Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Momma Goose is on the Loose & Flion!

Last week on Monday September 13th my friend/bandmate and I waited as a Hail and Thunderstorm rolled over the area to head into the Garage and create a new and exciting song, this song was written just as the golden light of the setting sun beamed into the garage while we brewed some nre flow. We worked on this song for some time as we both felt an awsome energy from it, after jamming it out we went out back for our bands ritualistic tobacco breaks during rehearsal and started to Admire the Moon.

When we walked out back we were both caught by the beutiful Crescent Moon, it was in a vertical position reminding me of a Horn, and was touched by the tail end of a Cloud. Looking at the Cloud I realized that this cloud looked like an amazingly detailed Goose taking flight, seemingly flying away from the Moon. We joked, its the Moon-Goose! and had a good laugh over it, deciding to title our latest song from sundown "MoonGoose".

Not thinking much of this I went home and googled Moon-Goose to see if there were any cool pictures available. This looks pretty to me, I like the Archway, which will be a theme we go into later.

After digging around a little bit, it appeared that the Moon and the Goose find themselves paired together almost more often than not in cultures around the world. Starting to take some notes I was finding some resonant information

Firstly there is the influence of the Wild Goose on the ancient art of Quigong. As we are microcosms of the Big One or the Big Self, it is easy to see how one meditating on movement could choose a beutiful elegant form of the big Self(environment) to help resonate with gestures of grace and peace in the body of the Little-Big Self. The following exerpts are from -

"History and Development of the Wild Goose Qigong
The Wild Goose Qigong originated from the Kunlun School of Taoism In the Kun Lun Mountains of South-Western China. It was here during the Jin Dynasty around 265AD that a hermit named Si Dao An (the Peaceful Way) observed the movements of the many wild geese that haunt the area and began to incorporate these bending, stretching, twisting and fluttering techniques into a health-enhancing routine called the Dayan Gong (Wild Goose Qigong)" (Wilde, 2006).

"The Goose Wakes Up - It stretches itself, it brushes up its wings and shakes them. It plays innocently. The Goose looks at the Moon, which is reflected in the water and tries to scoop it up"...
The Queen Mother of the West
In The Journey to the West, an important Medieval Chinese story, the Queen Mother of the West, tends the orchard where the Immortal Peaches grow." She is depicted surrounded by either flying winged-people or Geese.

· In Ancient Egypt as well as in Ancient China the Goose was considered a messenger between Heaven and Earth.

· In the Roman empire, the Goose was the sacred animal of Juno(wife of Jupiter!), a goddess of light, marriage and childbirth, who was later considered adviser and protectress of the Roman people.-

So with those funny Goosebits on my mind Wednesday Night I went to bed and the next Day I woke up and got myself some breakfast at the main street Bistro in New Paltz. I happened to unconsciously sit beneath a painting of a Goose being pulled over title "Your Goose is Cooked".

Later the next day I showed this to my bandmate and he was amazed to see the cop car as when he left my house the night we created MoonGoose he was pulled over and harassed by the Police, he was straight and sober and they accused him of being high, allergenic, and having watery eyes, while shining lights in his eyes and etc. We shared a jolly laugh over how silly the Goose and cop and suspected stoneyness entrained.

Later that day at work I shared the Bistro wink story with my girlfreind, and seconds later I hear the new Weezer song over the stereo playing "Cant Stop Partying" wherein the singer mentions Grey GOOSE.

To my further Amazement later that night I decided to have a look at Goose September 2010 on to see what the collective metabrain had to offer about the Goose in 2010. As it turns out just a few days before MoonGoose was written, on August 30th 2010 Glenn Beck had a Synchromystic Contact event with Geese at the Lincoln Memorial which was modeled by the architect after the Roman Temple of Zues who was associated with the Planet Jupiter. Memorial in Washington DC on Martin Luther Kings " I have a Dream" Speech anniversary.

This was wacky and strange, stranger was that Beck supposedly wanted to have Jets flyby in a V shape over as the Ceremonies began, he couldnt get permission. But what did happen was as the Ceremony began a flying V of Geese did a flyover, bringing Glenn Beck into a Synchromystic talk about how "This is No Coincidence! These are Gods Geese!". Steven Colbert caught wind of this and on September 7th, just 5 days before I saw the MoonGoose and made his own special on the Goose as a messenger/Prophet of God. Th this beleif is already held by Chinese mythology, which I will get into after sharing Colberts Goose Special.

