Monday, June 14, 2010

The World PUC: And Behold A Great Red South African Dragon

World CUP can be World PUC.. A hockey puck is kinda interesting as it keeps us in sports theme but my mind just ignited with spark when realizing the connection of the Mythological Puck.
Puck is a mythological fairy or mischievous nature sprite. Puck is also a generalised personification of land spirits. Whilst being an aspect of Robin Goodfellow and the Green Man, he is sometimes also considered hob and Will-o'-the-wisp.
Wikipedias image for Puck

Makes me feel that our Dark Man kicking the soccer ball on the FIFA World Cup Logo is Puck, clearly a goat god Pan resonator. The Dark Man over Africa looks like he is dancing, an activity strongly associated to the Pipe playing Pan and Puck. We see the Dark figures dancing around PUC above.
Pan's Flute or Pipes are just tubes that one blows through...
Not that dissimilar to the Vuvuzela of South Africa, blaring ViA TV sets throughout the entire world as consistent background drone on the most watched sports event on the planet. The Pipes of the World Puck calling on the final Judgment?
Stanley Tucci plays Puck in a film adaptation of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.
We see him as one of the Magicians in Kit Kittredge KK resonating 11:11.
The Karate Kid opened the same day as the World Cup, 11 June, and also displays the KK or 11:11. This further resonates the duration of the World Cup from 11 June - 11 July. Amazing entrainment is seen with the "World PUC Dark Man" and the "Karate Kid Dark Man". Both are kicking!?
Tucci, Puck from A Midsummer Nights Dream, again ties back into the Dark Man, confirming them as interchangeable, by being the "Dark Man" in The Lovely Bones above. He was nominated for an Oscar for this film.
Liam Neeson was in another film that opened this weekend, on the same date as The World Cup and The Karate Kid, The A-Team.
Just amazing as he is the O.G Dark Man, staring in the film Dark Man, just like the ones seen on The Karate Kid Poster and on The World Cup Logo!
I've been seeing allot of Stanley Tucci lately. Above he is in shot with the Red Dragon symbol in Montana.
Red Dragon symbol from film Red Dragon

In Montana he shares screen time with Sync Star Robin Tunney.
Very-very groovy as we saw earlier that Puck is also Robin Goodfellow.
In The Devil Wears Prada Tucci works for Meryl Streep aka The Dragon Lady.
He interacts with Anne Hatheway allot in that.
The Trident of the Devil, a Dark Man no doubt, with Hatheway.
Poseidon and Neptune's watery tool again crowning Hathaway in Valentines Day.
Jim shows how CUP (our PUC) can be shown graphically as 'C and Arrow' or 'See Up'. This can also be brought together to form the Bow and Arrow.
Here we see how the bow and arrow resemble the Trident or Pitchfork of the Devil. As the Devil resonates Dark Man its fascinating to see how well the CUP or PUC also associates to the Trident shape.

PUC/CUP resonate Puck and Dark Man.
The Red Dragon symbol contains the trident of PUC/Dark Man
Tucci taps Anne at her third eye in Devil, to wake her up as being responsible for her own discomfort at her job.
This works and we see her smiling as she passes her jobs address containing 142 for Jupiter.
This happens again later when she knocks on an hotel room with 142 looking for the Dragon Lady Streep.
The fashion scene is loaded with sync goodies and powerful sacred symbols like the double C of channel making the vesica portal.
Or here where she passes Sephora cosmetic store being also a wife of Moses and dam close to Sephirot the 10 enumerations of God on the Kabala Tree of Life.
Come to think if it Devil was actually a wild sync ride of a movie. Anne is called a Tiger by her boyfriend..
Later painting a model solar system for her nephew or something. Particularly she is painting and orange sphere which could be Jupiter but I cant say for sure..

Where were we, this post has gotten way off track..
Ah yes, Tucci, Puck, the Dark Man and Pan. In Devil he entrains perfectly with Pan by appearing with Pans exact number in Kabala, 77 or OZ.

Funny enough Jim has recently gotten into Captain America and Tucci is set to play Dr. Abraham Erskine the man who creates Cap in the film adaptation.

