Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Sunless City Built on Rock: Opening the StarG8 via Patricia Arquette

Tomorrow on the Equinox and beginning of Libra I head on Calm Air to the Northern Mantioba town of FLIN FLON.

The town is named after a character in a book called THE SUNLESS CITY.

Flin Flon is short for Josiah FLINTabbatey FlonaTIN. The prospector who goes into the bottomless lake in a submarine and finds a city ruled by women, streets made of gold, tin as currency. He is a bachelor so he escapes out of a crater of an old volcano.

Here is a classic Canadian short film by the National Film Board about Flin Flon and how it got it's peculiar name. I remember it from seeing it on TV as a child.

The cartoonist Al Cap designed a version of Flin Flon which is a now a statue in the town.

While in Flin Flon I will get the chance to edit "Hair Peace" the next Radio8Balll collaboration with Kotze starring Patricia Arquette.

Patricia is a Portal of Balance/Libra.

Jake tells me Flin Flon sounds like the movie City of Ember. Which is about a sunless city. I just downloaded it and I plan to watch the torrent during my Calm Air flight tomorrow afternoon.

Which is curious as the poster highlights the letter E with a lighting bolt and E is the 5th letter of the alphabet and the 5th planet from the sun (which is also a really big 5 right now high in the fall sky). The lightning bolt is a symbol of Jupiter. All of which was an inspiration of this Channel No. 5 collage I did last week.

And this is still the month of Step EMBER.

OCTOBER stands out from the other two Ember Months (NovEMBER & decEMBER).

October is an anagram for: TO BE ROC.

Who the heck knows what lays ahead.

Will report in.

Peach In Peach Out



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  2. Love it Love it!

    Cool culture sync is that Jay Leno on Sept-EMBER 22 (Equinox) had guest Ryan Reynolds and Betty White.

    Canadian Ryan Reynolds (Born OCTOBER 23! Last day of LIBRA) is portraying DC Comics' Green Lantern in the upcoming movie!

    See the Green Lantern Logo which is similar to the LIBRA symbol.

    Actually more of a |O| (Holy Saints John) on edge but since symbols have many meanings, the meaning in this case is synced to LIBRA by the date of Ryan's (a LIBRAn) appearance (9/22/10).


  3. Well...Well... wouldn't you know it?!?

    GREEN Festival in Washington DC on 10/23/2010
    (Ryan Reynolds' BDay [Green Lantern] and last day of Judgement/LIBRA, 10.23.10)

    10 into 5 [2+3]?

    Another nice pop culture sync to Green Lantern character by DC Comics.


  4. Betty White = B W = 2 2-3 = 2-2-3

    Meteorite day = Sept.5 + 28 days = Oct.3 + 28 days = Oct.31

    Sept.5 --> Oct.23 = 48 days = 2 X 24

    48/56 =
    ... implosion, toroidal mathematics, Marko R. & Nassiem H.

    Oct.23,2010 = 10-23-2010 = 12/3\21 = 3/3E\E

    Peace Love Light Truth
    (- ;
    ; -)

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