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Here is a post that I started a couple of months ago, intended as a bigger "The Blob" entry. I have totally lost the flow with it and have been working on Twitter, Sync Whole and Patricia Arquette instead. Fast, short pieces are far more in rhythm with the current state of affairs, I feel.Seeing as it syncs with 2Pac and that this is the anniversary of his death, I am putting it out here, just so it can see the light of day instead of permanently fading away. Very incomplete, so for good or ill...

Peace in & Rest in Peace 2Pac.

"Hides the eyes beneath the bill of the cap" Atmosphere - Party For The Fight To Write
Tupac, 2Pac (or often simply Pac) makes the W for West coast in this iconic image of the famous rapper, shot down in his prime, becoming a legend. Many consider him the Top rapper ever, thus the Cap (a summit or top, as of a mountain) which is fitting as caP is Pac backwards. To Pac is To Cap or Crown.
This theme repeats perfectly with Pac-Man. Pac Man and the rapper Man called Pac. Pac-Man entrains further with paC as also a Cap. The circular yellow perpetual eater's negative space or mouth forms a Capstone shape. A Capstone is the top triangular stone of a Pyramid just like the famous 1 dollar bill, with its all seeing eye, a radiating Capstone.
We can imagine Pac-Man as looking like a yellow rising or setting sun behind a pyramid making him resonate the shining dollar bill pyramid eye with even more sync clarity.
Below is Tom Cruise's Mello Yello racing car in Days of Thunder.
It has the same motif described above with Pac-Man, a yellow sun behind triangular shape, in this example a mountain.
A similar affect is seen on the Paramount logo, a blue C or Arch shape behind a triangular mountain. Paramount again points to words like Cap and Top meaning "chief in importance or preeminent"paramount significance." Clearly the Arch and C resonate the Cap.
Just like the arch of stars creates a C shape on the Paramount logo this Masonic tracing board above has a arch way displaying the dome of the heavens with its Zodiac associations. The sky is another Cap and is Crowned by the Keystone residing in the Star Constellation of Cancer.
Cancer is the Crab or the Lobster. We see Lady GaGa capped by the Lobster Hat. This is absolutely perfect as GaGa has the two G's which can resemble the sign of Cancer.
Above we see how the Cancer/69/GG resonates the primary duality or Yin Yang. The whole drama of Self and Other united in Being. The I that knows Am or I Am. i!
We see Ice Cube wearing a Baseball Cap on the poster for Boys N the Hood. The Baseball Cap is crowns our heads just like the dome of the sky crowns our planet.
HOOD, H=8 O=15 O=15 D=4, 8+15+15+4=42 Thus Hood = 42 The Answer to Life The Universe and Everything and Jupiter.

Hood - seen in Boys N the Hood associating with the Cap - is a place but its is also another name for headgear that crowns. Hood = 42, the number of Heavenly father Jupiter, showing how the Hood/Cap is the Top.

The Baseball Cap has a Bill, the part that sticks out and looks like a Birds Beak.

Some meanings of Bill via the dictionary:
the parts of a bird's jaws that are covered with a horny or leathery sheath; beak.
the visor of a cap or other head covering.

We see that Bill, Cap and Beak are interchangeabill. Funny enough a Bill is also a Bank Note like the Capstone featuring One Dollar Bill.
The ancient Egyptians had a thing for Bird Beaks and even there Pyramid building Thoth has the prominent Sacred Ibis Beak. Great association as Thoth, a creature with a Beak/Bill/Cap, would have made the Pyramid with its Capstone.

Further as b=p a beak becomes a peak. beak=peak is the same as saying bill=cap.
King Tut has the Striped Nemes Hood or Cap, which might be referencing the cobras Hood also seen at his Third Eye position.
Indiana Jones, a man obsessed with his Fedora Hat, encounters the Hooded Cobra. The Hat and the Hood go together, quite obviously.

Words like Captain show how the Cap is the Top and associates to leader figures.
Johnny Depp is a Captain and Crazy cool Cap Man. A collection of his Caps/Hoods/Hats at The Sync Whole.
Depp as Mad Top Hatter literally becoming what his ubiquitous hat wearing resonance has been aiming at all these years , a Mad Hat Man.
Woody points UP with his Jupiter Index finger at his Crown/Hat/Cap.
The Crown is just a variation of the Cap, representing the Top ONE or King.
Religious iconography depict saints and gods with highlighted tops via halos and such.
Alex Grey shows us a gorgeous vivified subtle body crown. The meditating human form is a pyramid with the capstone being the head and its crown. Note how the radiating golden lotus behind Namaste again looks like Pac-Man.
Pac-Man was originally called Puck Man.
Puck is a mischievous mythological creature looking allot like Pan the Goat God

In Sync Whole Post The World PUC I go into how the 2010 Soccer World CUP resonates Puck as CUP is PUC.
I like to think of the Dark Man on the Logo for the World CUP as PUC.
Liam Neeson crowned by the Tin Man's funnel cap.

We have seen that PAC-Man was Puck Man meaning PUC and PAC are interchangeable. PUC is CUP and PAC is CAP making the CUP and the CAP also interchangeable. There is an amazing elegance at work here...
CAP=PAC or the Capstone and Top theme expressed above as a triangle pointing UP. PAC contains the A that looks like what the words expresses, the UP theme..
PUC=CUP expressed above as a Triangle pointing down. CUP has the centered U/V shape that expresses the CUP or below theme..

This is expressed in another little symmetry the PIT and the TIP. PIT is a CUP or below and TIP is a CAP or above, amazing, silly..

When the CUP and CAP are united they form the Star.
Aaron Eckhart gets the Bill atop his crown.
The duck or duc which can become puc if you flip the p/d has the bill/beak/peak. Above is the Duck and JC Reilly in Hard Eight sayin "4+38".
Jessica Alba, also featured on the Meet Bill poster, displays the looser L at DB Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed. This is often placed on the forehead, just like the Meet Bill poster.
Alba is currently in Machete which opened on 3 September.
And associates with the fire of SeptEMBER via Fantastic Four.
Alba is Sartana in Machete. Richard highlights the ANT in sANTa which would also be in sArTaNa and fANTastic.
Noticed this ANT, written in blood, in Idle Hands. Can't remember why right now and don't have the time to check..
But its a film with Alba so it syncs nicely.

Another way of looking at Pac is Pack aka group of canines, or a group in general.
Like Christopher Loyd talking about Piranha as a Pack in Piranha 3D.

toure' time:
(can i cut in?)


Funny how the actor CHRIS EVANS plays both JOHNNY STORM aka THE HUMAN TORCH in the fANTastic 4 ...

as well as STEVE ROGERS aka CAPTAIN AMERICA in the 2011 release Captain America: The First Avenger.

Captain America is also commonly known as CAP.

Jessica Alba plays SUE STORM sister of The Human Torch aka Cap.

The Fiery Cap Man (Chris Evans) also is seen below in the poster for the movie PUSH.

His powers seem to generate from his hands circular waves that create a Double Rainbow effect with a Vesica Piscis centre.

One Push can change everything.


Wow, love this image Toure. The Hood/42 and fire.
Author Stieg Larsson - and his Millennium Trilogy books that became popular Swedish films, likely to be remade into english versions - helps us connect fire and hair.
We note that just like the hood crowns, so does hair. Hair is also the flaming Cap. Hair/Flame is a physical manifestation of the subtle body reality.
The flaming Cap Sun Star WE/ME are realizing we already are.

(Link to vid if the bad cropping of Blogger format bugs you..)

Here is the next installment in the film series "The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest" with highlighted punk hair.
FLAME=FEMALE and we see flame's associating very well with the female Noomi Rapace in this series. We already saw the flame as Human Torch attracted to Jessica Alba (Torch being her brother) in Fantastic Four.
Selma Blair is Liz in Hellboy, a female who can control the flame.
The word HOT of HOTEL entrains here with her hot hand.
The words our culture use to describe females have always displayed this relationship of fire to woman.
The Beach has been a big sync for a while and a popular play on words is calling the beach a bitch. "Life's a Beach/Bitch". We TAN/ANT under the Hot sun at the Beach/Bitch.
Moms sacred flame burns up the world/form/attachment until only that which can never be created or destroyed remains.
The unborn eternal Self beyond all flux.
September is Step-EMBER, the Step of the FLAME/FEMALE.
Phoenix & Scarlet Step(ember)mother help us Trade World for Center.

Take the fiery Step towards Center.


  1. Nice. Will add to this for sure. Alpha Omega opens Friday September 17th. On the eve of Yom Kippur.

  2. Love it Jim.

    Great add Toure!
    Was just looking deeper into "Ricci", here...


  3. Made the above post comment, flipped on my TV...
    TV was already tuned to NBC...
    There's Christina Ricci on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon!
    She's promoting the play she's in called
    "Time Stands Still"


  4. Herne the Hunter has Ant-lers atop his head. This article ties many gods together nicely: The Great Horned God

  5. Playing with An ibad at apple store after school with little buddha

  6. Not really Larry either
    Call me dj Ishmael

  7. It's getting weird... No sooner than I see it and am trying to figure it out, it is explained here perfectly. I like the Girl who Played with Fire poster reminds me of Train Your Dragon's.

  8. Your posts are brilliant.
    Channel #5 with Coco below.
    Coco Chanel's fragrance is Chanel No. 5
    Coco Chanel quoted as saying: "Don't spend time beating against a wall, hoping to transform it into a door."
    Beside Coco is Igor. Igor is now beginning to pound Bermuda. The Bermuda Triangle has a corner located in Florida at Coral Castle. Check out CC and the symbolism there. Many 6 pointed stars/Seal of Solomon contained within Sun imagery. Much Masonic symbolism too i.e. massive square. Look inside the tool room there. A circular device (anti-gravity?) with 24 magnets around circumference. Emulating your image of meditating human form with 24 rays emanating from central Sun.


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