Friday, September 10, 2010

state of being

Calling All Captains!

"Jack, Jack! The Boat is a Syncing!"

Every year the President delivers his State of the Union Address. It normally begins with his declaration of the actual "state" of the union--often described as strong. "State" is a wonderful word. Like "Baum" it contains all of being. It is a micro/macro word while it illustrates the "as above, so below". "State" denotes one's individual condition as well as their place of residence showing the two to be the same. Of course it also used as a verb basically as "the" verb. Should I state this a little more precisely?
1 the particular condition that someone or something is in at a specific time : the state of the company's finances | we're worried about her state of mind.
a physical condition as regards internal or molecular form or structure : water in a liquid state.
[in sing. ] ( a state) informal an agitated or anxious condition : don't get into a state.
[in sing. ] informal a dirty or untidy condition : look at the state of you—what a mess!
Physics short for quantum state .
2 a nation or territory considered as an organized political community under one government : the state of Israel.
an organized political community or area forming part of a federal republic : the German state of Bavaria.
( the States) informal term for United States .
3 the civil government of a country : services provided by the state | [in combination ] state-owned companies | King Fahd appointed a council to advise him on affairs of state.
( the States) the legislative body in Jersey, Guernsey, and Alderney.
4 pomp and ceremony associated with monarchy or high levels of government : he was buried in state.
5 [usu. with adj. ] an impression taken from an etched or engraved plate at a particular stage.
a particular printed version of the first edition of a book, distinguished from others by prepublication changes.

adjective [ attrib. ]
1 of, provided by, or concerned with the civil government of a country : the future of state education | a state secret.
2 used or done on ceremonial occasions; involving the ceremony associated with a head of state : a state visit to Hungary by Queen Elizabeth.

1 [ reporting verb ] express something definitely or clearly in speech or writing : [with clause ] the report stated that more than 51 percent of voters failed to participate | [with direct speech ] “Money hasn't changed me,” she stated firmly | [ trans. ] people will be invited to state their views.
[ trans. ] chiefly Law specify the facts of (a case) for consideration : judges must give both sides an equal opportunity to state their case.
2 [ trans. ] Music present or introduce (a theme or melody) in a composition.
It is never my intention to necessarily do what I'm doing. This post started as a curiosity that went up and then down. Its state, interestingly, has been highly influenced by the "Captain" of The Whole.

Two days ago I was in a frenzey of flags, state shapes, state mottos, etc. I didn't know why, and was just flowing, but I was dumping the stuff as I found it into a Sync Whole.

Now, when I'm prompted or compelled to bring the whole into alignment, I always get a little nervous. It's a bit of a leap to say, "this is now." But I have this strange part of me that needs to point toward the authentic. Of course confidence is an issue. . .

do you love how the doubt presses her down in this image?

I was busy Wednesday. In way over my head. And I ended up filling the sidebar with like 9 states of being, trying to be cute about things, but wanting to be inclusive. The sync began when I noticed that my state of being looks like a Jupiter Point, (which I liked because I've started to ID a bit with "The Point Man")

Point Man

-there is no synking in Mississippi aside from the fact that I think it looks like Bart Simpson

. . . although skynkings are plentiful here, as it is the both "The Peach" state as well the home of some of our good friends. And It's always Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, just ask Black Jesus. . .

So to recap--I was up to no good, kinda out on a limb, cuz I'm not really understanding why I'm doing this. Then I create the following post, taking the sidebar thing to the next level. I collect the flags of the whole--to see if it wynced or anything. Rhymes, blinks, whatever. . .
(and the flags played nice--which makes sense because they are a symbolic pointer of US):>

After I put that post up, I tried to understand it a bit in the comments, but I was feeling pretty uncomfortable.

Later, satoriallme tweets:
Slow down... You dont have to share every single sync.
It is quite likely, that this comment was self directed. But It was enough for me to question all the silliness that I had engaged in earlier that day, and so I pulled all the states.

This tweet has been a seed for me though. Sharing every sync. hmmm. Why do we share? What do we share? When do we share? Just what is it that we are doing again?