In Mr. Smith Goes To Washington James Stewart visits the Lincoln Memorial.
This structure was modeled after the Temple of Zeus in Olympia.
This means that Abraham Lincoln resonates Zeus/Jupiter.
Quite perfectly N'Sync as Liam Neeson (our Dark Man/PUC) plays Zeus in Clash of the Titans and is also set to play Lincoln in a Spielberg Biopic about Abe coming out next year.
What should further bake our noodles about James Stewart interacting with Abe/Zeus is that he is the star of the film Harvey.
Harvey concerns a man who claims to have a Giant Rabbit or Pooka as a best friend.

Harvey is a 1950 film based on Mary Chase's play of the same name, directed by Henry Koster, and starring James Stewart and Josephine Hull. The story is about a man whose best friend is a pooka named Harvey—in the form of a six-foot, three-and-one-half-inch tall rabbit.
Clicking on Pooka at Wiki will take you here:

Púca (Old Irish for ghost[1]), (also Pwwka, Pooka, Puka, Phouka, Púka, Pwca in Welsh, Bucca in Cornish, Pouque in Dgèrnésiais, Puca or Puck in English, Glashtyn, and Gruagach) is a creature of Celtic folklore, notably in Ireland, the West of Scotland, and Wales. It is one of the myriad faery folk, and, like many faery folk, is both respected and feared by those who believe in it.

And clicking on Puca or Puck in English will take you back to where this all started!

Puck is a mythological fairy or mischievous nature sprite. Puck is also a generalised personification of land spirits. Whilst being an aspect of Robin Goodfellow and the Green Man, he is sometimes also considered hob and Will-o'-the-wisp.

Meaning James Stewart's Puca is just another variation of our PUC.

If the Dark Man of the World Cup resonates Liam Neeson/Zeus, this all points back Jupiter. The World CUP/PUC is Jupiter. But then Jim already made that clear with his C-UP graphic....
So I downloaded Get Over It after writing the above as some research revealed it is loosely based on A Midsummer Nights Dream (with character PUCk).

The film even has students put on a play inspired by Shakespeare's play.
Kirsten Dunst stars in this adding more motivation to scan Get Over It for syncs. I never got to this one when I researched her yellow flower pattern (wonder if it will repeat here?).

She walks up to a situation where Martin Short is directing another student on how to put up a poster for the show. Dunst "A Midsummer Night's Rockin' Eve?"
MarTIN steps in explaining: "Classical Shakespeare with a contemporary twist".
He gets a call, moves, and SCORE! A freaking soccer ball sync pops out of nowhere.

A Midsummer Nights Dream with PUCk strange attracts the Soccer Ball of the World CUP.


Richard: I've recently been thinking about the connection between the World Cup/Puck and the feathered duck so thought I might work some of these ideas in here.

The Duck entrains with Jupiter via the Emilio Estevez movie Mighty Ducks D2/42.

Emilio Estevez, the coach who teaches the Ducks how to shoot the Puck, played the role of 'Billy the Kid' in the Young Guns movies.

Billy is a name associated with the Billy Goat (aka Pan/Puck) and young Goats are called Kids.

Emilio Estevez aka 'Billy the Kid' therefore oozes Duck/Puck/World Cup syncnificance.

Earlier on today I chanced upon an interesting article about one of the darker aspects of Jupiter. Apparently the planet Jupiter is a Cannibal which has swallowed 5 of its own moons over the course of its history. Planetary cannibalism...nice!

Liam Neeson (Zeus/Jupiter in Clash of the Titans) played the role of Hannibal Smith in the new A-Team movie.

The other famous Hannibal is of course a Cannibal.

Hannibal, played by Sir Anthony Hopkins, starred alongside Emilio Estevez in the movie Free Jack.

The Grid/Net/Web links these actors together.

Mick Jagger (MJ) syncs with Kirsten Dunst's 'MJ' from the Spiderman movies.

The Rolling Stones, MJ's famous band, is highlighted here on the front of Howards magazine:

Moving on...

Hannibal, a Cannibal like the Gas Giant Jupiter, entrains with the whole Dark Man theme that Jake has already explored in this post.

In The A-Team movie Hannibal is best buddies with the Dark Man B.A. Baraccus.

