Tuesday, June 8, 2010

War of the World Cup

On Friday June 11th the opening match of the 2010 World Cup kicks off at The Johannesburg Stadium.

In 2010 World Cup Contact Jake wrote about his visit to The Johannesburg Stadium during his time in South Africa and noted that it resembles a giant UFO mother ship.

In District 9 we find the giant UFO/Stadium floating high above the city of Johannesburg.

On Friday the Joburg Mother Ship finally lands on planET eartH as the World Cup begins with a bang.

This much anticipated moment of Contact will grip the nations.

For some reason the World Cup strangely attracts themes of an alien nature.

In War of the Worlds the aliens first reveal themselves via an innocent looking thunder storm.

The lightning bolt is the first sign that the invasion is underway.

At this point in the movie Tom Cruise has absolutely no idea that the Gods, in the form of the ETs, have arrived on eartH.

He's unaware that the Genie's just been released from its lamp.

As the sound of thunder dies away Tom Cruises into town to find out whats going on.

People form a circle around the point of Contact, gathering like moths to a flame.

Like fish to water.

Curiosity naturally pulls Me/We to look into the unkNOWn.

Last week Tropical Storm Agatha swept across Central America and opened this perfectly round Sink Hole in Guatemala City. I find this image quite fascinating.

I read that "in regards to the sinkhole, which measures 60 feet wide and 100 feet deep, experts are scrambling to find out what caused it. "I can tell you what it's not: It's not a geological fault, and it's not the product of an earthquake," David Monterroso, a geophysics engineer told the Associated Press. "We're going to have to descend."

A google search revealed that the Sink Hole caused by Tropical Storm Agatha wasn't the first one to have appeared in Guatemala City.

"On the 23rd of February 2007 a 330 foot deep sinkhole swallowed over a dozen homes in a crowded neighbourhood. Over 1000 people were evacuated and two people were killed. It was said that the giant hole emitted a foul stench, tremors and loud noises. The authorities blamed the sinkhole on a ruptured underground sewage flow."

On the 23rd February 2007, the same day that the above hole appeared in Guatemala City, a movie called The Number 23 was released.

Sink Holes and the number 23 seem to resonate one another.

This Syncs nicely with a movie called Holes which came out in 2003:

The discordian 23 is a sacred number attributed to a daughter of Zeus, the Greek Goddess ERIS.

In the 2nd Fantastic 4 movie the Silver Surfer, a Mercurial Messenger of Rise/eRis, makes Contact with planET eartH.

Like in War of the Worlds he opens up Sink Holes to let everyone know that a God is back in town.

On the 2010 World Cup logo I noticed that the dark figure looks like he's Surfing up the crest of a giant Rainbow Wave.

We therefore have the Silver Surfer/ET/Tinman linked to the World Cup and the Sink Hole which appeared in Guatemala City just last week.

Maybe there's some kind of connection between the two.

I've no doubt that the energy build-up in South Africa is going make one helluva Splash when it's finally released across the globe. Maybe the World Cup 2010 logo hints at things which have yet to come. Surf boards at the ready people!

The Silver Surfer was voiced by actor Laurence Fishburne, probably best known for his role as Morpheus (the God of Dreams aka The Sandman) in the Matrix trilogy.

Fishburne stars in the upcoming Predators movie which is released on July 9th, just two days before the World Cup comes to its climatic end on July 11th.

The Predator is yet another ET who entrains with the South African World Cup.

In this poster we see that the Spots on the skin are a sign that Me/We are being watched/targeted by an Alien Intelligence.

The Alien in this District 9 poster is also highlighted with Spots/BullET Holes:

I like how the official mascot for the 2010 World Cup is a CheETah, the fastest Predator on land, and an animal most recognizable for its Spots.

Let the battle commence...


So silly, just wrote this for the previous post but it fits better here.. as this just popped up! Haven't even read it yet but I can see me and Ri¢hie Ri¢h are thinking allong the same lines..

On June 3 at 11:11 at night I saw this...

Screen shot of PC reading 11:11.

@Seallion Sounds about right.Tonight I try to pierce the clouds and bring on the splash. Peace to you all. SpaceWeather posts it as a leading story along with one about the sun awakening. Jim writes: The Sun Awakens & Jupiter Impact. Same thing.

The article says "bright flash of light in the giant planet's cloudtops".

The sync of having Jim (the syncstar who highlighted 42/Jupiter and really brought Jupiter's prominence to light in my consciousness) talk about piercing the clouds and doing Ayahuasca (Jupiter Juice) ceremony followed by Jupiter impact in its cloudtops... Let's just say it makes an impact on me.
Magritte's Castle in the Pyrenees
Hayao Miyazaki's Laputa Castle in the Sky based on the Gulliver's Travels floating city Laputa.
New Jack Black version of Gulliver's Travels drops this Christmas...
Empire Strikes Back's Cloud City Bespin.
Which totally resonates District 9's Mother Ship.
The moment I saw Soccer City (during my trip December-January back home) the main Stadium of the 2010 World Cup in Johannesburg, it immediately reminded me of the District 9 Mothership.

