Monday, September 6, 2010

Doves may Fall as We Step Ember

In Step Ember we are walking on Fire...

On Septmeber 5th, a meteor roared through the sky of Colombia and crashed in the community of SANTANDER, COLOMBIA. Read about it Here. (Santander resonates SAND/DNA & therefore the beach). Updates Here.

This is peculiar of an event because the same day the front page story of The Globe & Mail on-line for September 5th was a report about the Association of Space Explorers (ASE) submitting to the U.N. a detailed report about the real threat of Asteroid Impacts doing incredible damage to Earth and it's inhabitants. Read article Here.

"You're just STICKING YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND if you think the world will live out its entire natural life until the end of our sun and never be hit by another big rock,” Canada's Chris Hadfield ( Canadian astronaut) said in an interview." - 9/5/2010 - The Globe & Mail

The article goes on to explain what efforts are being taken to prepare for the future need to be able protect the earth from incoming meteors. Obama just recently cleared more work towards a NASA mission to visit an Asteroid.

The movie Deep Impact mirrors recent events well.

In Deep Impact, the team that is put together to go into space in order to deflect the earth bound comets is called MESSIAH. The logo itself reminds me of the Archer of Sagittarrius that points heavenly toward Jupiter.

I find this ASE report timely considering all the recent sync work around meteors as seeds of inception.

Below is West Haw Lake beach. West hawk is a meteor crater that I have a cabin at. Read about it here at FIERY BIRTH.

Below is one of the signs at West Hawk beach describing the crater that makes the lake.

I like how the image below of West Hawk beach also has the arrow pointing the One Way we are all ultimately going.

The Hit Parade.

Virginity Hit is in theatres Step Ember 10th, the day before Step Ember 11th.

This is one of the ideas I am beginning to explore with the video the beach is peach.

The peach beach/ primordial mound receives the meteor seed in the sand/dna which creates a hole that can then fill with water and give life/spirit.

A meteor crEater hits in SANTANDER, COLOMBIA on Labor Day weekend in Virgo, the day after the Astronauts announce to the world that we should be ready to protect ourselves from exactly such acts.

Interestingly, the United Nations logo itself seems to encode an impact event. The logo is a view of the Earth from our Northern Constellation, home of our Pole Star, Draco.

A cross hairs/ target / bull-eye from Draco has the earth in it's sight.

This made me think of the description of the West Hawk meteor that traditional stories say came from the constellation Draco and the Pole Star.

The Virgo/Virgin beach/peach receives the Dove. Seeds of the New Age.

The beach is the peach...

Colombia means Doveland. Land of the Doves. This was recently visited in the post LAND OF THE DOVE.

The Dove can symbolize the Holy Spirit falling down onto Jesus.

Embers falling from the sky in Step Ember.

We are FIREWALKING right now. Hold the faith. Keep the Fire.


Relooking at the still I took of the Globe and Mail I took I like how the top ad has an ICE CREAM CONE.

The meteor sign at West Hawk lake has for me always looked like an upside down Ice Cream cone.

Just recently I realized that Comets are just that. They are Ice Cream Cones. Below the sign even describes them as DIRTY SNOWBALLS. When they come into the atmosphere they burn up. A ball of ice with a fiery cone. FIRE & ICE.

This is just hit home even more considering Meteor Mike's Ice Cream place on the shores of West Hawk. Rainbow Ice Cream anyone?

Peach be with you.


And peach be with you!

sometimes, it feels like the universe is actually lobbing these at me, (often thrown by Jim). It wants me to Score! To get a Homer! Wait, that's the wrong sports metaphor. . . anyway. On the other side of Hawk Lake, where I witnessed the Union of some very dear friends of mine, the people that dwell there have a religion. They worship at an altar covered in something known as "Smurf Turf".

I'm really not all that into football (and though I went to this school, and even attended football games there a lifetime ago (1990)--I'm a heathen on my side of the lake.) I don't participate in their ritual (but I don't devalue it either--for it is true religion: beautiful, elegant, and authentic.) However, I've begun noticing things that are beginning to get my attention. Take this school for instance, this Boy See State.

