Monday, June 7, 2010

Red Sun Ja

District 9 - The prophecy (Alien Contact). Highlighted single+yellow eye. This is Sharlto Copley, who is also in the A-Team, which seems to be resonating well. Let's see this come together in the banner.

As I watched District 9 (9 = Yesod, the moon) last night, I saw many similarities to Avatar in the themes used. War, alien contact, and a man experiencing alien consciousness. Where we saw cat people as aliens, there are now crustacean (Cancer) -ish people. Leo and Cancer, the sun and moon respectively. I figured there was a little twin pillar play going on with these two movies.

Being released on the same day as The A-Team is The Karate Kid (KK) featuring Jackie Chan (JC) who recently arrived at my house in action figure form. An interesting little pattern I just picked up on involves a little grade school math: One of the A-team posters has the 4 main characters split up into 4 (semi)squares.

This year is the 25th (actually, it's the 26th. I got the 25th anniversary thing by word of mouth. I hope it doesn't make this article more confusing than it probably already is) anniversary of the Karate Kid (KK=1111=4, Jackie Chan/JC=4). 25 is 1/4th of 100. I always wondered why (or Y, which is the 25th letter of the alphabet) 25 is so significant. It's a 5x5 magic square, the one for Mars. War square divided into 4ths. Which brings to mind the A-Team poster. And the war themes of the alien contact movies District 9 and Avatar. Well, my head is spinning realizing what the main theme of the Karate Kid is: Martial arts. Kung fu, to be precise. Why are they calling it the karate kid then? I don't know. Anyway, the plot is that the new karate kid is an American who moves to China, making him an "alien".

(edit: Even though the original karate kid was released in 1984, that year still adds up to 13, or 4.)

It also happens to be the 25th anniversary of the Discovery channel. Discovery of what? Extraterrestrial life? ;)

1985 = 1+9+8+5=14. 1/4. It can also be 23 and 10/13 ([1+9]+[8+5]) .

Other movies released in 1985:

Rocky IV (see where this is going?)
Back to the Future (1985-2010 interplay?)
Out of Africa (District 9 takes place in South Africa)

HA! Cat's Eye!

The Last Dragon (one of the first movies I looked at on my blog)

There's a ton of stuff here for those who know what 2 look 4, movies released in 1985

I'm thinking the real focus with the 4 thing is on the center, or 5th (as in 5th Sun). That's why the A-Team (notice "team", union of individuals into a whole) poster has a cross/bullseye on it.

Red SonJa (Sun Ja) is also being re-made this year. Guess what year that was released in. Yeah, '85 (13/1+3=4).


Mostly just reposts from Twitter for context...

From the Deepwater, behold he is Horizon/Arisen.
Was thinking about how the Y (a kinda Trident) looks like it emanates from a star/sun. This is the Christ Consciousness/E.T rising from the deep of the ocean. The Abyss by JC James Cameron, resonating Christ, can be compared to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. If Blood is Oil and the Earth is the Heart of Christ the gushing oil spill resonates the bleeding of Jesus/Christ Consciousness. Then just like in The Abyss the E.T/Christ arises out of the depths of the ocean via the Deepwater Horizon (Horizon rezonating the new born Son/Sun/Jesus/Jupiter)

(need that 42 still from the end of this movie.. pending)
See The Sacred Bleeding Oil/Blood Spill from the HEART/EARTH of the Kosmic Khrist
The LION is the Son/Sun/Jesus/Dawn & contains the OIL that bleeds from the Earth/Heart.
He made your heart pound with Christnegger. Then he stopped it with Aliens/Contact.

WE/ME are becoming stars. The mechanics of space migration arise out of the sync web.

Lion/Jesus/Christ Consciousness/Star, same same...
Very similar story with Avatar exchanged for The Abyss. Alien Consciousness aka Contact via JC James Cameron..
I was just comparing the designs when..

I pasted Iron Man over Avatar and for some unintended reason his eye became clear and we can see Avatars eye...
Does work very well actually as our Tin Man's shining heart and hand looks just like images of Jesus aka the Lion.
Fits the idea that the BP Oil spill is the Blood of Christ/Iron Man very well..
The Tin (remembering that the Symbol for Jupiter and Tin are the same making the interchangeably) Man from OZ needs his Oil so he can look for his heart.
"Thank the maker! This oil bath is going to feel so good. I've got such a bad case of dust contamination, I can barely move!"

