Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Sink Hole, Lightning Struck Tower & Thunderous Blue Butterflies

A couple of days ago I read Jakes tweet and discovered that a Black Hole recently opened in the Heart of Guatemala City:

Tropical Storm Agatha swept through Central America battering Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. The devastation has been widespread throughout Guatemala with mudslides destroying homes and buildings and burying some victims. At least nine rivers have dramatically higher levels and 13 bridges have collapsed. In the northern part of Guatemala City, the downpour created a giant sinkhole that swallowed up a space larger than the area of a street intersection. Residents told CNN that a three-story building and a house fell into the hole.

Tonight I was watching TV and caught this Samsung commercial.

In the advert we see large numbers of people being drawn towards the street intersection, sucked inwards by the gravitational pool.

The camera zooms out and we see a large sink hole in the street, strikingly similar to the one which recently appeared in Guatemala City.

I'd imagine that after Tropical Storm Agatha struck, the local people would have gone to investigate the giant hole on their doorstep, in much the same way as the people in the Samsung advert do. Curiosity would have drawn them to look down into the Abyss.

In the Samsung advert we see a Ginger Cat peering down into a Goldfish Bowl. The Goldfish reminded me of this image I came across in last Fridays newspaper.

When we view life outside of the Box/Fish Bowl we can begin to explore new dimensions of Junity.

The Silence of the Butterfly draws us towards Contact.

The Sound of Thunder tells us when Contact has been made.

A butterfly flaps its wings... a hurricane strikes miles away.

A film called Killers, starring Ashton Kutcher, is due out on June 4th. The timing of this movie ties in nicely with the recent Pync Whole theme and the Sink Hole which opened in Guatemala City.

On Friday morning 28 May 2010 lightning struck the Knox united Church tower in Winnipeg.

See Winnipeg Free Press article Lightning strike knocks off piece of Knox United tower.
Huge chunks of rock fell of of the Bell Tower nearly hitting this Pontiac above.
I saw some of the chunks of rock and damage left in the staircase on Saturday when chancing upon the scene..
The Pontiac logo is a V Cup with a Star Inside of it thus a Star Cup. Me and Jim had made the video Star Cup a week before for C Thomas Howell and Radio 8 Ball.

Star Cup - C Thomas Howell from Syncwinnipeg on Vimeo.

The Star Cup is the cup that receives the signal from the heavens. It is also the sacramental Ayahuasca ceremony.
27 May saw the release of Sex and the City 2, overtly Cup resonating as associated to woman. See the Twins in the Pink MarTINi?
The next day 28 we see the Prince of Persia with swords drawn easily completing the formula for union.

Star/Sword/Signal + Cup/Receiver/Moon

The next day 29 May and Sunday Dennis Hopper died. Hopper has appeared in our sync web, regularly over the years, as King Koopa in Super Mario Brothers.

See me and Jim's StarMummy 1 for Dennis Hopper syncs.
Hopper as King Koopa resides in the WTC partly destroyed mimicking 911.
The KK on the WTC was a big deal in the early days of sync... See StarMummy 1 for explanation.

I like that captive Princess Daisy (actress Samantha Mathis) is roaming this building in pink.

Notice how the Neon K's for King Koopa or Dennis Hopper are written with lightning bolts.
The Tower Tarot card has often been brought up as resonating 911. Of course it does.., even more so when taking the Super Mario Bros WTC KK bolts into account.

This is also the Star Cup symbolism. The Tower/Cup receives the Signal/Bolt.

The 28 May lightning bolt Tower hit in Winnipeg repeats this symbolism. A bell (cup shaped) Tower being hit by lightning.

The very next day Dennis Hopper dies who owns the Twin Towers topped by the Lightning Bolt Twin K's in Super Mario Bros.

Lightning bolts are symbols of Zeus/Jupiter.
Hopper entrains further with the Knox United Church event by being in the made for TV movie The Last Ride. This was basically a movie length ad for the Pontiac GTO.

Like that little pink circle dot lens flare coming out of the Pontiac StarCup Chariot.