A Boy See State, naturally, is a condition of being both open and without judgement. This is what I'm learning on my side of the lake. I'm trying to be open and without judgement. And the syncs?

These zealots over here drape themselves in Blue and Orange. The orange is wyncing peach at me tonight, and I love it. The Blue Turf, and Blue UNIforms are a special wync to me about an Icaro a friend sang to me once upon a Tigger. (see I've taken to thinking of myself as The Blue Rider. the Blue Butterfly. lately anyway.)

The thing that has me responding this evening, (quickly too as the kick off is not far off), is the fact that this very night, a Boy See State comes together with a Virgin on Labor Day in the center while US Open. (huh?)

Mon, Sept 68:00 PM ET

#3 Boise State

#10 Virginia Tech

-where is this event?

The Redskins' FedExField

recall. . . . (Mr. Smith goes to Jupiter). . .also rereading Land Of The Dove was a treat today. I've been feeling very similar as to when that post was written. Reading it just now was to connect to center. To find liberty. To bite into a juicy Peach! thanks Jim. . .

D.C. (District of Columbia)
Columba |kəˈləmbə| Astronomy
a small and faint southern constellation (the Dove), near Canis Major. It is sometimes said to represent the dove that Noah sent out from the Ark.
"In Christian Iconography, a dove also symbolizes the Holy Spirit, in reference to Matthew 3:16 and Luke 3:22 where the Holy Spirit appeared as a dove at theBaptism of Jesus."

See The Point?


Jim, thanks for giving me the goosebumps! :)

After watching Jims the beach is peach I was inspired to have another crack at making a sync video.

I've spent the last couple of days tinkering with the new vid and finally got round to completing it last night (5.9.10).

I was going to sit on the video for a while and put together some additional context to flesh out some of the ideas I explore in it, but after reading about yesterdays events involving the Colombia Comet I figured I'd drop it sooner rather than later. Hope you enjoy.

In the video there's a scene in which the Hulkster comes crashing down to Earth via a lightning bolt.

Like a meteor he crash lands on the edge of a lake.

I decided to include this scene as a sly wink to all the comet action in the beach is peach video.

In the movie MonsterS INC the month of Step Ember is highlighted in relation to the BIG Blue guy.

Near the end of the movie Mike Wazowski performs a song and dance in front of a poster displaying the name COLUMBIA.

In Toure's recent iCreator post he showed how the soccer ball (seen directly beneath the COLOMBIA poster^) syncs with the meteor and Year of Contact.

The day after the Colombia meteor was spotted the BBC website released an article called Colombian declared world's shortest man.

A 70cm (27-inch) tall Colombian has been named the world's shortest living man by Guinness World Records.

Edward Nino Hernandez, 24, weighs only 10kg (22lbs). His mother said he had not grown since he was two years old.

While reading the BBC article earlier on today I noticed that there's a poster of SANTA at the top left of the photo^.

This brings to mind the event which took place in SANTAnder, Colombia.

Where does Santa live?

The North Pole of course...

In Monsters Inc Sully and Mike Wazowski are exiled to the North Pole.

While chilling with the Abominable Snowman the pair are offered Snow Cones!

I also love how the peachy new Sync Whole banner invokes the Sandman and the meteor.

The Banner makes me think of 'Bruce Banner'.

Mr. Sandman
Bring me a dream
Make her complexion like Peaches and cream
Give her two lips, like roses in clover
And tell me that my lonesome nights are over...


Thanks Doug & Richard. Glad you can be as equally crazy as myself. The Mr. Sandman and Peaches song thing still blows me away.

Sync Waves of Consciousness mentions in the comments section about a Morgan Freeman narrated TV piece called Through the Worm Hole that looks into the origins of life on Earth. (Thanks SWC!)

At 3:50 min. into the video Morgan explains the theory of the building blocks of life arriving on earth on a comet.

This is the Theory of The Cosmic Serpent.

DNA that arrives on a comet and seeds life on Earth.

Morgan Freeman plays the President in Deep Impact.

Freeman also plays God in Bruce Almighty which makes an appearance at the end of the videothe beach is peach. Freeman as God gives powers to Jim "JC" Carrey who uses these powers to predict a meteor crash so that he can report on it live.

