Sunday, September 5, 2010

Black Swan

toure (torr-RAY):

megan fox

eliza dushku

dark hair, blue eyes, pale skin...
the anti-marilyn monroe,
the bad barbie..

mal = bad

alessandra torresani

rachel weisz

black swan - snow white - red and blue



  1. i thought i was the only one who caught this pattern.. it hit me when the tv show Caprica started. the main character's name was Zoe! too much.

    and for the record; katy perry? yum.


  3. I totally made the same connection. Well, at least between Black Swan and Bella Swan. In the trailer to BS she has blood shot red eyes, and that is exactly what happens to Bella when she changes into a vampire and is reborn. It also brought back to mind the Red Eye of the Blue One theme.
    Black Bella Swan.

  4. peach be with you Tye
    nice moves AF8.

    sometimes I grab things without knowing why. I'm reluctant to post them, but did in this instance. Keep mining this vein, it may pay off. . . I'm definitely intrigued. You are on to something.

  5. The red-and-blue theme in connection with Snow White really caught my attentioin...Both of those themes are all over my blogs, but I never quite put them together in that sense.

    Although, for a long time I've had a picture of a bluebird and red robin facing opposite each other on my bedroom wall...

    I also noticed the sync whole posted something involving doves earlier. Reminds me of that gospel song: "On the wings of a SNOW WHITE dove..."

  6. Was thinking about his today... How perfect. Snowhite is such a another word for virgin.

  7. i was thinking about a similar thing 2 days ago when watching "empire records". liv tyler is the pale, brunette, virginal beauty. (and of course robin tunney is also in that movie).