Again, I'm pretty sure that he was reigning himself in, because the next day he exploded upon twitter like a personal Mad T Party of High Weirdness. And I think that's the point, that Twitter is the space for sharing every sync. It is our sync sketch pad. If you follow, you follow in real time and watch the synkings flow. It is only later that a story is told about what happened linking the syncs and showing the alignment.

This begs the question about what's appropriate for the blog though. Should I be following half baked hunches live (you do realize that all sync is live, yes?)

I guess the question is, should I land after my leap of faith before I share? Should I tell you about the cliff I'm jumping from, or wait until I have a better grasp upon what I just experienced, the cliff, the jump, the fall, the land, the sand, the beach. . .

Nonetheless, I think I have a handle on my "State of Being" post
--did you know that the so called "Show About Nothing", Seinfeld, named for its lead character, Jerry Seinfeld, and which features New York as a main character, has a title that is a German word? Yes, and the tv show about nothing tells us actually about the "field of being" as Seinfeld literally means "to be", "Field" . . .

took a leap for you.

ummm. So what I really wanted to say this morning is about the state of being. I need to reference Myth though. More importantly, the essence of the myth, which is the hero. Joseph Campbell often would complain about how Christianity had become irrelevant. He didn't have a problem with the myth, or its hero, but the fact that the hero of the myth didn't connect with the land. A myth needs its hero to be tied to the physical land. This is the only way for the myth to come alive, as the people interact with the land, and by extension, the hero in a ritual way. Think of how everything in a native american society was scared. They lived their myths. Jesus got so big, and became abstract. There is the "holy land", and one can travel and interact with the hero there, but what does that mean for those of us who don't live in the holy land? How can we connect with the myth?

This is a question that has divided me for some time. Much of the sync we relate speaks to and of Winnipeg. hmmm. I don't live in Winnipeg, and thus my separation is physically apparent. Division is of the mind. There is only one center, and you are there. Separation is a perception.

It may be my assertion, that the "heros" of The Sync Whole are opening a portal to a new world. We have mythology. Joseph Campbell was mistaken. And we even have ritual. What we haven't had is an awareness of our alignment with said mythology. Ever dreamt of living in a Wholy world? I have some friends that can show you how. You will know them by their stripes. . . Something about how the flags of the states reflect the states of the individual is just too much for me. These symbols are playing with each other too. They wave back and forth, and then look this guy! (his states of being are telling some story. . . about him and us)

This last image reminds me of a sync video. I can't tell if those are her breasts or knees, but there's definitely a Sun being born there. . .

So this handle? (maybe it's a panhandle) Being is a curious thing. The flow and Synkings are best when experiencing life as fully as possible. State? The interesting thing about the now, is that our technology is making the nonlocal, local. I can be fully aligned with a highlander, the golden boys and the peach state all at the same time and perceive no separation, no isolation--if I choose. I am the hero of the now, and I live here. This is my state of being

911 UPd8

hey, so P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney's comment below is prompting me to take one last leap . . .

. . . likely from the plank!

After I finished sharing yesterday, I noticed that the banner had changed to the above screenshot (probably from the Australian film Bounty). The color of the sunset pushed the peach into pumpkin. And that sent me off on a new leap . . .

The inspiration had to do with how suggestive the peach is of say birth canal, and maybe star gate, but how the Pumpkin is such a womb--such a perfect model of the universe. Basically I image searched "pumpkin womb" and found the below image.

I really liked how the image I found had both the earth and a pumpkin together. The comet motif as a sperm cell adds a layer by juxtaposing the earth, the fertilized egg, the zygote, and the swelling uterus about to give birth to many potential universes. And then there's Cinder Ella too. . .she was birthed by a pumpkin. . .

found this along the way, it grabbed me, to say the least.

Of course the image was on a web site using the pumpkin as a model to explain the secrets of the universe.
-I didn't really explore it, but thought that it was worth sharing. . .