Freeman gets connected to Jupiter via his role in Street Smarts with Christopher Reeves (Superman). Here he is on the movie's poster with the number 42 above his head.

God 42. Blackstar Jupiter.
Superman comes to the Earth like a meteorite.

Jupiter is the planet that protects us from Asteroids with it's gravitational pull. Perhaps it also has the power to let some by in order to seed life as well. Farmer Jupiter.



-I ended up going to church tonight. It was fun, and in the last two minutes of the ceremony, I experienced the All State. Now. Everything dropped away but the beating of my peachy heart. Through the labor something was definitely born. Hopefully this truly was the All State Kickoff.

Had lots of 50 or Five-0 syncs lately. Made me think of 50 First Dates with Drew Barrymore (DB/42) and Adam Sandler.
Noted she reads Tom Robbins in this film.
Little later I see John Trabolta walk past Attack of the 50 Foot Woman in Pulp Fiction.

This is inside of Jack Rabbit Slim's resonating the Hare/Hair. We see a Neon Ice Cream Cone and the words Ice Cream entrain with our stars Uma and Trabolta.
Uma is a singular Hair resonator as Medusa in Percy Jackson the Bolt Thief.
These entrain as Medusa looks huge with the buildings tiny in perspective.

Realize that Tin/Jupiter is the 50th element on the periodic table..

Then yesterday, at friends place, I walk in on lady halfway through Shawshank Redemption and sit down for 'random' download from Tinseltown.
Entrains with the President from Deep Impact mentioned above, Morgan Freeman.
I send this tweet as I watch:
Tom Robbins escapes via hole/portal/starg8 behind a poster of Raquel Welsh. It was her 70th Birthday yesterday 5 September. Groovy.

We see that I mix up my Tim and Tom Robbins, showing how these entrain.

Raquel Welch's 70th Birthday is the same date as the meteor impact mentioned above. The next day I am watching Shawshank.

This poster of Raquel Welch in One Million BC reminds me visually of the Attack of the 50 Foot Woman poster in Pulp Fiction's Jack Rabbit Slim's restaurant..
The Warden discovers the poster hides Tim's hole/Starg8 and prods with his Jupiter Index Finger.
This is weird as I had just written the following syncs into the Patricia Arquette video me and Jim are making..
Alice looking down the Rabbit Hole.
As connected to Patricia Arquette - Allison in Medium - in Holes. The idea being that Rabbit/Hare Hole entrains with all the Patricia Arquette Hair stuff.
Which also connects to Sandler's Happy Gilmore, who we saw in 50 First Dates.

I feel these holes or StarG8's, all entraining with the 5 September Impact, show that the Fiery Birth Canal of Virgo is now open.
Patricia is known for her peaches in Holes.

The peach is beach. Where sand particle and wave come together.

Peach is moms united sunny birth portal.

I heard this song the day before Jim posted his The Beach is a Peach video. It plays numerous times in Mr Nobody with Jared Leto and Sarah Polley.

And lots of wavy hair like Liberace
Mr Sandman, someone to hold (someone to hold)

Would be so peachy before we're too old

So please turn on your magic beam

Mr Sandman, bring us, please, please, please

Mr Sandman, bring us a dream.

I read the above post and start writing this addition, Demi Moore tweets at the same time..
Which then entrained with Raquel Welsh's (born on September 5th and StarG8 in Shawshank) posters..
As this Naked Gun 33 1/3 poster..
Is a parody of Demi Moore's famous August 1991 Vanity Fair cover.
The overall resonance just keeps confirming the theme of Virgo giving birth to the 2010 StarChild or Consciousness.
One more connection jumped out with Raquel Welch as One Million BC (BC is Before Birth of Baby Christ) resonates Million Dollar Baby.
The Big expensive Baby Hilary Swank with her Braided Hair towards us.

It is Morgan Freeman's voice over in Shawshank that explains Andy/Robbin's poster has changed over the long years in prison from Rita Hayworth to that of Raquel in One Million BC.

Peace of Mind = Peace on Earth
"Knock Knock"
"Who's There?"
"Libra who?"


