Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Golden Heart

This Crop Circle, located near a giant plant heart in the Vale of Pewsey, Wilsthire, England, was reported yesterday on June 21.

The clever cats at the Crop Circle Connectors forum quickly saw the mathematical constant Phi aka the Golden Ratio innit.

This is great as I was just reading about Phi Day at Strange Eye's blog:

Here's the latest video from the new album/cd release "RECOVERY" by EMINEM called "Not Afraid" The album was just released on PHi day 6/18/10 on i-Tunes - USA (Click here for i-Tunes Canada) and is set for release everywhere on the "Summer Solstice - June 21

So we see Phi day is 18 June because it displays the .618 of the Golden Ratio.

The Crop Circle displaying Phi is noticed on 21 June or 3 days after Phi Day or 18 June.

If we go to Phi at Wikipedia we learn:

Phi (uppercase Φ, lowercase φ or math symbol ϕ), pronounced [ˈfi] in modern Greek and /ˈfaɪ/ or sometimes /ˈfiː/ in English,[1] is the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet.

Cool, so Phi resonates 21, the same day the Crop Circle was reported.

Phi looks like a I and and O overlapped. This resonates the StarCup as the I is the Male/Star and the O is the Female/Cup/Moon.
"The Cosmic Tigger" Concept by Jim Sanders artwork by our local buddy Darcy J. Watt

Over here in Winnipeg things have been very exciting the last couple of days. Two members from the sync whole have shown up to celebrate the Cosmic Ti69er. The Cosmic Ti69er is a celebration of sync and the new state of consciousness WE/ME are moving into.
Jim Sanders on the left Kevin Halcott on right.

Kevin Halcott showed up on the 18th of June or Phi Day and we watched Toy Story 3 and had an Ayahuasca ceremony. The 18 June/Phi or Golden Ratio marks the start of The Cosmic Ti69er, cool.

Yesterday the "Sync Tiggers" sat down with Strange Eye a sync blooger who also lives in Winnipeg and he told us about a wacky news story involving a tiger called Jonas.

The theft of Jonas the Tiger (and 2 Camels), in Canada, was reported on the 18th, the same day The Cosmic Tigger started and Phi Day.

Quebec police say the animals were being transported from a travelling circus in Nova Scotia to a zoo in Bowmanville, Ont.

Bowman resonates the Cupid/Sagittarius symbolism of the StarCup and Jupiter. Dave Bowman travels to Jupiter in 2001: A Space Odyssey...
The Golden Ratio Circle attracts to a plant Heart thus giving us a Heart of Gold.
Heart of Gold is Neil Young's only number 1 hit single from 1972 and a documentary by Jonathan Demme about the singer.

I like how Jonathan resonates Jonas the Tiger.


His parents divorced when Young was 12, and he moved with his mother back to the family home of Winnipeg, Manitoba, where his music career began.
We read that Neil Young started his music career in Winnipeg the Heart of the North American Continent.
I had a dream a few months ago that told me not to ignore the Heart of Gold spaceship from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and now is my opportunity to honor that.

This is the spaceship that flies all the major characters to the planet where the encounter Deep Thought who gives 42 as "The answer to Life the Universe and Everything".
Atop the Winnipeg Legislative Building (aka Peg Leg), an intentional replica of Solomon's Temple, stands the 17 feet tall Golden Boy Statue or Hermes.

His position is at the center or heart of the building and a carries wheat.

He is then a perfect resonator of the 21 June Golden Heart wheat Crop Circle having the elements of Heart, Wheat and Gold all encoded just like the circle.
Above is Kevin and Jim dancing in the Men's washroom of the Peg Leg on Saturday 19 June.
This is the same washroom Richard Gere and Stanley Tucci dance in in Shall We Dance?
We see above Richard and Jim's head that this is room number 21, the same date as the Golden Heart Crop Circle was reported.

Solomon can be decoded as Sol/Sun/Star and Mon/Moon/Cup making the temple of Heart City the StarCup.
Yesterday and 21 June we went to Manitohabee, a sacred site with ancient (some literally thousand of years old) Petroforms.
Jim was wearing his sync silly Tiger T, seen above with Doug Bolles and DB/42 resonator. This was before Strange Eye told us about Jonas the Tiger.

I was happy to learn today that Jonas the Tiger and his two camel buddies were recovered safely

Missing tiger, camels found alive

Spectacular!, Jonas goes missing in Canada on the day Cosmic Ti69er starts and is found safely on our last day together here in Winnipeg, the Golden Heart.

Richard: Life of Pi is a novel by Yann Martel about a character who becomes stranded in the pacific ocean on a lifeboat. His only companion on the 227 day journey is a Tiger.

The character 'Pi' (entraining with 'Phi') becomes lost at sea while on a voyage to the city of Winnipeg.