As I was doing this, Arrowsmith and Jake were revisiting an old MJ post, which also arrived at the pumpkin as well. Of course, Michael "Jack", the King of PoP. It makes sense to end up at a Jack O lantern. And every time I type Pumpkin, lately the mason's "G" wants to hitch a ride. . . pumpking.

Later, Arrowsmith pointed me at this art work by Jake Kotze that I saw again anew. I've seen this work, but yesterday I finally took it all in and began to finally see it. I think it is fitting to display today on the 9th anniversary of the event that brought most of here and now.

-I really like the pirate ship (and the sea monster is nice too.)



When I logged into Blogger so that I could update this post I couldn't help noticing that as of today, 9/11, The Sync Whole has now accumulated 11/9 followers. Nice.

Ealier this afternoon I walked into the sitting room and found my kids watching an old movie called My StepMother is an Alien. With nothing better to do I sat down and checked it out with them.

I tweeted some thoughts about the poster

If we look at this piece of artwork created by Maestro Jake, we see that a Matchstick figure is being beamed into a UFO spaceship. Compare this picture with the posters above and you'll notice an interesting symmetry.

In Jakes artwork we see Kim Basinger, the Stepember MoM, replaced by a Matchstick Man.

The Matchstick Man is the star of the World Trade Center.

We use a Matchstick in order to ignite something.
Kim Basinger in The Burning Plane.

Love heals. Love absolves. Love burns.

Back when the Twin Towers fell in 2001 Synchromysticism was ignited through the portal of Jake Kotze. Nobody knew (not even Jake) how far the flames of Synchromysticism would spread, but today, several years after 'ignition', they're still burning stronger than ever.

Jack and his Lantern don't look they're ever going to burn out because the whole world is helping fan the flames. We're all carrying this torch now. More and more people are hearing the call and taking responsibility for keeping this StarG8 open for business.

Today I was thinking about the syncnificance of The Matchstick Man and an old Prodigy video popped into mind.

If ever there's a video which sums up what Synchromysticism is doing to the world then I think this is it:

At the very end of the video we see that God (note the doG barking as he enters) walks into the bar (our planET) and discovers what we've done with the place. This is the prophecy of the lets Dance!


Seeing Arrowsmith's juxtaposition of two movie poster earlier today was cause of great joy and insight. Another bull's eye thanks to RA.

Right after I make this collage of movie posters.

The collage starts with me looking into KIM BASINGER and I quickly notice the Burning Cross Portal of BLESS THE CHILD that reminded me of one of the posters for THE LAST EXORCIST just recently released at the beginning of VIRGO on Aug 27th.

At the same time RA is talking Stepmother Alien stuff Jake is watching FIRESTARTER with DREW BARRYORE (DB/42).

A young girl firestarter. The Star Child.

I like how the same UFO Light Beam from My Stepmother is an Alien is also seen in the E.T. poster.

Nicholas Cage, who stars in World Trade Centre also is seen staring through a Cross.

This nicely links the Fire Star Goddess with Patricia Arquette who is in Bringing Out the Dead with Cage (her former husband) as well she plays a channel of Christ/Holy Spirit in Stigmata.

I find it wicked that RA mentions Prodigy as the one Prodigy song I owned back in the day was Firestarter.

The cover of which is Tiger Stripe.

Year of the Fire Starting Tiger Prodigy Star Child.

Now what got my eye most with the Prodigy video that RA put up was the Black Ant on the Matchstick Men. (Not realizing until now that the black ant is a logo for The Prodigy.).

When I see the word ANT now I think ANTenna. I see Ayahuasca/Sync Consciousness as the architecture of an ANTenna to the infinite/love.

Ants perfectly personify this concept of how to become an ANTenna for God by being small/humble yet powerful.

So when I see the poster for My Stepmother is an Alien starring DAN AYKROYD I decide to look into his movie career. I notice he plays the Wasp called Chip in the movie ANTZ.

ANTZ in New York city. Every ANTenna has his day.

Not only is it interesting that this poster has the WTC towers in it and I find it on the anniversary of 9/11, but that I find it due to Arrowsmith's Ant & Alien floW.