When I started out sync blogging I had intentions of showing an Australian angle on sync. This arose from observing not just OZ/77 permeating the works of syncstars, but actual syncs between Oz and Australia.

I put up my blog initially at and my inaugural banner was this one:

Aerial shot of what’s known in Oz as Wolfe Creek Crater. As the link will show, this is referred to as KANDImalal by the local indigenous people, the Djaru. Kandi being cANDy, sugar being the main ingredient of candy and also being an integral component of DNA. I have given a take on the sugar/DNA link in a PRR post here. As Meteors are thought by some to be the spreaders of life throughout space, finding cANDy via Australian aboriginal dreamtime stories meshes nicely given the dating of the indigenous name for the crater. Indigenous Australians are know to have a heritage that stretches back some 40,00 years. Wolfe Creek is said to be 300,000 years old.

Kandimalal is where a rainbow serpent emerged during the dreamtime prior to creating other distinct features of the local landscape. This is a reference to creation forces that bind together all matter at all times. Large craters are good reference points when discussing these things.

Speaking of sweets, Mars have a brand of chocolate called Dove. I checked their site and found out that the brand was founded by a gent named LEO STEFANos. Silly stuff indeed.

While on the trail of the notorious PIGeon - which is known as the Rock Dove I came across a page at that has a hummingbird known as the bronze-tailed comet on the same page as a rock dove. Delving deeper into the relationships between meteors/comets and doves, we find that Jules Verne "Off on a Comet" published in 1877 includes a chapter called "Carrier Pigeon". If the meteor/comet is the dove, then it is a rock dove (Columba livia) for sure.

Pigeons are known as flying rats or rats with wings - or the winged solar-disc - seeing as rats and stars have an anagrammatic relationship.

In Genesis II, Eve's made from the rib of Adam. Rib can also be RYB. RYB being one of the commonly accepted colour models. You are apparently seeing this post via the RGB model and colour print is delivered by CMYK. There is some argument as to which of these models contains a true set of prime colours. Franciscus Aguilonius devised the model pictured below.

The diagram is said to have surfaced in 1613 and is currently considered to be the oldest model representing red yellow and blue in a linear manner. RY&B were considered the middle colours. Aguilonius deemed black and white as primaries and as the model suggests, various volumes and frequencies of the two were required in order to produce all of the possible colours in between.

Franciscus was also aware of the "corpse like" colour that was produced when the three lower "simple" colours were mixed -the greyish family member who's not present for the portrait.

Of course, Aguilonius' model is as much the right model as it is the wrong one as at the end of the day we are all using pretty much the same model as each other in order to perceive these various shades of wave/particle that wash over, under,through and from us.

Humans have 24 ribs – 24, a clean 42 as much as 42 is a clean 24. The first 7 sets of ribs - 2x7 - are referred to as the “true” ribs and the remaining 5 sets “false”. The true ribs are all connected to the sternum. The sternum being the chestbone and an anagram for SUN TERM. It's a keystone of sorts that can prove quite protective of the chest's contents. This evaluation of the trueness/falsity of ribs mirrors the yin yang relationship between which Aguilonius envisioned all colour is borne.

9/9/2010 a kid told me about an ice lake on Mars. We'll call this one Flow Creek Crater. Looks like Mars was hit by a rock dove. I recently familiarised myself with Rohan Solare's work. It's quite amazing. There is deep sync there that is grounded in consensus science. Rohan has done some amazing work on cellular life evolving into multicellular life with cells being viewed as synchronous systems and thus multicellular lifeforms being the same. Craters like Wolf & floW Creeks definitely have the aesthetic of a cross sectioned cell.

Rohan has linked the RWBY (W standing for White) 4 day 4 colour system found in the Tzolkin to the building blocks of life as we know it. Red chemically is Hydrogen and from a DNA standpoint it is the colour of Thymine. White is Carbon and Adenine. Blue is Nitrogen and Guanine. Yellow is Oxygen and Cytosine.

In the middle of this balance of true/real and false/not real we find the heart, which is not concerned with such trivial matters. The rib in Genesis is referencing the whole via one of its constituents. Eve was not made of the rib but of Adam.