See article Movie Headliner: 2005 Pontiac GTO

So Dennis Hopper syncs with the Winnipeg Knox Tower event by Dying the very next day, driving a Pontiac and being in a lightning topped tower (WTC no less). Pretty strong syncs, I would say.

One more Neon thing and I am collapsing into my bed...
Above is the Pink Neon (NEO/NOW/NWO etc) sign for Club in musician Pink's music video Get The Party Started. Directly below it is the pink Peg Leg Pub neon sign where Julia Roberts plays Pool in Mystic Pizza.
Julia is from Julius meaning son of Jove/Jupiter and she interacts with Jupiter a few times in Mystic Pizza. Lovely, same film with Jupiter has Julia in the Peg Leg. Remember that our Knox church was hit by Jupiter Bolts and that the WTC has Jupiter Bolt K's in Super Mario Bros.
Winnipeg, the heart of the North American Continent has a Peg Leg. Peg Leg is short hand for WinniPEG Legislative Building.

This is an occult Talisman built by Masons to represent the Temple of Solomon, heavy..

We see the Peg Leg above with Pink floWers.

Good night!
Above is Katherine Heigl with the Pink 27 Dresses over her bell/cup shaped waist. She has a P!nk floWer in her hair. The 27 strange attracts to the Moon/Cup. In Heigle we have a Star/Actress and a Cup/27 thus a complete Star Cup.
Heigl's first screen appearance at 13 is in That Night with C Thomas Howell and Juliet Lewis. We see the poster with flipped V or A shaped Delta Cup formed over Star C. Thomas. This Pyramid is topped by 2 interlocked P!nky fingers. The Moon/27/Cup rises overhead.

C. Thomas Howell is the Howling Wolf that looks towards the reflected Rays of Starlight coming off of the Moon Mirror/Cup.
This is the Star Cup from the Mario Kart video games. It is the top link if you Google Star Cup. Pretty neat that Mario Brothers strange attracts again to this sync web as we have already seen the Lightning Topped Twin Towers that Dennis Hopper keeps Princess Daisy captive inside of in Super Mario Bros.
Jim is inside of the Peg Leg standing in the rotunda, leaning on the balustrade and pointing with his Jupiter Index Finger. I light behind him entrains and vivifies.
He is pointing at the Blue Dome and its Cross/X shaped mandala decorated with floWers. This day we realized the Peg Leg contains the completed Star Cup.
The dome is the Cup/Bowl and the Pool directly below is the Star. They come together as the marble reflects the Dome of Heaven.

Blue Swan Event from Syncwinnipeg on Vimeo.

The Pool is the Sink Hole and the Star Cup.

The X is the Cross that Jesus, the new born King, was crucified on.
In Hey Zeus! we learn that Jupiter is Jesus the one who dies by X/Cross and is arisen. Above we see the new born King of Heaven in 2010: The Year We Make Contact (2010 is directed by Peter Hyams who also did A Sound of Thunder).

Here is Julia again in Mystic Pizza with the glowing King Jupiter hovering overhead.
She finds love while playing pool in the Peg Leg..
Pool in Mystic Pizza's Peg Leg, just like the WinniPEG Leg's Pool. Dude above says "We got a ringer here" talking about Julia's skills at shooting pool. She is called Daisy in this, syncing with our Pink Princess in the Mario WTC.
Julia is "ringer" TINkerbell in Hook. Jupiter shares its symbol with Tin so they interchange. We also see that Julia's address on the "Pelican Brief" is 42, the number of Jupiter and the Meaning of Life The Universe and Everything in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Julia/Jupiter Roberts has the highlighted leg/boot associated to P!nk in Pretty Woman.
This has been seen before in Sync Princess Robin Tunney

Julia has highlighted mouth, like Tunney on the poster for Cherish, on upcoming Eat Pray Love.
Love in Pink...


So seeing this butterly thing arise got me thinking about a recent moment I had when I was walking out of Mayantuyacu in Peru on May 18, 2010. I was by myself, walking and singing icaros when I came to a bridge where I saw a Blue Morpho butterfly fly around me and up the path. I was videoing at the time.

