Tuesday, September 21, 2010

glass house - Secret Rita

am i about to do something petty? Because, you know what they say. . .

actually, I'm about do do another fucking 3 kings post.

Glass House? The nuance behind the glass house has to do with the transparent fact of The NOW. In the mid 90's, sincerity was not cool. Sarcasm, and irony provided one with distance--an aloofness, to protect one's cool. One's image (form) was highly groomed and maintained. Everything was a reflection upon one's image.

NOW, our technology has opened us UP. We reveal more and more. . .

What's my fucking deal? I think about this often. I'm compelled to explore a philosophy, and it rings, now. It is transparent enough to lead me to the next part. As such, I'm not creating "normal" sync posts much lately. Perhaps this post will elucidate this some, perhaps not.

I've become somewhat of a student of the whole. That is, I've turned my gaze inward. In my early years of sync, I looked upon the dream, and "reality" and saw pattern. Lately I've looked at The Whole, to see those same patterns manifest--part of this is understanding those of us who have been called and compelled to make their lives transparent for The NOW. Perhaps the philosophy is necessary. . .

needs heart to balance intellect. . .

needs to overcome his fear and die. . .

he needs mind to understand the dream. . .

needs to wake up and bring us home. . .

The best model to embody this philosophy that I've been exploring for the better part of this year, has been a tree. It communicates the wholeness of the parts. (I think I'm moving beyond this though, in favor of a new model that explains The NOW much better, perhaps that's the end of the post though. . . . or the beginning?)

So how do we get at the equation 3 =1? Something that had been a "problem" for me, and part of the impetus for this line of thought is the notion that Winnipeg = truth. My rational reasoning mind figured. . . Winnipeg = truth. I live in Boise. Winnipeg ≠ Boise. My life is a lie. And that was harsh, but that is logic for you.

Twitter is teaching me that like in The Matrix, there is only The City. In The NOW, The City is same. Those of us who dwell in the city, dwell in the heart of being. Earth is the heart of being as well. Often, however, we feel the need to leave the city either to visit The Wasteland/Ocean or The Forrest. It is an integrating process that bridges our societal duality. Modernity created The City apart from nature, and it is this perceived separateness that is killing the planet. The NOW and its mystical (not logical) solution is going integrate the three kingdoms of being bringing The Forrest & The Wasteland into The City. My brain wants to understand this notion, but it's not "brain" thing.

Speaking of brains. . . This morning, after dropping little Buddha off at school, and while running my Jupiter dog in the hills, I finally took in my own kingdoms. Should I make my glass house a little more transparent?

So there they are, my three jobs.
The UPper photo is my money job. It is where I work. ( I honestly can't believe that it should occupy the "Heaven" slot.) I suppose I will have to justify this somehow.

Home is where the heart is. Notice my house number on the middle image: 1809. It is my number and a huge sync in my life. That number recently helped me over the rational duality of my life being a lie.

The lowest image

--just had a flash about my tree

As I try and "place" things into categories, the "spinning" () of The NOW illustrates the shortcomings of a rational description, or breaking into parts, the now unified whole. . . The Brain is one?

The Hemispheres of the brain mirror one another. Left is pop. Right is Mom. God & The Devil. Heaven and Hell.

The lowest image above represents The Sync Whole. My work at The Whole and at my money job mirror each other. I suppose it was when I noticed the alignment of my kingdoms, that my posts began to become more personal. I can't separate the dream from me anymore. What I'm doing as the dream happens, is the same thing. And this is further illustrated, in that those of us making our houses more transparent, seem to do such similar things all at the same time. The weekend Jupiter was smashed, Jim & Jake were in Ceremony and I was in retreat in Seattle. Just recently, Jim & Jake at the lake = me at the lake. Jim & I also were both in an alignment of liberty on Labor Day & on The 4th.