All that Narnia stuff was before yesterday when I realized Liam Neeson, Zeus/Jupiter from Clash of The Titans is the voice of the Lion!

This then again highlights the story told in Sync video Hey Zeus! Jupiter and Jesus (The Lion), the newborn King of Heaven, are one and the same.

Richard: The Y in The Abyss poster points to the MoMent of Contact.

The letter Y is also shaped like a forked tongue. In this Choke poster it seems to represent someone who is being swallowed by the Abyss/Kosmic Khrist.

The Y can also be found in the South African flag, home of the upcoming 2010 World Cup, District 9 and the Lion.

Sorcerer has all the same letters (a few repeat and a few don't, but so what?) of Soccer while The Sorcerers Apprentice also highlights SA or South Africa.

Tommy: The Goonies was released in 1985 -

Dangling over the abyss, complete with 4-rayed compass/cross/X

There's something very spine-like about the appearance of the characters grabbing eachother's ankles. There also happen to be 7 of them. This reminds me of the chakra system. Corey Feldman was in the Goonies. He was one half of "The Two Coreys", the other half of which died earlier this year.

They had a bit of a Janus/Jupiter connection.

The Ab"Y"ss or Space is represented by the Throat Chakra, which happens to be where the Asian kid from the Goonies poster would be if they were arranged like a chakra system (it's also where the tiny person is located in the Choke poster).

From The Goonies wiki: "A band of kids from the 'Goon Docks' neighborhood of Astoria, Oregon, hoping to save their homes from demolition, go on an adventure to find the buried treasure of One-Eyed Willy, a legendary 17th-century pirate."

Reminds me of all the "one-eye" posters (nic cage's highlighted single eye in The Soccer's Apprentice poster, avatar, narnia, iron man, so on).

The Goonies also just happened to be released 25 years ago today, exactly: "Release date(s) United States
June 7, 1985"

This might seem off, but I thought this synced-

These are called "Battle Beasts" (BB/22/4). The dude on the left is a one-eyed Pirate Lion, half beast, half tin man. The dude on the right is a red-eyed reptilian tin man. I also noticed the somewhat racist design in the lower right-hand corner winking. Not sure what that's all about. These toys had three elemental attributes - fire, water, and wood. Some of my very first memories involved these toys. Nostalgia, I imagine, is somewhat similar to alien contact. It's memories from a time when everything around us was glowing with ethereal significance.


Just went to hunt down that 42 sync in The Abyss and noticed just how P!nk splattered this movies is!

Very reminiscent of Avatar's neon jungle.

Even the 42 on a ship scene, rising out of the ocean waters with the alien craft, is pinkish!
Jupiter/42 (Jesus) rising out of the Ocean with E.T..
Very next shot after 42 sees dude with Jupiter Index Finger Pointing.
The Abyss ends with Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (Kevin Kostner's Robin Hood Maid Marian) standing on pink water like Jesus.

42/Jupiter and Jesus themes strange attract making theme become inseparable.


  1. Great tommy!

    (1) Mercury
    (2) Venus
    (3) Earth
    (4) Mars
    (5) Jupiter

    Nice sync to LIAM NEESON as Zeus/Jupiter in recent Clash of the Titans.


    4 elements - Air Earth Fire Water and the Quintessence (The 5th element)


  2. nice work.

    red sun ja immediately conjures up red dawn, featured prominently in the Star Cup vid, which i just happened to watch today. this post makes me wanna try to find that old Sun-Ra movie...

    u got my wheels turnin with this one...

  3. Tommy,

    In Al-Khemical great work, (practical / experimental - not quite the same as philosophical Alchemy) the final product is the luminescent Red Stone... (aka "The Philosopher's Stone")

    The Red Sun - JA!


  4. Speaking of Mars- how about the Face, with the half-man/half-beast theories?

  5. Thanks everyone. Red Dawn (RD=22=4), eh? Fighting red/communist/Pynk-O soldiers (red sol/soul-jas). The face(man) on mars is an interesting connection.

    The "luminescent red stone" has an endless amount of exposure in all sorts of media.

    "(4) Mars"

    Awesome. :) I love how the "Y" south african flag contains the 4 elemental colors, plus black and white.