It was for sure a thunderous moment, yet calm and reassuring. I felt it's appearance at the end of the bridge as very significant. We are now crossing the bridge into the new creation and at the end we are born as Blue Butterflies indeed.

The Blue Butterfly Mission is the same as the Jupiter Mission as William Hurt surely knows.


  1. It occurred to me to come over here to the sync whole and mention the Guatemalan sink hole. Eye C y'all have noticed it.

  2. Ha! today i watched a clip on the colbert report. It was an interview with Deepack Chopra. I enjoyed it and decided to learn more about chopra. I googled him and got his blog on the huffingtonpost.com

    by visiting the front page of huffington post I instantly noticed the news piece of the sinkhole. The strange shape of it made me have instant doubts. how could it be so perfectly cynlindrical and deep. Many of the comments show that other readers also have their doubts or at least find it strange. (suggesting that it looks photoshoped etc.)
    And my inquisition made me wonder if any of you guys caught wind of this. And as per usual you're on the scene disecting this new phenomenon.
    I only have a hunch that these things aren't mere happenstance... i count on you guys to unravel the layers and syncs involved. And i'm always marked and amazed each time i read your blog. I'm like okay... how is he going to explain this. And somehow the synchs you present are so sophisticated and always show a level of coincidence to be reckoned with.
    With 3d tv being all over the tech news... its only fitting that this ties in to it. But I could never have seen it.

  3. lol floyd you too. It occured to me too. I swear i didn't see your message when I wrote my post.

  4. beat me to the [pynk] punch as well. rich, you're on the mark here, friend. i love how the "real" is getting blurred by sink hole news... people questioning the truth of the abyss fits in waaay to perfectly with the direction my last patternist post took, and all this synking with 3D tv. as it all should be i guess.

    Jake; i see major significance in the Hopper transition and the reflections of the birth of the synk movement via WTC and KK... something about the new and old becoming one...

    diggin this one guys. Coming Together.

  5. Love it!

    Julia as Daisy Arujo
    DAISY = Deus Z.
    (Z as in Zeus / Jupiter and the lightning bolt)

    PS.'. had to come back to edit this one, on Post Comment got the Word Verification: sesseele


  6. Was also thinking about that 24 Jupiter symbol...

    Seeing a "Z" (Zeus) and an "I" (Iupiter) in it doesn't take a big stretch of imagination at all!


  7. J/J,
    As you're syncin about Julia Roberts and PINK:

    Check out the first two Pink Roses (Pink and Rose kinda redundant really, the color ROSE is a shade of PINK!) on this page...



  8. KK my pink sync. Nothing special. Happened just before all this pync stuff.

    Walking with the daughter who was fully dressed in pync. I mean fully. We walked past this ugly house with the most strikingly radiant pink flowers in the center of the flower bed. No other flowers or greenery surrounded the stunning bouquet. I was so stuck by the radiance of the flower that I went up to the door and knocked and waited to ask if my daughter could pick one. A giant lassie came barking and after some awkwardness the owner said he'll part with one for about $300. DEAL! I say. And that was that. Compelled to leave my portable comfort bubble which is rare of course.

    I started a cleansing this past week so I feel this Junity is helping me heal.

    I gotta personal experience with the color pink I'm gonna post about. Fear dispare and thus growth.

    WOW MOM this is gay stuff hey? ;^)

  9. By the by I fookin love when K2 comes up. Still obsessed with the past stuff. Can't be helped as of yet.

  10. Wonderful post guys. I was waiting to see what would pop up here after the giant syncwhole and you have exceeded my expectations.

    Also: the Space Odyssey franchise features the well-known character
    Heywood Floyd (HeyZeus-2010WoodTiger-PinkFloyd)

    as well as the less-remembered Frank POOLE

  11. Wasn't there a sinkhole in Guatemala in 2007? No one seems aware of that...?

  12. Also: Guatamalan synk (w)hole happened on day 42 of bP spill.

    Also: you can flip b's and p's around and create all kinds of DBs...

    Also on day 42 there was some bee swarm incident at a restuarant on Wall St.

  13. Think positive thoughts... especially the author of this blog... you must imagine the best changes from within your original self - may you become open to love...