Symbolically you could say that the character Pi is on a journey to find the Centre.

Journey to the Centre of the Golden hEart.

Before Pi/Phi can find his Centre he must pass through the Jaws of the Tiger Shark:

Close-up of Jims/JAMes/JAWes TiGGer T:

Sabretooth Tiger inside the Jaws:

In another version of Life of Pi book cover we find Pi curled up in the foetal position as the Tiger keeps a watchful eye on the floW. Notice that Sharks accompany Pi and the Tiger as they make their way home to Winnipeg.

The Dark Man in the boat, curled up in the foetal position, is being steered up a giant wave. Reminds me of the Dark Surfer on the World Cup logo...

The Eagles totem animal of Zeus/Jupiter play in Winnipeg tonight. This is right as we end the Cosmic Ti69er with one more Ayahuasca ceremony.
Vertical Limit starts with an Eagle flying and Robin Tunney singing the song "Take it to the Limit" (one more time..)


  1. Absolutely Mindbogglingly Awesome...

    it is so cool to see that crazy Jonas story brought to life here at the Whole.
    And great to meet a couple more Wholee Rollers in person!

    For more Yann Martel, from SE blog in Oct.'09
    See Moving Stars and Earth for Water - Global Artistic Event - Cirque du Soleil - LIVE on ONEDROP.org

    and of course "D"eep "T"hought would spit out "42" as D=4 and T=20=2+0=2 (D=4,T=2)!

    ...and J^2 (J Squared) remind me later to show you my tattoo!

    here's an odd tidbit from "Meat Loaf" (Robert Paulson in Fight Club)...

    His Single... Los Angeloser (9:11 in length!) was released on 4/2/10
    Check the Wiki page to see the album cover!

    The official vid is chopped to 4:20
    See it on youtube here

    Reminds me also of The Losers movie that came out earlier this year (4/23/10)


    PS: word ver was: majnous

    these are Krazy Days Wholers!

  2. One Guess who rang the bell to open the NYSE yesterday (Summer Solstice)!!

    Meat Loaf (Michael Lee Aday (Born:9/27/47)


    Interesting rings he's wearing in the previous comments video ... with his Heart on his sleeve.
    See 0:17 / 4:20 of Los Angeloser

    "Take 5, Give 4"


  3. hello, i am new to reading your blog, but i am so glad i have found it as the connections you make are inspiring and astounding! thank you.

    also, i do have somewhat of a personal interest in the connections you are making to the number 42, for in numerology my birthday adds up to 42 (6). Which has lead me to look again at a numerology book that I have. So please forgive me if I am repeating something that you have already touched on, for I have not yet read all of your previous posts - but there are some interesting connections that I see between the tarot and the numbers 21 and 42 and to the other symbols you have talked about:
    from the book "Numerology and the Divine Triange" by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker.

    The number 21 is card 21 of the tarot "The World"
    which is connected to the planet Saturn. Also the above mentioned book corresponds the number 21 astrologically to the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.
    The number 42: The book connects this number to the tarot card The Two of CUPS.
    Notice the sharing of the male and female, and the winged lion. And astrologically it is said to correspond to the first decan of Cancer, which is governed primarily by the Moon. And as we know, the sun has just moved into the first decan of cancer, bringing us the combination of the Sun and Moon.

    Anyhow, just thinking out loud here :) Thanks for your observations!

  4. You lucky ducks. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  5. I'm glad that every blogger seems to be coming to the same conclusion—that all of these symbols lead back to the heart—and that this is where the transformation of consciousness begins. ("All roads lead to Roma/Amor"?)

    It seems that our time here has all been a "Hearts Filthy Lesson."

  6. The night after I cut my Mercury finger and dreamt about bees I woke up to find the radio8ball video talking about Mercury fingers and Bees.

    A few days back I woke up thinking about Bruce Willis for some reason and found an entire post devoted to him waiting for me.

    This morning I was thinking about Neil Young. And there you go.

    Glad to be swimming in the same waters. You all seem so full of positivity and that's very refreshing.

    As Eleth said, we're all finding the answers lead us to the heart. In all the questions of life, I couldn't have asked for a nicer answer.

  7. PS:
    The tiger with two camels? The camel is the pictograph of "gimmel" or the letter "g" - so you literally have your tiger with two g's or cosmic tiGGer.

  8. cosmic tiGGer.
    cosmic tiG8G20er
    G8+G20 = 7+8+7+20 = 42
    cosmic ti42er

    or the cosmic 42rite

    The GG Ritual in effect.


    And after the Ayahuasca ceremony tonight Jim mentioned there's a "Meat Loaf" T-Shirt appearing on one of the characters during the recent A-Team Movie.

    Love it when the plan(ts) come together!


  10. great stuff guys, it's always fun around here


  11. Wow awsome to see all this flow crystalized. Great things on the horizon. Love you all :)