Saturday, July 31, 2010

Inception of OZ

The Law of 4
(3 + 1)
three kings in being. . .

needs heart to balance intellect. . .

(PO TIN Man)

needs to overcome his fear and die. . .


he needs mind to understand the dream. . .


needs to wake up and bring us home. . .


  1. brilliant. once again, you and i are thinking in perfect synk... took the words out of my mouth

  2. I have so much more to say. This frigging movie is killing me. I'm ready to write a dissertation on it--but I haven't been able to sit down and compose--lots of starts stops too.

    The solace is that I don't have to do it alone, that we are all plugging away at this--(notice RA below is right on top of my existential dilemma with with his fox movie).

    That train in the city. so fraught. Also Leo is such an enigma at this point--his dead kids, or dead wife, or both (dead him too).

    I guess it is going to sort itself out. . .

  3. dear syncers i just saw inception (wow) and im trying to keep up with all ur syncs which are beautiful.
    i wanted to share this with you
    dicaprio talking about his dream
    white rabbits and a glove

    starts talking about it @ 4:24 ;)

    pls let me know when u take a look

    Love, Smelly

  4. @smelly: niiiiiiiiice.

    tee-hee. smelly.

  5. Oh damn... Perfect. Home plate in the field of Dreams.

  6. The fact that it takes place in the scarecrows brain that he's pointing to... Dead on. Pun intended.

  7. Duke,
    a fascinating twitpic you've added!

    I would also add, if you see my twitter page at for August 1, 2010 that I was tweeting about Chelsea Clinton's Wedding at John Jacob Astor's former house in Rhinebeck, NY.

    Guess who was also born in Rhinebeck, NY...

    Emma Rose Roberts
    Born: February 10, 1991 (1991-02-10)
    Rhinebeck, New York, U.S

    Emma Roberts, niece of Julia Roberts (dad is Eric Roberts), is in "The Winning Season" with Sam Rockwell, she played 'Abby'. (as per your poster on the right side).


  8. july 30- 1 august, Two "melody code crop circles"
    can you see this?

  9. I think we should leave this up for a second and catch our breathes. Doug seems to have summed up the last month perfectly and with even fresher insight.... We should let him start the next Inception for the new moon.

  10. Have you guys seen the ads for the Shometime series "The Big C"??

    The only images I can find online are with black text, but there is a big billboard in Times Square with the text in red. That's a really BIG Red C!
    I'll try to grab a picture soon.

  11. Here's a follow-up to duke's post where you can download the whole cartoon:


  12. way to go Duke! man... the pattern lives