Thursday, June 17, 2010

Synchromysticism by Numbers

Bruce Willis' very First feature film appearance is in The First (1st) Deadly Sin. Right out of the gate Willis starts his crazy level of entrainment with numbers.

Speaks words "only one" and "$10 000"
"40 Stories" "One man"
"12 Terrorist" "One Cop" "The odds (the numbers) are against John McClane..."
"a lie or two"

959 hits his arm.
"3 Months"
Very weird as In Country (1989) made just the year before Die Hard 2 sees Willis' arm hit a 59..
Playing with 2/Two/Too. Underlining it Too.

"1 Wall" "5th Ave"
Twins. The same year as Bonfire (with the Twin/2/Two/Too Towers) 1990 will see Willis voice as one of Two Babies in Look Who's Talking Too.
"Two thumbs up."
"They're two"
"In one small bottle"

Ironic Emphasis on "1". "See it before they make the sequel". Willis has a cameo in this.
10 C Uma's legs also make the X. See X/10 target on Hostage/Sin City/Jackal..
Bruce Willis' name is the closest to the 10 c on the Pulp Fiction poster. His number resonance is strange attracting.
Has a cameo in Four Rooms

"There are two sides"
GUNS is G-SUN. Our Sun is a G-Type Star. Nice Star Burst helping as see the GUNS/G-SUN/G-STAR connection.

"have 33"
Film about code/number and an AWEtistic boy who cracks it.
Twin/2 Towers on The Siege

"Survive 15"

Sixth right on forehead.
"Two" "Three"
Another cameo in this Two/Twin/Sequel variation.
And here..
Subtle Crosshair/X/10

"Based on the #1"
Big X or 10 on forehead.

"One Snack at a Time"
Like how he is in Last Man Standing and Last Boyscout all very Omega. Then he appears in this Alpha. Connects also to all the Firsts and Ones..

"One small step"
Live Free (3) or Die Hard aka Die Hard 4
Numbers everywhere..


  1. Amazing. I love how the most complex synchronicistic patterns to pick up on are the ones that make it all simpler. It shows a sort of union. I like the 6-pointed stars on BW's (2+23=25, remember it's the 25th anniversary of all things 1985, and this number has been popping up like crazy for me lately. I really, really wish I had a camera.) robe in the Whole 10 Yards poster. Another thing is Bruce's Jupiter finger pointing in the last boy scout poster.

    The Cop Out poster is just packed with syncnificance.

  2. that's some beautiful obsessings you got going there, buddy. keep up the good work.

  3. bruce willis' resume has this strange mix of great movies and god-awful movies. i wonder what that's about.

    yeah, that wuuz fun :] nicely done.