It just totally looks like some giant alien craft plonked down in the middle of Joburg!
Read about my visit to the stadium/mothership at The Blob 2010 World Cup Contact. By some weird twist of fate my mom works for the company that provided some of the steel for the building and she arranged for me to visit the structure still under construction at that point and not open to the general public...

Stadiums are StarCups/receivers of joy as WE/ME play our sacred ballgame ritual dramas of becoming.

Tommy: Ganon's Floating Castle in Zelda - Ocarina of Time (notice the cloudy mist circling around the rooftop):

A Rainbow Bridge must be crossed to reach it.

Avatar's floating mountains (in the clouds) -

Famous cloud head T.Hanks spent some time on an island. It may not be an island that floats in the sky, but in this picture from the movie Cast Away his head is poking into the clouds. Again.

Richard: Tom Hanks seems to slot into this World Cup/ET pattern in a Big way so let's follow the floW and see where it leads.

In Cast Away Tom crash lands on The Island (a floating paradise/castle?) and finds a World Cup Soccer Ball washed up on the beach.

We find the letters AVP on the front of the Ball.

I mentioned earlier that the new Predators movie (starring Laurence Fishburne aka The Silver Surfer) comes out two days before the World Cup finishes on July 11th.

The AVP on Tom Hanks' Soccer Ball entrains with the 2004 movie AVP.

Not long into the AVP movie the Predator Mother Ship, cloaked and invisible, moves out from behind the dark side of the MooN.

It takes aim and fires a beam of blue light into the eartH.

If we imagine this Blue Beam^ as the hand on a clock, we can see that the Midnight Hour points to Contact with our Higher Self/Kosmic Khrist/ET/MoM/PoP.

The Predators Blue Beam opens up a perfectly round Sink Hole in the Ice.

Like in the War of the World movie, or Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer, the Sink Hole is a sign that a God has rETurned.

A group of explorers descend into the Abyss and when they arrive at the centre they find a lost and forgotten Pyramid.

They climb the stairway and arrive at the entrance to the Predator Temple. In front of the doorway the leader of the expedition, a female character named Woods (resonating the Ti69er), pauses to check her compass.

Judging from the compass bearings we could say that the Sink Hole explorers have now aligned with Jupiter both above and below.

One of the members of the group accidentally steps on a pressurized pad and the dormant MounTIN suddenly springs into life.

As a result everyone turns Gold.

Predator PoP, with his All-Seeing Eye, can now get a closer look at the Sink Hole explorers who dared enter his sacred training ground.

The Predator, a technologically advanced ET equivalent of the ancient Mayan Sun God Quetzalcoatl, prepares for his return.

Deep inside the MounTIN the explorers stumble across the Mayan Calendar.

They discover a stone sarcophagus which has three wheels built into it.

The Mayan expert reveals that the three wheels correspond to the days, months and years.

He notices that the wheels are currently set to the year 1904, exactly 100 years ago (the movie was released in 2004), and asks "What is todays date?"

Woods (resonating the Ti69er) replies "October 10th".

The Mayan explorer confirms this by saying "10, 10, 2004".

He then uses his Jupiter finger to change the date to 10/10/2004

Having arrived at the Heart of Jupiter MounTIN the head of the Predator, with it's illuminated 3rd eye, slides open to reveal their prize.

This alignment wakes up MoM and she emerges from her Underworld.

With the Queen released from her prison the lighning-struck Tower signals the end of one era...

...and the risE of another.

Cloud City?

Armed with Tridents...

...the War of the World Cup gets underway.

Kevin: Beutiful work eeveryone. Sounding the Trump-ET. The 21st Trump the Aeon or the Last Judgement.

The Sounding of the TrumpET is most siginificant in the Contact scenes of
"War of the Worlds".

Compare "The Day the Earth Stood Still" with the Last JUdgement Tarot Card.

Notice how the Cars resonate the Coffins that the bodies leave on the Last Judgement Tarot Card above. This represents the TrempETs Wake up call,calling souls back into theyre bodies, the wake up call, to wake into the Awe of the Now.

Crowley had his own rendition of the "Last Judgement Tarot Card, His Version of the 21st Tarot card, Roman Numeral 20 or X X. 24-42 and or X as in The Wheel of Fortune-Jupiters Tarot card Roman numeral X or 10- Completion. Anywhoo, lets take note of the Aquarius bands on Nuits wrists and ankles as she bends over the Child-God Hoor-pa Kra krat or Horus, the Godhead of the New Aeon.

Second in importance as far as The Aeonic aspect of Crowleys infuence on Tarot would be the Astroligical card of Aquarius which features the same Lady of the Stars and infinite space seen bent into an Omega in the above tarot card "The Aeon". But here she is seen in the 17th Major Trump Card, "The Star", she is pouring the Aquarian Urns or Star-Cups Capturing and pouring the Cosmic Milk of the Stars and Beyond into the Now.

