Tuesday, August 31, 2010

iCreator (iCrator/ireaCtor)

the world is asleep
how will you ever wake her up
when she is deep in the dream?

"...you're wondering what a place like me is doing
in a girl like this..."
-Rachel Weisz in The Mummy

this movie poster solidified, for me, the idea that Inception - a film about dreams - was actually all one big dream, and that the film's architect, Ariadne via Ellen Page, was the dreamer. this poster was one in a series of seven [7] spotlighting the film's characters individually. Page's poster was the only one among the seven [7] that showed a sleeping character, eyes closed. mid-kick.

it was for this reason that i chose to build my most recent sync whole banner around Page's poster.

Inception as a film Initiated Inception as a Idea. a film built as a commentary on film itself, a dream constructed as a commentary on dream itself. built by an 'architect' and populated with your subconscious.

“But, it had never occurred to me that everything I’m saying about creating a thing and trying to perceive it at the same time…relates to the filmmaking process.”

–Christopher Nolan, director of Inception

i am creator and created and creating. all at once. kinda simplifies things, eh?

not reaLly.

in between perception and creation is us, there we Lie, dreaming, wishing... a universe of possibility, of infinity and eternity, all now Here nowhere, in the whole of synk.

badge for STS-69

the world is dreaming, and we are the world.. we are the dream builder, the dreamer and the dream.. spark of life and flaming death, reversed and then reVersed again.. inside outside in

"i liked inception.. it just had this strange feeling of 'are we there yet' from the moment the movie started... it felt like part of the movie had already happened before i arrived in my seat... i know that makes no sense but it just felt like i was in a story that was already happening... it was already there. i guess that's why i kept the feeling that we might be at the end and about to lap backwards. i didn't hate that feeling it was just different."
-Tonya (Inception Review)

the inception - the emergence of pure thought creation - reflects the fiery birth of our collective awakening, the awareness of the dream. awareness through patterns: see the patterns and 'discover' for yourself that something is amiss. this awareness comes under the guise of something newly created, while it actually was already there. you never remember the beginning of the dream; there was no beginning. it was always there.

we are not special. this does not belong to us.


oh, but it does, toure.

i am.

...aren't i?


I am flying
Flying past the ocean
Past the waves
Past the dolphins
Past Poseidon, his mighty trident gleaming in the setting sun
Past the horizon, past Helios and his chariot of fire
Past the stars and the milky river they swim in
Past the beautiful moon and her ever watchful eyes
Past the world...

-Ariadne's Maze by indy-lover

i am, and i am beyond i am. jupiter speaks to us of joy and love and rainbows and shit; all the while knowing the finger is simply the mark, and the dragon whispers to us of all that Heavenly glory. the king of love is a dead man Now living. again. to see...

burning is combustion, the breaking down of molecular bonds, the release of the compressed oppressed, the fiery death of us open.

the compliment to a fiery awakening is a wet dream, and to a fiery birth, death by drowning. but then death is the road to awe, after all, and in the context of our Inception, just another kick.

and so, we sink.

or swim

our world is dying and being birthed
we are then killers and being born
perceiving and creating all at once now here

we are nothing if not this
it, i, is ours
to freely give

what more is there for us all to do
as our creators?


Love it Toure. What a awe inspiring mystery existence is, isn't it?

It's all Earl's Dream.


  1. this here is some good effing sync!

  2. Fuck sync this here is just great fulking poetry.

  3. diggity dig Toure! Major sync on this for me, my recent bandmate and I were talking about how the Bush era was like a serious Dystopian Apocalypse reality, and now it seems as if were waking from a strange dream headed toward Waking Clarity, he said, "were at the thresh-hold of the dream state" and from there I said okay we need to keep at this idea, and before I could get back to hanging with him, this pearl dropped, so beutiful, much Love Toure and everyone <3 <3 <3

  4. the beach is peach! it's water-bringer time and the virgin made sure to show her face. and i love how the classics like k2 and jupiter sing so sweetly to the new music.. and the crazy sun-lion's roar.. i'm biased, but i think the videos around here are getting slick. compared to the majority of youTube...

    thanks for all the love... you guys probably know by now when certain synks hit me, i like to kinda sit in silence and listen to them sing for a while; i thank u for your patience in the interim.

    s'all happening...

  5. It never occured to me when looking at those individual posters that Ariadne is the sleeping one...I think you're onto something...
    I've noticed recently that a lot of the music videos of the biggest hyped stars have them standing on a roof of a high-rise block looking over a city-scape - like NYC - just like the Inception poster - Eminem, Rhianna, Alicia Keys etc. Just thought I'd mention it..there is something kind of synchronistic with the 'view from above' ... or is it just a Sept. 11th sort of 'manufactured' vibe within these 'pop' images?

  6. Tye, this was definitely worth the wait. Excellent work...as usual.

    Jim, loved the vid. The scene at the very end made me think of the 33 trapped miners in Chile.
    Had to smile when I read this article.

  7. ...
    Un-believable Work !!

    You have changed my Whole Interaction with "Earality", in 5:04 ))

    WoW !

    Thank YOU so MUCH ))
    A Great E-xp-E-ri-E-nc-E !!

    I Love YOU ... ALL

    a GrebBear

    Peace Love Light Truth
    (- ;
    ; -)

    ps ... the video has been removed ??
    To POWERFUL ))
    To Much of a Bo-aT rokKer.

    ... looking forward to a re-post )

  8. http://buzz.yahoo.com/buzzlog/93979?fp=1

  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=js6sySAGNS0&feature=player_embedded

  10. INCEPTION 7/16
    4^2 (4 squared) = 16
    2x8 = 16
    Two Sevens

    Check your emails Wholers!!


  11. Video is back up. I just re-edited a couple sequences and re-posted the video. It is better now. Much love all. - Jim

  12. that vid is AWESOME. my god man, 42 repeats on ships and the peach is jupiterjames- oh joy! jc sp[l]ices it up a bit at the end with two sevens fo yo azz. i luv it.

    these wonderful video tidbits make me wonder just how effective a synk vid would be at feature length. the short-and-sweet model seems to be more effective, but i'd be interested in seeing what universes could be packed into an hour...

  13. ...
    An epiphany spawned:

    Just getting started ... next, the Monolith from a Space Odyssey and the attack of the DEBT Monster.

    a GrebBear

    Peace Love Light Truth
    (- ;
    ; -)

  14. "there was no beginning. it was always there..."

    this makes me wonder if anyone actually creates, and if creators, creations and creatures exist

    there may be Only One Reality that becomes infinitely forever, neither creating itself nor destroying itself but becoming itself by transforming itself?