Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2012: Year of the Fish

Last week I started a new job at a telecommunications callcentre which sits on the outskirts of my hometown in the Highlands of Scotland.

This particular callcentre and me go way back. I first started working there 12 years ago in what was to become my very first full-time job. I stayed for 3 years and then left for 3. I then returned for 3 years before leaving for another 3.

Today I find myself caught up in this same repeating cycle, back in the exact same office I found myself in 12 years ago. When it comes to career opportunities I seem to have got caught up in a loop. I'm a Pisces, so maybe I'm destined to chase my own tail around and around and around...


The reason I'm mentioning this new job is that an unexpected sync lead me to write this post.

While sitting in a training room with 12 other 'newbies', learning about the wonderful world of broadband, I've often found my eyes drifting to a small laminated plaque which sits on the edge of my desk next to my computer monitor. On our very first day of training we were each assigned one of these laminated plaques, told to write our names on it, so that our trainer would have a visual aid when it came to figuring out who was who.

On one side of the plaque there is a logo for the company I'm currently working for and on the opposite side there's a logo for the 2012 London Olympic Games. Whenever there's been a lull in the training I've found myself silently meditating on this image:

A couple of days ago I was sitting staring at the Olympic logo (during a particularly dull topic...yawn) when I noticed that in the very centre of the 2012, lurking within the negative space, there is a Fish.

To me it looks a bit like the shape of an Angel Fish.

After noticing the discreet Angel Fish I started to wonder what it had in common with the year 2012.

While chewing over the 2012/Fish connect I recalled a new Cadbury 2012 Olympics commercial which has been doing the rounds here in the UK. I decided to check it out...

...and surprise surprise. Near the start of the official 2012 Cadbury commerical there is a Swordfish flanked by several Angel Fish.

The Swordfish and Angel Fish are both on the side of the Stripes, which makes me think Sprites, which in turn makes me think Spirits.

Angels are often associated with Spirits.

The Spirits/Stripes are woven through this London 2012 logo.

Spirits united.

At the end of the caDBury commercial we see that a duck/puck seems to come out on top.

At the very end a group of ducks fly over a V which reminds me of the V-shape a gaggle of Geese form when travelling together. V is the point where opposites (the Alpha Omega, Yin Yang, Micro Macro) have merged.

V is a letter which syncs with Jupiter (the 5th Planet) and the Peace symbol.

Check out the previous post for more on the Geese of Peace/Peach.

The late Terrence McKenna talked about our acceleration towards the year 2012 and explained it in terms of a period of time in which every point of consciousness becomes connected to every other point.

I like how 2012 = (2+0+1+2) = 5 = V

Having gone off on a tangent lets bring this back to the Angel Fish via the movie Finding Nemo.

One of the pivotal character who Nemo encounters is an Angel Fish named Gill:

Gill was voiced by Willem Dafoe, an actor who played the role of Jesus Christ in the controversial Scorsese film called The Last Temptation of Christ.

Dafoe has been both Christ and the ANTi-Christ.


While finishing off this post (29.9.10) I happened to check out the official 2012 Cadbury Spots V Stripes website and noticed that there are exactly 666 days to the start of the Olympic Games:
Maybe it's a sign, or a NEMO.

Christ & the ANTi-Christ (two sides of the same coin) seem to sync with 2012: Year of the Angel Fish.

Christ the Fisher King

Willem Dafoe has played the role of an Angel Fish so it makes sync-sense that we find him in a movie called Faraway, So Close which features a prominent Angel on its poster:

This particular Angel looks like Hermes the Golden Boy.

2012 =

Year of the Angel Fish

Year of the Golden Boy

Year of the Golden Fish

V = ANTenna

In Flight of the Intruder we see Willem Dafoe inside the V.

In the movie Dafoe plays the role of a character named Lt. Cmdr. Virgil 'Tiger' Cole.

The Delhi Commonwealth Games begin in 3 days and will take place from October 3rd to October 14th.

I like how the Delhi mascot is a peaceful Tiger who shows us the V.

I believe that what is happening now in the year 2010 is a smaller fractal of what is going to happen in the year 2012. The events taking place in your life right now will give you a good idea of what to expect in two years time. Double these changes (or even triple them) and you'll probably be closer to the mark.

We're all being swept along the same Spiral of Time and one way or another we're going to find our way home. We just need to trust in the flow and allow it to take us wherever it is we're meant to be taken.

The Sun entered Libra on the moment of autumnal equinox on September 23rd, and will leave this house on October 22nd.

Let's take advantage of this period while the Fish Scales of Libra are balanced in Heart & Mind.

Peace all.

