a dog's head repeatedly mentioned, Hope Davis says, "Don't go into the light, MOM!", Tucci screaming "I don't know what it is!" (Manna means = WHat is it?, fwiw)


  6. "Day Trippers" -> the new Narnia movie "Dawn Treader"