Aleister Crowley, a very prominent public Contactee with ETs, who actually taught the methods of attaining Contact* with ones own personal ruling ET called "The Holy Guardian Angel" or "Higher Self", Spiritual self, or Avatar. Crowley documented his contact with a Minister of the Head ET of Earth in the New Age, the Minister was named AIWASS. Crowley wrote this beings words and drew an image of it, 40 years previous to the common eras "Grey" Aliens with big heads, Crowley drew a perfect rendition of a Modern Contactee sketch.

Crowleys Tarot Card for the "Last Judgement" was called "The Aeon" referencing his declared new Age(analagous with Aquarius) called the "Aeon of the Child". This theme of Contact and Birthing of a New Age can also be found in 2010 the Year we make Contact.

ALso: I was eyeing June 6th because of its Jupiter/Uranus (Aquarian planet) Alignment, and it turns out on the 5th There was a Spiral much like the one in Norway last year in the Skies of Australia. These Spirals look very much alike the Spiral on The Star or Aquarius Tarot card too.

more to Add soon. Beutiful work everyone! <3 <3 <3


  1. Great post guys. I particularly like the spots connection. Amazing work.

    Here's today's news:


    "A University of South Florida research vessel confirmed oil as far as 3,300 feet below the surface 42 miles northeast of the site and 142 miles southeast, Lubchenco said at a briefing, joined by Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, who's monitoring the spill response for the government."

    Amazing numbers. You get both the 42 and 142 connection to the BP spill along with another 33.

    A local nyc newspaper ran a photo of a "research" ship at the BP spill that was called "Freeman33." I have a picture of it here:

    my word verification is "dievoig" - diving/die/void

  2. lots to process, great stuff as usuual , but i particularly liked the red hand on the football ,which went without explanation and resonates with my last post

  3. So good my alien friends. Game on!

  4. damn I hate to be the one to point this out Rich cuz it's great flow, but Wilson (Son of the Will! Will Power, Externalized Will ...) is actually a "Volleyball".

    Which still does go with the "V" / Visitor, alien intelligence contact sub theme.


  5. Personally, I always saw Cast Away as the human need to anthropomorphize objects and forces as a way allay the general isolation and loneliness of the human condition. We recognize the forces active around our daily lives but give them human characteristics to make them easier to categorize, assimiliate and process. (The Egyptians are probably most famous for this) And sometimes we even go so far as to put a human face to them and make them our buddy (or sometimes our scapegoat)

    But another, albeit slightly off-theme cool sync from 2000's "Cast Away" (and Wilson) was Tom's Later role in "Charlie WILSON's War" (2007).


  6. Amazing. Simply Amazing.

    I remember catching the 42 on the AVP character's compass, but 723 as well? grrreat. i should point out that Aliens Vs Predator stars Sanaa Lathan, one of my hollywood crushes, becuz, y'know, she's fine. Sanaa reflects Neytiri from Avatar by being the black woman warrior -an atypical role in its own right- and joining forces with the "alien".

    I just watched The Astronaut's Wife and The Time Traveler's Wife, both of which speak to "intimate" visitor contact with the goddess...

  7. I'm always astounded by your work, Richard. A bloody shakespeare w/ sync is what you are. I'm blessed to merely be associated with you.
    thanks and love.

  8. Richard! WOW to say the very least,thanks man! Beutiful organic flow here. This just opened a sinkWhole new can of Wormholes. The world Cup/War of the Worlds image, incredible, that movie affected me super strongly, and I was recently talking about it with a freind of course hehe. Jake beutiful work as well brother, cant wait to hang with you soon! Wheew. Sometimes theres no words!
    :) <3

  9. RA, Jake (and all),

    here's the Strange Eye blog latest article...
    WAKA WAKA - SHAKIRA and the 2010 FIFA World Cup"


  10. So, I saw this yesterday and it reminds me of the empire Strikes Back poster:

    and those TRUMPET sound scenes from War of the Worlds are eerily reminiscent to me of the first Jurassic Park movie...another spielberg hit.

    And I just watched The Time Machine which essentially has the same plot as Predators when you get down to it.

    Why do you think all this dark imagery is surfacing? What about our divine connection with reality?? I personally feel more on the defense these days from darkness.

  11. Figure 8- I think what we can perceive as darkness is only a hazyness in undertanding the purpose of these reflections, most anything even seemingy bad can also be symbolic of something waiting to be corrected and realized. This darkness/depth/hazyness flow could be connected to Neptunes retrograde this past month too, astrologically Neptune is associated of the depths of the unconsious and things beyond the known and such. Its all part of the process of realizing everything. I would say no thing to fear, these things tell us to look deeper into these aspects of ourselves so we can know them and not fear them. Theres a cool litte article on Neptune here


    Be very well everyone, much love! <3

  12. This place just keeps on giving.

    The World Cup vs. the WOW poster stuns.

    Thanks, g8gr8s.

  13. just realised a sync with W.W. resonance i was feeling and a connwction i made from White Wolves to Way out West on a WOW tip

  14. Trumpets, you said?


    Google 'vuvuzelas'.

  15. G8Gr8s. I dropped a 3rd pink one after reading this. This pink floW is pretty strong.

    About to birth the 4th!

    Love to all