Kevin; Just wanted to make note of this here, because I forgot to in September. When Richard ( in the UK) posted this here article about Willam Defoe, I was on New York, working at a resturaunt. Days after this was posted Willam Defoe sits down at the resturaunt where I work, not only that but he sits under my Girlfriends Photo Gallery on the wall, and a picture fell and hit Willam right in the Head. Totally wacky sync stuff, I would not lie! <3 <3 <3


  1. goose flesh. . .
    very nice Richard. Thanks for sharing the McKenna too. Amazing.
    Don't tell anyone, but I'm pretty sure that we are that black whole that he was talking about. That's Rita's Secret. That's the message Rabbi T delivers anyway. sync in, and find freedom. I'm floored by all the "spinning" he used. Spin it does. Welcome to The NOW.

  2. Great Post! I must say, it is interesting to note that the Kaballistic pictograph of a fish relates to the Hebrew letter Nun, and also corresponds to the death card in Tarot, rather fitting considering it's relationship to Scorpio as well: death and re-birth; the Phoenix. Also, it is card 13, the 'unluckiest' of numbers. On a side note, this was the name of the Doors final album before Jim's 'death', it pictures the members of the band surrounding a stone statue of Aleister Crow-ley on the back cover. To quote Morrison: 'a Beast caged in the heart of the city...I'll always be a word man, better than a bird man (Crow-ley)..unleash your beak at peak of powers...etc) To those familiar with the ...this becomes extremely relevant in regards to the fish, it's simple math.
    Keep on syncing in the free whirled

  3. A BEAST car locked in against morning:

  4. One more thing...what about the Dogan? Siriusly!

  5. i have knowledge of a false flag terrorist attack on america in the year 2012 backing with some sync notes in hollywood movies ... would you like to know

  6. @goro,

    Goro, I think you're smart enough to know by now that anyone with any such REAL foreknowledge of something so damning to government / national security wouldn't still be breathing - that's how those kind of secrets are actually kept secret.

    But I for one would be glad to hear your opinion.


  7. it is funny how Weiser stopped publishing Crowley's works right around the same time 'Secret Agent 666' came out, a book linking Crowley to the roots of A-mirror-ican and British false flag terror involving the syncing of the Lusitania. The newer Star Wars films really do a good job of revealing the general formula. Although, it is feels more reasonable to suggest that this goes a lot deeper than simple 'conspiracy', there are some very strange elements at work.

  8. Willem is another WILL-M. Will is Thelema, of course, and another important word in that system is NEMO, Latin for NO MAN.

    The City of the Pyramids is the mystical home to those adepts that have crossed the great Abyss (see the Tree of Life), having spilled all their blood in the Graal of Babalon. They have destroyed their earthly ego-identities, becoming nothing more than piles of dust (i.e. the remaining aspects of their True Selves without the self-sense of "I"), and become impregnated as a Babe within Babalon. Within, they take on the name or title of Saint or Nemo (Latin for No-Man). In the system of A.'.A.'. they are called Masters of the Temple. It is a step along the path of spiritual purification, and a resting place for those who have successfully shed their attachments to the mundane world.

    Plus, Jung would point out that fish live in the watery unconscious, where the Self, the Fish-Man (Oannes), is found. The wounded Fisher King is really fishing for himself. FINDING NEMO would be the essence of the Great Work.

    Someone probably mentioned this before, somewhere. Oh well.

  9. @Jim דוד Lennon

    of course there's conspiracies and some very strange elements at work...


    the thing about studying the SYNC phenomenon is that you eventually come to realize that even the conspiracies themselves are part of a MUCH bigger more beautiful, more perfect plan!

    If you want to find the 'true to original' reprints check with


  10. No Doubt, that IS what Eye was alluding to.
    -Peace In

  11. Eleleth I can't ever recall reading that info before but I find it fascinating. It feels like we're now entering NO MANS (NEMOS) land and anythings possible down here. The deeper we sync the more interesting it seems to get. Cheers.

    Goro, I'm not that fussed to be honest. Like McKenna said, it's impossible to predict what's in store for us in 2012. Rather than focusing on one scenario (like a terrorist attack or worldwide flooding...things which may/may not ever happen) I'm more interested in the bigger picture. How it's going to influence me/we personally. What does it mean to become Fish-like in 2012? I've no idea. But I'm looking forward to it.

    Mr Lennon, thanks for the info and links. Loved the video about the pope and his fish hat. Nice one.

  12. Nemo reminds me of Nummo. Love it Ra. - Jim

  13. 7 days to 10.10.10 X-X-X
    binary code of 42!!!!!


  15. Beutiful, amazing work as always RA, you have some 20/20 sync vision man, good looks on that negative space sync!!

    I couldnt beleive that you had posted about Dafoe, he just came into the store my girlfriend and I work at on 10/4, and as he was eating, a photograph of my girlfriends thats up in a show on the wall fell and hit Dafoe in the head, not 20 minutes before getting the call that this happened Allyson my girlfriend was doing Dafoe impressions, later that night I was watching a Stink Hole video and Dafoe popped up again hehe. Angelfish I love it :) Bless

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