I suppose this is the reason, why I've become a student of the brain lately. A student of The Whole. My gaze lately has been focused not at the larger world of sync, but at the synkings. Funny too, I recall a desire after I had taken a sync lap, (a trip around the sun), to get into harder science to see if I couldn't bring a little peanut butter into my chocolate. See I am a child of divorce--alone since my mom and pop split. That's what I've been doing this Tiger--seeing if I can't get mom and dad talking again.

maybe I've droned on enough? I've tired of trying to fit things in boxes, when after all, it all spins. . . The NOW happens.

This is NOW. Everyone is following and Everyone is leading. The organism is whole.

i am creator and created and creating. all at once. kinda simplifies things, eh?

not reaLly.

in between perception and creation is us, there we Lie, dreaming, wishing... a universe of possibility, of infinity and eternity, all now Here nowhere, in the whole of synk.~toure

"This is one of my favorite things about ants -- the ant death spiral. Actually, it's a circular mill, first described in army ants by Schneirla (1944). A circle of army ants, each one following the ant in front, becomes locked into a circular mill. They will continue to circle each other until they all die."~The Ant Room

notice the flower? it could be perceived as a problem for the ants, but no, it just changes the flow. Everyone leads, Everyone follows. this is sync. it all syncs. this is alignment. a problem is in your mind, let go to the flow and you have no problems. . .

I like Jim's response to my initial desire to make the Death Spiral less dark:

theghostlight @Syncwinnipeg like your read on the ant spiral, wonder though if one couldn't read it opposite as well. . .

theghostlight @Syncwinnipeg thinking that maybe the flow will lead one out of a deadly pattern, or that one can break their programming and find center.

Syncwinnipeg @theghostlight Yes. But I tend to find the sync with what we fear most. Many fear becoming automatons likes ants in a death spiral.

Syncwinnipeg @theghostlight Perhaps this ant death spiral is symbolic of the role alignment with flow can have on ego death/stargate.

Syncwinnipeg @theghostlight I like the Ant Death Spiral because it resonates the Spiral/Black Hole as ANTenna.

I eventually embraced the darkness of the symbol while turning it in my mind, gnoticing how NOW it is. . .

theghostlight of course the spiral is a beautiful strange loop where everyone is leading and everyone is following (iCreate)--a pure symbol of alignment.

so, then. . .

What's my fucking deal?

I look inward. I am conscious.
I am consciousness becoming conscious of consciousness,
watching you watching.
I am a beautiful strange loop
and at the center is nothing.
See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download  the highest resolution version available.
enter the sync whole

I was looking at this poster for an upcoming Diane Lane film and realized Secretariat is Secret Tiara or Crown. That was somewhat interesting as the movie is about a famous horse (Secretariat) who becomes the first in 25 years to win the U.S Triple Crown, a series of three Thoroughbred horse races.

It's the kind of thing I imagine people who write about sync notice all day and just gets tagged in the brain for future reference (or briefly mentioned on twitter) should something bring it up again or become associated in some other interesting way. Often they just seem to vanish.. Sometimes They Come Back.
Recently we saw that Tom Robbins escapes via portal, dug in his prison cell, hidden behind a poster of Raquel Welch. I wrote a post about it because I happened to see it the day after her birthday, the same day a fireball was spotted over Colombia.
Rita's Secret: The Rabbit Whole

The original lady covering his Rabbit Whole however is Rita Hayworth, most famous for her role in Gilda, where she does an iconic whipping of her hair as her head pops onto the screen, when we meet her for the first time. The trailer for the film starts this way and this moment is highlighted by Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption as his favorite part.

Tiara is also Rita which means Secretariat can become Secret Rita. This seemed quite random and pointless which is always a very good sign.

In Hollywoodland Toni Mannix (Diane Lane from Secretariat), the wife of MGM studio executive Eddie Mannix (Bob Hoskins), is about to greet Rita Hayworth.
Bob Hoskin's, husband of Diane Lane in Hollywoodland, spies on Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Writer Gary K. Wolf had based Jessica primarily on the cartoon character Red of Tex Avery's Red Hot Riding Hood.[1][2] According to animation director Richard Williams, other inspirations are Lauren Bacall, Rita Hayworth in Gilda (1946), and Veronica Lake (noted for her famous "Peek-A-Boo" hairstyle).[3]
Wikipedia Jessica Rabbit

Right now I am fascinated by the connection hair/hare(rabbit).