The stadiums added by deb smack of craters. They actually look like pre-craters or sites awaiting a download from the heavens. Spectator sport facilitating inherent traits of matter residing in this space, and that is being a facet of a fractal. The resonance doesn't stop at the throwing of stars into the centre of a colosseum.

While musing on the dead-man's chest I tweeted about the ribcage resembling an inverted heart. @Syncwinnipeg bounced back that rib is also rip and contemplated the metaphorical ripping open of heart's cages. And so this ends another session of me prying open ours.

Ladies and gents, Bill Haley & his Comets...

Let's rip it up

Well, Saturday night
And I just got paid
Fool about my money
Don't try to save

My heart says
Go, go, have a time
'Cause it's Saturday night
And, baby, I feel fine

I'm gonna rock it up
I'm gonna rip it up
I'm gonna shake it up
I'm gonna break it up
I'm gonna lock it up
At the ball tonight

Well, I got me a baby
And I won't be late
Pick her up in my 88

A shag going down
By the social hall
When the joint starts jumping
Gonna have me a ball

I'm gonna rock it up
I'm gonna rip it up
I'm gonna shake it up
I'm gonna break it up
I'm gonna lock it up
At the ball tonight

Well, along about ten
I'm breezing high
I walk on out to
That groovy sky

But I don't care
If I spend my dough
'Cause tonight I'm gonna be
One happy soul


  1. Wild post Jim!
    Astronaut Chris Hadfield is not just another kooky spaceman like that NASA girl in the diapers! He's Canada's 1st Mission Commander of Expedition 35 on the International Space Station (ISiS).

    He was on (Space Shuttle) missions STS-74 and STS-100.


  2. This is a clip of Through The Wormhole I mentioned in comments to the Fiery Birth post. It starts at about 3:50:

  3. ...
    Spectacular )
    No Doubt about it !!
    ... how about this, Cloverfield: 'Conney Island date' ... something lands in the water.
    Cone, I-lands, date, meteor//seeding
    ... fits well ? -)

    Great Insights
    a GrebBear

    Peace Love Light Truth
    (- ;
    ; -)

  4. Check out my blog entry from 2/4/10,
    "Alchemy of the Grammys, Gods and the Under-World Shaking"
    the last entry is STARMAN - a character born of the METEOR CR(e)ATOR in AZ to share his DNA.



    Rare DOUBLE Asteroid near FlyBy (NEOs) on 9/8, no danger of impact. At closest approach, ASTERoid "2010 RF12" will be 77,000 km (0.2 LD) away -

    ATEN Class asteroid "2010 RF12" browser at NEO program JPL NASA -
    NEO Browser at JPL NASA

    On Autumnal EQUINOX (9/21-22, 2010 ) EARTH will be directly between (in line with from the SUN)
    Wash. Post story


  6. I am so loving this post and the sync waves we're swimming in. I tip my hat to you all.

    I think you've got another image to add to the mix of "The Virginity Hit" and the Meteor Impacts. Here's an article about Panspermia freshly posted on RedIce. The top picture sure looks a lot like your other images.

  7. wow richard/ love the vid. thanks bro.

  8. Love it! Now for RAs video mixup!


  9. The MEDUSA additions got me thinkin!

    Cut off the HEAD to stop the Cracking??


    I'll stick with "U Mother Man"
    (Uma Thurman)


  10. Has it been mentioned that 2010 also features a flaming ball of fire, complete with a hexagram in the middle (symbol of the heart chakra in both East and West)?

    Hey, I go to Boise State! BSU won 33/30 over Virginia Tech. 33 people were killed in the Virginia Tech Massacre of 2007.

    33 gold miners were trapped for 17 days under the eartH before contact was made. Estimates said that the miners would be rescued by the end of the year. (As Jung would say, the miners are the Self, the mine/mind is the Unconscious.)

  11. nice work Stefan. likely will read it again.
    really liked the the pigeon blending from above and the rat mentions.
    I fancy myself a flying rat at times.
    that's a curiosity of mine, what's your Chinese birth year and quality?
    I'm a water rat. Lot of water dogs at the whole. Jim is a Tiger Wood (of course).
    and you?
    take care, great having you