B.A. is probably most recognizable for the Mohawk which runs down the centre of his head.

When I first saw this poster for Splice (a movie which came out only a week after The A-Team) my warped mind naturally linked the slit/splice running down the alien Dren's head with the B.A. Baraccus Mohawk.

Splice stars actor Adrien Brody whose initials AB/BA hints at this connection with B.A Baraccus.

splice definition:
n: a junction where two things have been joined together.
In the Hannibal movie we see that the Cannibal has a Splice running down the centre of his face as he moves out from behind a mirror.

Coincidentally the character Noah "Puck" Puckington from the TV show Glee also has a B.A. Mohawk/Splice running down the centre of his head.

I'm not sure what all this means but it definitely points to a 'Coming Together' of some sort - like an Eclipse of Sun & Moon, the merging of MoM & PoP, or Contact with our planET.

One last thing. While writing this update I caught a new TV trailer for Twilight: Eclipse which is due out at the end of this month.

While watching it I realized that ECLIPSE is an anagram of SPLICE.

I figure that Vampires could also be considered Cannibals, just like Hannibal and the planet Jupiter. Here's the trailer for anyone interested.

In 2012 starring JC John Cusack, after all the calamity and upheaval on Earth has settled, the survivors must find a new home.
"The Himalayas are no longer the roof of the world it is now the Drakensberg Mountains of Kwazulu Natal."
Drakensberg is Afrikaans and comes from the Dutch Drakensbergen, "the Dragon Mountains". We see that in 2012 the Dragon Mountains of South Africa are depicted as Red thus being a Red Dragon.
"The entire African Continent has risen."
"That's why they call it the Cape of Good Hope"
The Red Dragon is the beast of Revelation, the prophetic book about the End of Days in the Bible.

Revelation 12:3
"And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads."

Makes me think that South Africa and The World CUP is a Key part of the Ascension dynamic of our species..
Like this image I chanced upon this morning while reading an Alan Moore scripted The Phantom Stranger comic. It depicts the Angel Satan as a PUCk or Pan lookalike helping as really get that the Dark Man, Devil, Pooka, Puck and Pan are all the same dude.
I like his huge flaming CUP by his chairs arm rest.
Fitting that the Devil Fork or Poseidon Trident would bare such similarity to the mark of Red Dragon.
I like how the World Cup logo has this red stripe echoing 2012's depiction of South Africa with the Red Drakensberg/Dragon Mountains.
We can now see how they both tell the same story. The Dark Man on the Left is the Red Dragon Beast on the Right.

The World CUP of PUC is filling so that we can celebrate Our realization of Ourselves.


  1. Musing the

    Dark = DRAK =
    D'Ark (of the Ark) =
    DARC (of the Arch),
    Ark(a)D ,and Arcadia

    Jeanne d'Arc

    "Et in ARCaDia Ego"
    (ARK a DIA = Ark of GOD)

    Funny how the "Green Man" (#12 - Robert Green) of England let in the USA's (#8 - Clint Dempsey) 25-yard goal to even their match at 1-1 (@ 39:30 into the game approx.)
    And for those that didn't notice the replay of the goal was bang on 42 minutes in!

    When I saw that goal in the World Cup (Eng vs USA) I think I might have even blurted
    "No puckin' way!"
    (or perhaps something similar to it... :)


  2. Awesome "Get Over It" addition! (Jake/Jim?)

    The Adidas Jabulani of course makes me think...


  3. Wiki gave you "Puca (old Irish for Ghost)"

    Well, the original name for PacMan was PuckMan and we know he hangs out with ghosts:

    Going from Puck to Pac, I thought also of PacSun and on the front page of their site is a guy and a girl riding a blue bike with either the word "PUCH" or "PUCK" (would be pronounced the same way)

  4. @AA,
    Your xploration might be on to somthin there Alan.

    Google ran with the PacMan Tribute on their home page recently (now found @ originally released 5/22/1980 in japan as "Pakkuman"(japanese) or PACU-MAN!)

    PacMan could also lead to PAC-RIM or the Pacific Ring of Fire.


  5. @AA,
    PACMAN - by NAMCO released in USA by MIDWAY!

