Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cosmic Ti69er - Winnipeg Entertrainment

The Heart of the Creator is the Core/roC(k) of the eartH.

Advertisement on PORTAGE AVE. on the way to POLO PARK to see A-TEAM on June 11th. It was the 3D Jupiter ad that Richard has been talking about weeks ago.

June 19, 2010: Jake, Kevin, myself Jim and my 2 daughters visit the Manitoba's 3rd Temple.

June 21, 2010: We visit Manito Ahbee. Here is an old Centreportal post about Manito Ahbee.

The Beginning Point. The Black Hole. Notice how the sign for the ruins says PETROFORMS. An OIL SPILL is a form of petro, isn't it?


Below is an altar where people leave offerings.

Notice the Vesica shaped football with a Crown and the word Dubble Bubble (DB/42). It is a Key Chain. Perfect. There is also a little Green Army Man that resonates Toy Story 3 seen on June 18th.

This below is our first BUTTERFLY visit of the day. We noticed it was a BUTTER colour as well. Turns out it was probably a CANADIAN TIGER SWALLOWTAIL.

This form below is a BEAR CLAW/PAW that reminded us of the Claw that saves Woody and the Toys in Toy Story 3 from total destruction in a garbage incinerator.

Friends aligned.

Kevin sitting on CREATOR'S CHAIR.

Doug sitting on CREATOR'S CHAIR.

June 23/2010: 1:40 AM, post Ayahuasca ceremony. (I know it was around 1:42 in the images below or right near it because I remarked to everyone that whenever I look at my watch I see those numbers. Something many can relate to now.)

June 23rd, almost exactly 12 hours after our closing Cosmic Ti69er ceremony an earthquake shakes a huge part of Canada, including the USA. Kevin is on his way home to NY at this point as well.

The above story read here, states the quake hit just south of ECHO LAKE and that part of HWY 307 near BOWMAN, Ontario had to be closed due to it falling into the river.

Just as the quake hit, the clocks turned 1:42 and G8/G20 (7+8+&+20=42) delegations where arriving at the airport.


  1. posted at 6:24... 6=4+2 (when trying to explain Synchromysticism to a hard-headed friend, I pointed out a vase [cup] with 6 flowers in it and, given the context [a very Masonic-themed painting], I mentioned that it could be seen as 3+3. In his attempt to thwart my observation, he said "well, it could also be 4+2". He has never read anything related to Synchromysticism and that number, and it made me realize that I was actually looking for a 33 in the 6 flowers due to the Masonic context and he wasn't looking for anything, yet his observation brought more Joy to me than mine did)

    Very cool stuff, guys. Keep up the amazing work. We are together whether it appears so physically or not. My past week entertrained with the Cosmic Ti69er, in that I've been experiencing various "meltdowns", really just my ego being torn apart, much to my ego's dismay but a joyous occasion to my Being (which is still very much intact afterwards).

  2. I just wanted to say I live in Winnipeg and I was at MEME. Pretty cool.

  3. Honestly... How many sync heads live in f'in Winnipeg!

  4. tommy,
    I just want to let you know that I thought your comment was beautiful. From the 33 realiation to the positive side of meltingdown - that was a wonderful thing to read.

    siriusly right?

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