Diane Lane greets Rita, famous for her hair entrance in Gilda, who inspires Jessica Rabbit while Diane is married to Bob Hoskins...

Opportunistic and down on his luck Ben Affleck, as the future star of television's Adventures of Superman George Reeves, tries to sneak into an imminent photo op with Rita.
He is trying to catch some of her star power for himself as his acting career is going down hill.
Lane, his soon to be lover, spots his grift.

Ben is playing out Virgo/Nun (23 August – 23 September) with his highly praised The Town.
The Glass House is one of two films released on the weekend following 911 2001: A Space Odyssey , marker of the emergency C-section which has brought consciousness into form, fully birthed in 2010: The Year We Make Contact.

See Wikipedia 2001 In Film, Wide-release Movies
The only other wide release film on the weekend after the Twin Towers collapsed was Hardball.
What sticks out about these films, given the context mentioned above, is the presence of Diane Lane in both said movies.

The Hair crowns the head and is the Secret Tiara.

Peace In = Peace Out

In Never Been Kissed Drew Barrymore befriends Leelee Sobieski, the Star of The Glass House.
DB/42 goes to her prom as a Princess and is crowned as Queen with her Tiara.
She takes to the dance floor as Prom Queen and the Tiara and Rabbit strange attract.
Leelee shows up with her nerdish posse as part of a Double Helix DNA (dna/pan/whole) strand.
The coiling Hair wave and the Helix share resonance.


  1. Perfect synchronous timing ISH!
    I was just tweeting about http://twitpic.com/2qobqq
    and the WHALE and the INTREPID Sailboat in South Africa

    ... and there's ISHMAEL!


  2. I haven't read yet, but I think I may have to just cause I like the visual composition.


  3. Hey, fellow syncher. I'm travelling northwest right now and I'll be heading thru Boise in a few weeks. I've been interested in meeting others who live thru synchronicity for a while now. If you want to get a cup of coffee and chat while I'm there, let me know.


  4. AF8
    sounds lovely. been waiting for someone to come and sync in with my boy see.
    let me know when you have dates and I'll see what I can do.


  5. Hi Ish, I'm reminded that the Parent Trap was all about getting Mom and Pop back together. It took twins, who were actually played by the same person. Nice post.

  6. Check out the second vid that goes with the ants. Russian death metal? Too many pesticides eh? Too much medicine will make the mind wander, no? Dennis

  7. As was mentioned, I live in Boise, so, I recognize exactly where that first photo is from. Actually, it makes this whole post really freakin' weird. More so since I just made a post about the Wasteland. The answer to the Grail Question is: "the Grail serves all." But how to begin?

    Yes, but he will, in his own city; though probably not in his native country, unless by some divine accident.

    ‘You mean that he will be a citizen of the ideal city, which has no place upon earth.’

    But in heaven, I replied, there is a pattern of such a city, and he who wishes may order his life after that image. Whether such a state is or ever will be matters not; he will act according to that pattern and no other...
    (Plato, The Republic)

  8. Kidder:
    I didn't read the images w/out the text until your prompting, and yes they do tell an interesting story--albeit not one I consciously composed. Curious thing, being.

    by all means contact me eunusnoe@gmail.com
    by looking so deeply at the watchers I've missed much good stuff and have been oblivious to much good sync happening out there. Can't believe I haven't seen you work until just now.
    seems like we share many similar inspirations, I'm an Arthur buff too--and I cary around my copy of Parzival most of the time, though I can't seem to finish it.

    about my kingdoms, it seems strange to put the sync whole as the underworld, but we deal with the dream, the right hemisphere.
    Work is such a Left hemisphere activity, but hardly a "heaven" resonator.

    depending on the day--they could flip quite easily. I know "working" often feels like hell, while the work I do here in the blogosphere feels more like "heaven" to me. . .

    thank you all for your responses
    I wondered if this wasn't possibly too fringe for "the fringe of the fringe", but this goofy post is accumulating gravity. (the ti69er continues.)
    enjoy the moonshine!