    Midway Atoll is in the center of the PAC-Ring of Fire some 140 miles from Int'l Date Line.
    Midway is known as the location of the Battle of Midway, of World War II on 6/4/42 to 6/7/42.

    Which synchromagically circles back to the War of World CUP!


  6. RA just tweeted about JAPAN (1) vs CAMEROON (0) today in FIFA World Cup.

    interesting Time Echoes going on here...

    WAKA WAKA (This Time for Africa) by SHAKIRA and Freshlyground (Covered on STRANGE EYE) uses phrases from the CAMEROONIAN language called "FANG".

    The Original song "Tsamina Mina Zangalewa" by Golden Sounds (first resurrected through samples used in Disney's "The LION KING") was written to honor African fighters in World War II.

    At Disney World in Orlando,FLA today a body was found hanging in a tree.


  7. While watching it I realized that ECLIPSE is an anagram of SPLICE.

    Love it so much Ri¢hie Ri¢h!

  8. I played Puck in school's MSND. That was my second role though. The year prior I got a small part as Anubis - dark one, head of a dog spliced with a human body. This is pucked the puck up...

  9. oooo, the Puck thing is blowing my mind right now! tee hee. Did I miss it, or did you already connect STANLEY Tucci as the resurgent Puck character in our never ending summer's dream to the STANLEY Cup?? Hockey = Puck? : )

    If not, zing!

    Also, thaaankkkk you for putting up that still of mr. tucci/puck touching Anna Hathaway's Red 3rd Eye. Saw that a while ago and been hoping to see it in a synch post. So clearly spiritual, right to the heart of the matter! "The answer to your life problems...are....there"

  10. "...and who shall fall."

    zing! teehee.

    y'know jake; i got a warm fuzzy feeling when i saw that the promised land of 2012 was afrika. as the sOn of black nationalist activists, i've been raised believing afrika is not only my own personal homeland -my ancestors being ripped from her shores during The Middle Passage- but also the mother country of the human race.

    the red dragon synking back up with south afrika and pan appears to make it plain; our dNa bloodline circles back to mama afrika, and the opening of our collective red sea 3rd i connects directly to our planet's geographical heart. "the answer to your problems... are... there"

    beautiful work here. so grateful to be able to feel the flow with you all...

  11. Wrote about D'arkman waaaay back in time.

  12. There was a guy on RedIce last month talking about ancient stone structures around Drakensburg

  13. When I first saw that Dark Man on the FIFA 2010 logo I immeditely thought he resembled that "bicycle kick" made famous by PELE!

    Pele is also the name of a deity - the Hawaiian goddess of fire, lightning, dance, and volcanoes.

    and that second "ball" on the blue swish looks like a mashup of the symbol of the Sun (dot or small circle in a large circle) and a representation of the planet Jupiter - where the larger of the 2 smaller circles could represent the red "eye" storm on the giant planet.


  14. Here a youtube clip from the movie about PELE (Edison Arantes do Nascimento) showing his famous overhead/bicycle (BIKE) kick.)


  15. Musing the bP...

    p=16 or 7

    bp = 27

    bp spins to db!
    db = 42

    and there we find BOTH the 27 and the 42 in the light of the Green Sun "BP".


  16. if we take an "occult math" view of the same numbers...

    27 is also TWO SEVENS or "77"
    (the number 7 is also found in the "2" if we spin it)
    alternately SEVEN TWOs (2222222)

    Oddly enough that the phone number of MR. BONES (pizzaria) in Winnipeg, MB

    a quick google of MR.BONES reveals there's a movie of the same name - a 2001 comedy film that takes place in *** South Africa ***

    Now that's some wild synchromysticism!

    and 42 is also TWO FOURS or "44"
    and alternately FOUR TWOs

    We all know that OBAMA is the 44th President.

    A quick google of 2222 reveals a GENE #2222 - a gene is of course, part of dna (pan!)


  17. You guys have been writing about the oil as blood. I've been looking these posts over and I don't think I've seen this anywhere so I'm just gonna toss this out:
    BP is medical shorthand for Blood Pressure.

    Working on something for you guys. Back in a few.

  18. Okay. From 3d sink holes to K2 stargates, KickAss and legos. Here are the syncs from my side of town: