Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Lady of Nisan - A Fiery Birth [GO]

This weekend I went to West Hawk Lake where Jim Sander's family has a log cabin.
West Hawk Lake was formed by a meteor impact..
The sign explaining this proclaims "A Fiery Birth"
I enjoyed giving my friends big flaming hairdos with it..
Adjacent signs explain how legend has it the meteor came from Draco and how Pop Jupiter sucks up many wayward asteroids thus protecting the Earth.
My camera numbers this one - of Jim pionting his Jupiter index finger at Jupiter's orbit - 214 aka the number of Jupiter.

On Saturday night we participated in an Ayahyasca ceremony.

Jim was using an Egg Cup with rabbits/hares/hairs as the vessel from which we drank the Cosmic Wine Sacrament.

A female friend of mine, directly beside me during the proceedings, had a very powerful experience. She was having potent convulsions and spasms, throughout her entire body, for about 2 hours. At some points she sounded like she was talking in tongues and the whole thing resembled a powerful trans like spontaneous religious ecstasy. The real thing.. no doubt.

Jim was doing a great job of helping her work through it, allowing the energy/spirit to flow and trusting the process without fear. Something was being birthed through her with fire like intensity.
After she said that she was not afraid of what was happening and was present regardless of being taken over by the phenomena.

The big film opening in theaters this weekend was The Last Exorcism

The trailer sees a very similar situation to the one I experienced this weekend as a woman is taken over by powerful forces.
The mention of fire in the trailer reminds me of West Hawk Lake's "A Fiery Birth".
Sunday 29 August and today 30 August saw Indonesian mount Sinabung (Elevation 2,460 m) erupt.

KABANJAHE, Indonesia (AFP) - An Indonesian volcano spewed a vast cloud of smoke and ash high into the air on Monday, disrupting flights and sending thousands more people into temporary shelters.

Airlines were warned to avoid remote Mount Sinabung in northern Sumatra as it erupted for a second day after springing to life for the first time in four centuries.

Yahoo News

The fiery mountain erupting entrains with the birthing at West Hawk Lake on the same weekend.

SINA echoes NISAN and validates the download that NISAN/VIRGO is pregnant with 2010 StarChild, as discussed in previous post.

Nisan is a Spring month that we associated to the fertility of the Virgin of Virgo.

SINA/NISAN is springing (hopping/hare/rabbit/Easter/fertility) to life.

Jim wrote this in response to a tweet that SINA is NISAN:
@Seallion The Volcano erupting is part of the Ring of Fire. The Ring is Fire is also the name for a woman's womb when giving birth.

The Virgin is Pregnant and giving birth via the ring of fire.

The Ayahuasca experience of my lady friend felt like a fractal of the planetary birthing of Consciousness via the Virgo Birth Canal echoed by the eruption.

Further entraining with his theme of "A Fiery Birth" is this tweet by Sacred Science
The 4 Eagle burner day has given birth to the star child. Peace is on it's way!
That would be referring to yesterday, 29 August, the same day Mount Sinabung erupted. 29 August was a 4 Eagle Burner Day in the Mayan calender.
Saw the word "springbok" on Jim's King Tut (the Boy King (Big Baby) with the Big Hair) puzzle. This is not in my experience a common word to see in Canada but does resonate with me as a South African. The springbok is the national animal of South Africa and you see hundreds any time you visit one of the animal parks.
My attention is attracted to the animal further by appearing a second time on Jim's canoe.

I like that the spring resonates the fertile rabbits hop and mount Sinabung springing into life.
Reading up on Springbok at Wikipedia does reveal a connection between Canada and the animal:
During the Second Boer War, a Boer force attempting to sneak up on the Royal Canadian Dragoons was defeated after their movements startled the nearby springbok, thus alerting the Canadian sentries. This is why the Dragoons have the Springbok as their cap badge and as their mascot.
Wiki Springbok National Symbol
I love how this then also entrains with the mention of the meteor that created West Haw Lake as being from Draco.
Matt Damon the Springbok, name of the SA Rugby team.
Matt in Courage Under Fire
Damon in the upcoming Adjustment Bureau based on a Philip K. Dick short story "Adjustment Team".

Richard posted this image below on Twitter as I was working on this post, also connecting The Last Exorcism and Fire.
The last time Sinabung erupted was the year 1600.
This is the same year Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for heretical cosmological and religious views.

Bruno believed the universe was infinite and that the stars were suns like our own, no doubt altering humanities entire relationship to the universe and adjusting our path towards the birthing of the StarChild.


Tonight I was flicking through the TV channels and 'accidentally' landed on the movie Jerry Maguire directed by Cameron Crowe. I hadn't seen this movie in many years so decided to check it out for old times sake.

Near the end of the movie Tom Cruise is waiting to catch a flight when he walks past a clock displaying the jovial numbers 4:21.

The camera then transitions to a shot of sleeping actress Renee Zellweger who plays Tom Cruises love interest.

In the movie Zellweger plays a character named (DB/42) Dorothy Boyd.

A few minutes later the action takes place inside Sun Devil Stadium, the home of the Arizona Cardinal football team. This is where Tom Cruises one remaining client, played by actor Cuba Gooding Jr, is to perform in the biggest game of his career. It's make or break time for the young Cardinal/Phoenix.

In the final seconds of the game Cuba scores the winning touchdown but receives a crunching tackle in the process.

Dallas Cowboy #42 is partly responsible for knocking Cuba unconscious.

The crowd goes silent as the medics rush onto the pitch to survey the damage.

After a few nervous moments Cuba wakes up and leaps to his feet as he realizes that he's just won the most important game of his life.

Cuba, in the role of Rod Tidwell, becomes the Star he's always dreamed of becoming and everyone lives happily ever after.

If we rewind and take another look at actress Renee Zellweger we find that she has a firey connection via her character Bridget Jones.

The names Bridget and Brigid both mean "Exalted One".

A quick wiki search on the Pagan Goddess Brigid revealed that another meaning of her name was Breo-saighit, a fiery arrow."

Bridget/Brigid has the fire connection so it makes syncsense that she also has something in common with possessions/exorcisms:

Maman Brigitte, one of the Lwa of Haitian Voodoo, may be a form of Brigid. It is likely that the concept came to the New World through the Irish who were kidnapped, enslaved and forced to labor in the Caribbean alongside the enslaved Africans.[5] Because of the intermarriage and cultural blending between the Irish and Africans, it is possible that Haitian Voodoo is partially influenced by survivals of Celtic polytheism.[6]
Maman Brigitte is worshipped as the Lady of the Cemetery; her colors are purple, violet and black. She is the wife of Baron Samedi, and characterised as a hard working, hard cursing woman who can swear a blue streak and enjoys a special drink made of rum laced with 21 hot peppers. People suspected of faking a possession by her may be asked to drink her special rum or rub hot peppers on their genitals, which she occasionally does. Those who are not truly possessed are soon identified.

Here's another interesting wiki fact:

On February 1 or February 2, Brigid is celebrated at the Gaelic festival of Imbolc, when she brings the first stirrings of spring to the land. Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox Christians, and some Anglicans mark the day as the Feast of Saint Brigid; the festival is also known as Candlemas and Purification of the Virgin.

So to sum this up we can say that Renee Zellweger aligns with the numbers of Jupiter 4:21 in Jerry Maguire and her character Bridget Jones is associated with 'Fiery Arrows', Exorcisms and the Purification of the Virgin/Virgo.

To finish off this update I'll refer back to these words of wisdom:

SINA/NISAN is springing (hopping/hare/rabbit/Easter/fertility) to life.

"In Rod We Trust" originates from classic Simpson's episode "Deep Space Homer". An "inanimate carbon rod" saves Homer and his fellow astronauts from burning up on reentry into Earths atmosphere and ends up on Time magazine titled "In Rod We Trust". I love how this entrains with the fiery theme of this post.
The episode has many references to 2001: A Space Odyssey, the narrative that popularized the concept of humanity as StarChild. Above Homer is the StarChild and a Fox satellite hits him on the head "D'ho!". Its cool to note that Richard often entrains with Fox syncs and that he would write the above Jerry Maguire stuff that leads back here to Fox and StarChild.

Peace In=Peace Out


I too was at the lake with both Jake and Jim, but on the other side from them.

The ceremony I attended was of a rowdier nature. . .

although the result was the same. . .


let's talk a bit shall we? Now, many before have noted the similarity of the microcosm and the macrocosm. I know I've written about it somewhere before as well, but can't seem to locate it right now:

I have thought about the word "union" for years however. . .
ORIGIN late Middle English : from Old French, or from ecclesiastical Latin unio(n-) ‘unity,’ from Latin unus ‘one.’
The word itself of course, lends itself to sync. . . U N Ion (you an Ion). . . U N I On (you and I on). . . U Nion (you anion). . .Un Ion. . .
ion |ˈīən; ˈīˌän|
an atom or molecule with a net electric charge due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons. See also cation , anion .
ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: from Greek, neuter present participle of ienai ‘go.’
"Go" does it for me. It unites the creative and destructive elements (showing that the only difference is our perception) whether it's a comet bringing life to a big blue egg, or a single sperm creating a new life by forming the first cell after the "Big Bang".

Perhaps the Impact Cr[e]ater was actually formed by a "human meteor"

[King] Felix Baumgartner

Richie Bombed!

The word "Baum" contains all of being. And it is this word that is connecting much of my recent sync. No, I'm not talking about the creator of The Dream, Frank L Baum. I am talking about the origin of the word--which is "Tree" in German. So Felix Baumgartner, (born 4/20/69 --WHOL E SHIT!!!!) a human Bomb, who will plummet toward the Egg from 120, 000 feet in the stratosphere [22.7272727 miles] has a name that literally means "Joyful Tree Gardener". A human meteor cr[e]ates life. . .

The "Baum" to which The Royal Tenebaums speaks is also, like Felix Baumgartner, another Divine Invasion:


--it's funny, I "noticed" this issue of Outside magazine because of the line at the top:

"Where To Live Now"

and the answer?

Right Here.

-so glad to share it with you folks. See ya on the flowside!


now GO and Look At All The Happy Creatures and have your mind blown. . .


  1. The day of the Beltane FIRE festival, a FLAMING NISSAN Pathfinder caused Times Square to be evacuated here in NY/OZ.

    Your look at the Easter-resonant 7-11 eclipse overlapped with my look at the WhiteSun at the center of the BP logo. Pentecost, a biblical Ayahyasca ceremony, is also known as Whitsun. It was said to have occurred 50 days after Easter. Well, 50 days out from the Easter-resonant 7-11 eclipse, brings us to today, 8/30. The Pentecost is most commonly identified by FLAMING tongues sprouting from the heads of those experiencing the holy spirit.

    The US open, which begins today, the fire-in-the-mind-resonant 8/30, has a logo which looks EXACTLY like your meteor impact sign.

    (Word verification: OVENop)

  2. It was a good time this weekend. This post has me thinking of how this meteor impact at West Hawk Lake might be connected with the idea that the first humans descended from the heavens at Tie Creek close nearby. Possibly the meteor carried a strand of DNA that survived and started life here.

    Morgan Freeman just put out an 8 part science documentary show called "Through The Wormhole" and in episode five it discusses how living things originated on Earth. Nasa's Stardust spacecraft had previously found amino acids (the building blocks of protein) on a comet and the scientists wanted to see if amino acids could survive an impact with Earth. They performed an experiment that tested whether the amino acids would survive a glancing type of impact with Earth if they were on the comet and the amino acids not only survived the impact, the impact also actually made them more complex on the molecular level.

  3. Sync Waves. Exactly. Good job piecing it together.
    Tie Creek sacred site is connected to the life that came on the west hawk meteor.

    so good to have had you there bro this past weekend.

    love your tweets


  4. You guys do alot of medicine, this post is interesting. When you stir the mind you awake your soul. The beautiful part of any psytropic adventure is what you are left with once it melts into reality. Eugene is still the center of the world! Dealing with life is a virture, dealing with unnessary things is a vice.(Tao) Love, and peace from up-river. Dennis

  5. I love how we all think we live in the center of consciousness. We all do.

    Fascinating synch with Invictus, the name of a CATamaran. It's the month of Leo, and big cats are everywhere. The Fire Head is very reminiscent of some iconic images of Mohammed, who's ground zero mosque is currently in the news.