Saturday, June 19, 2010

Disc Ovary Mirror (Witnessing the Birth of a New World)

The logo for the Discovery Channel, seen in the lower right of the television/electric plane eye. As mentioned in my last post, the discovery channel is celebrating 25 years of being oN the Air. The logo shows a slightly obscured D/4 and the Earth.

The Disc/Pentacle in the minor arcana (tarot cards or the 52 cards of a traditional playing deck, are 4-sided shapes like a TV screen) is associated with elemental Earth/Heart. The earth has teKtoniK "Plates".

The Cup in Tarot associates with Water. Been seeing alot of syncs having to do with earth and water. Considering the oil/2P spill, it's not surprising.

You're gonna get Hooked. The Fisher of Men/Jesus/Jupiter/Heart. It also resembles the earth floating in a Bowl/Cup.

The G's (as seen when this image is rotated once again to reveal a G shape) want our attention. Could be because the heart chakra is located 4th up from the bottom and 3rd down from the top (4+3=7/G. Though I have to admit, this is a slightly superfluous connection, as the G/7 could then stand for any of the other chakras, since they would all add up to 7 using that method.). Our Sun is a G-Type star (thanks to whoever pointed that out recently).

Because they are celebrating their 25th anniversary, the logo in the bottom right of the screen becomes 3-dimensional and rotates on its Y axis (much like the Earth), and this extra dimension within the symbol reveals a 25 or a Mirror. Or, as we like to call it, Synchronicity.

Unfortunately that's the only screen shot I can find on the internet. I'm going to have to download a Discovery channel program so that I can find the D/25 graphic and get a better picture. I'll update with that later. Or you can just *turn* on your TV (if you have one) and *turn* to the discovery channel to see the *turn*ing thing.

(notice the Hook motif in the D glowing with light in the Abyss above)

What do you C?


  1. "You're gonna get Hooked. The Fisher of Men/Jesus/Jupiter/Heart"

    Tommy, you just summed up exactly what I've been writing about over the last two weeks. The Shark lurking behind the word Discovery is also kind of eerie because I had a vivid Shark dream just last night. Coolio.

  2. Love it tommy!

    and you mentioned the spill...
    the ship now working to drill addtional "relief" holes is

    Was it a tiger shark or a great white in your dream?


  3. Not sure SE. It was a big one, that's all I can tell you. I recall that it was swimming upright rather than horizontally. The angle of it just seemed wrong.

    Watched Toy Story 3 shortly after writing the above comment and noticed that Andy had a shark poster on his bedroom door.

    There's something fishy going on here...