10/2 is October 2. That would be Libra and when the Fire Star Goddess will hold the scales of justice. Coming soon to a Theatre near WE/ME.

So later today after mulling over RA's work and Dan Aykroyd (DNA ARK BOYY), I go to my local mall tobuy groceries and some red wine (blood of Christ) to help me wind down tonight. When I get there I see this poster and I realize that I missed Dan Aykroyd himself by only a few minutes.

Wow. Dan in the Peg on 9/11 during a 2-4 public appearance to sign his own line of wine.

Wonder what he is up to in the Peg today?

Strange and awesome.

On a tangent... (but not really, because I feel tangents are soon to become extinct).

(Below is HOPkins in the Bounty writing in his log using a black feather pen. As ODIN in the Year of the Rabbit release of THOR, he strange attracts The Black Bird.)

In the movie the Bounty Anthony Hopkins is going to Tahiti to get BREADFRUIT PLANTS. This got me thinking about the word BREAD. Today I realize BREAD is BEARD.

The Bearded Lady is the Breaded Lady.

Virgo in the Heavens is said to hold WHEAT(BREAD) in her hand. (Thanks Strangeye!)

Welcome back PACHAMAMA.

The Hairy & Bountiful Earth.

The Garden.

Peach On Earth



Fire attracts hair which looks like the depictions of the Pentecost or holy spirit descending. The dove/meteor/spirit/sperm coming down from Heaven to impregnate us with Consciousness and give us Holy fire/hair.

"Great balls of fire and ice"
UMA is MedUsA in Percy Jackson.
In Batman & Robin she is attacked by a mad professor and covered in plant extracts, poison and snakes. She looks just like MedUsA and is about to become the plant villain Poison Ivy aka Mother Nature.
Here painter and shaman Pablo Amaringo shows us hair and plants go together. Trees and grass are Mother Nature's hair.
After her transformation, Poison Ivy burns the lab and we see this shot of her flame red hair and the flames.
The very next shot is this one... Fire and Ice go together... are in fact the same thing I guess.

Here is MedUsA in Pulp Fiction at Jack Rabbit (Hare/Hair) Slim's, surrounded by Ice Cream signs.

Hare Fire and Rabbits go together via portal DB Drew Barrymore.
Pentecost means "fiftieth day".

Pentecost is celebrated seven weeks (50 days) after Easter Sunday, hence its name.
Wiki Pentecost
DB reads Still Life With Woodpecker who carries a match and dynamite to blow our hair back.
Kim Basinger entrains with the 5o of Pentecost and Easter/Rabbit/Hair.
Above with the White Rabbits pocket watch on the bunny mag Playboy.
In Bond film Never Say Never Again she wears the 2010 Tiger and is first spotted on the "Flying Saucer" yacht.

Rabbits and Flying Saucers are classic strange attractors according to Robert Anton Wilson.

The US Open (WE/ME Open) has the fire/ice ball for a logo, with bonus Red C.

It runs from Aug 30 to SeptEMBER 12. SeptEMBER clearly has a fire attraction.

Below is my buddies Jupiter rackets with blue slaZENger PANther.
Same PANther logo all over film Wimbledon with Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany.
These games take place at the same time a comet is passing by Earth.
Closely mirroring the US Open, as in the same time window, as this years games, a fireball/meteor was witnessed in Columbia (Dove/Spirit) on September 5.

In this scene Dunst is mimicking hitting a tennis ball as the word ICE can be seen in the background, then noticing the comet.
Enjoyed this phoenix coming out of Patricia Arquettes hair in Medium.
The word ICE in police is present.



HOPkins as Captain Bligh (Liam Neeson is in the back looking on and Mel Gibson is opposite Hopkins. They seem to make a star triangle) Here Hopkin and his crew are sending a dead mate overboard and into the ocean. They have a small ceremony to do so...

"May he rest in peace. Amen." - Hopkins

"Commit the body to the deep." - Hopkins

"At 4 Oclock we buried Valentine with all the decency in our power." - Hopkins

Valentine? Remember Valentin's Day is February 14th or 2/14. BAD!

This date was critical for THE 2010 MATRIX CODE. Read HERE.

It was also a date resonant with Anthony Hopkins as he is in the movie Wolfman which was released on February 12th. Two days before Valentine's Day and the beginning of the Year of the Tiger.

The Jack Union of the Heart is committed to the deep.

Peach bee with you




"Something strange is afoot at the Circle K"

I'm finding something interesting w/ the emerging Valentine theme. Valentine has been on my radar because of a song that has been getting my attention. I noted this in the recent Black Swan post in which I finally put together the women of Kotze. See, it might be just me, but many of the girls that Jake has followed, have a similar look to them. You know Robin & Zoe.--(Katty Perry is the Black Swan, she looks so much like Zoe Deschannel.)

Anyway, here are the applicable lyrics from "Teenage Dream" that have been tickling me for some time, with the odd, unseasonal Valentine reference:

Before you met me
I was a wreck
But things were kinda heavy
You brought me to life
Now every February
You'll be my valentine, valentine

Let's go all the way tonight
No regrets, just love
We can dance until we die
You and I
We'll be young forever

So I guess the curiosity for me and the reason for this update is seeing Jake posting about Olivia Newton John. She is my type, (or was for time). I explored the idea of my anima first here, and later perhaps more deeply, here. Why am I now captivated by his anima, and he by mine? hmmmmm


  1. not sure why I do these things. . .

  2. maybe this is a call.
    perhaps I did this to inspire those with an artistic bent to design the flag of The New Earth. The Now.

    maybe it changes though. duhhh.
    probably, the sync whole is the flag of the now.

  3. One of my teachers created the Winnipeg logo.
    Just thought I'd Share

  4. Beautiful. I used to have this republican vibe going on with Oz. The Union Jack irked me. As I've progressed though, I really feel as if I am a part of a commonwealth and The Sync Whole is Jack's Union.

    That being said, I'm just getting into the groove. I'm the last one who's an authority on what to post and where! I just dropped an update over at the previous post! What's that line..? Oh yeah, "I'm the baby!"


  5. And of course on my way home from work I picked up a couple bottle's of Captain Morgan's Special RUM!

    @Stefan J,
    Of course it is JACK's UN-ION,
    Remember this from the Tiger Woods articles earlier this year? ...


  6. SE, that seems like 10 years ago to me now! As seen on TV!

    Love the Atlas pumpking linking with the flags, RA.

  7. check out the symbol on the banner of JMJ's website..

  8. oh and here it is again..?

  9. Hey Victoria,

    What do you do in Winnipeg? How did you stumble on the Sync Whole. Just curious about other sync minded peggers.



  10. 1 heart consists of 2 pumps and 4 chambers. 124. Jupiter = Heart

  11. I also like how Valentine's (Jupiter) day 2/14 is associated with love hearts that also have the 124 number sync.

  12. You guys Sync my ship, holy Hathor! Much Love yal

  13. Pirates bury gold in treasure chests under the eartH.

    I saw that Tom Robbins book sitting out on a chair in the library on the same day I read the last post. Its subject matter seems to be very synchromystic-resonant.

    In continuous solitude, with nothing but a pack of Camel cigarettes to entertain her, Leigh-Cheri unveils a secret conspiracy involving redheads, ancient pyramids, Thomas Jefferson, the moon, CHOICE, and the planet of Argon...

  14. Amazing post everyone.

    Did you know that Oprah is taking 300 people to OZ in a Plane flown by John Travolta

    "Let's say hello again to captain (John) Travolta," Oprah said, as she introduced the celebrity pilot of their trip.

  15. today i was reading the book "saturn: a new look at an old devil" by astrologer liz greene, and a particular sentence jumped out at me:

    "Through Saturn everything on the material plane takes on new meaning because it is seen as a symbol for an inner quality or STATE OF BEING."

    good ol' saturn, manifesting the material of syncromystic musings! :)

  16. in wimbeldon, the first time they see the comet, yellow flower K(ch)risten Dunst is standing in an octoganal fountain..

    for no good reason..