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c

Geese Witherspoon

Colbert Report Full Episodes2010 ElectionFox News

So remembered recently also that I had been excited about the Equinox because Jupiter the Giant Orange Planet is its closest to Earth and thus Brightest in 47 years. This makes me happy because the Film "2010 The Year we Make Contact" features the Planet Jupiter becoming a 2nd Sun for Earth in the year 2010, this becoming a symbol of galactic peace and unity for the people of Earth. This also ter ickled me because I had been entraining with how PEAChEs contains PEACE, and enjoyed how sweetness and Peace go together very well. Also tying this together better is that Duane Allman of the Allman Brothers Band said when asked about his stance on Revolution quote "There ain't no revolution, only evolution, but every time I'm in Georgia I 'eat a Peach' for Peace."- Duane Allman

My interest in the Peach started very randomly one day when I was listening to a favorite album by the band Baroness - The Blue Album. A Song called "War Wisdom and Rhyme" came on, wherein the Lyrics Mention "War, Wisdom and Rhyme, The PEACh and the Rattlesnake".

While meditating on the Symbolism of War Wisdom and Rhyme, I wondered why the Peach and the Rattlsnake, Maybe thea Peach is Sweetness and Peace and the Rattlesnake is violence and War. I also thought of the Yoni and Lingam as well. I decided to see what Aleister Crowley might have had to say about Peaches and and came upon his Poem "Peaches" in reference to "the Empress Tarot card. Note how beutifully the cover of the Baroness Blue Album above shows Underwater Women with Fishes, Archetypically they could be considered Queens or Empresses. Compare the above picture to the mentioned Empress Tarot card from Aleister Crowleys Thoth Deck.

We can see the Moon+Goose on the Empress Tarot card, (Seen Above in Color)the card being the Object of Aleister Crowleys Poem "Peaches". This great bird is considered a Pelican according to Crowley, I see more of a Goose though, interestingly Crowley also wrote a Kabbalistic translation of Mother Goose. But here we see the Queen of the Peaches, the Underwater Empress on the Venus planetary Card. The beutiful thing about this card is that it is also one of the Major 22 Tarot cards attributed Hebrew letters, of which this card is given Daleth translating to DOOR. Crowley calls this card "The Door To Heaven" and "Heavens Gate". The Goose is the Peach is the Queen is the Door to Heaven.

Also quite beutifully to tie the Empress of the Peaches by Aleister Crowley, to the Geese that follow the Queen and help protect the Garden of Immortal Peaches, we have "The Inner Child Tarot" a more modern Tarot featuring many Nursury Rhymes. To my Joy accordingly "The Empress" Tarot Card(seen above) has been changed to "Mother Goose"!!! The Author of the deck beutifully tied the Goose back into the Empress and Peach narrative.

So the Goose Queen, Gate to Heaven. (Inner Child Tarot)

Continuing along with the Peach being "The Empress/Daleth/Door To Heaven, we can see In the film James and the Giant Peach, James approaches the Peach as a real time human being in the physical world, and upon entering the peaches heavens gate, which strongly looks like a birth canal and resonates the Yoni(as it is the Peach) he is brought into the world of Spirit.

As Jim Sanders pointed out on Twitter, climbing into the Giant Peachs hole or Heavens Gate which shows a darker deeper red/orange we can see how the Giant Peach resonates with Jupiter, the Largest planet in the Solar System that is Orange like a Peach, and has a large Red Spot on it. Magickally the Jupiter Peach transforms the Physical world into a world of living spirits and creatures. Speaking of the Giant Peach, this is very pertinant right now because Jupiter is at its closest to Earth in 47 years so it is also the biggest and brightest it will be, making it a Giant Peach! Notice the Yoni/Peach Hole/Heavens Gate of Jupiters Red Spot.

I also recently read a Tweet from Jim Sanders @Syncwinnipeg on Twitter, reminding me that The Equinox (as I write this we are now in Libra but this started in Virgo) is not only the week of the most Giantness of Jupiter the Peach in 47 years but that it was also World Peace Day on the very next day September 21st! So we have Giant Peach Jupiter and World Peach Day, and as mentioned above to connect the Goose to the Peach its noted that in Ancient Chinese Mythology Geese are the Birds of "The Queen of the Immortal Peaches". Connecting our Glen Beck "Restoring Honor" God Geese Flyover narrative with the Equinox Giant Peach/MoonGoose narrative properly.

It doesnt stop there, on World Peace day or World PEACH Day, a plane Emergenct Landed on Highway I-85 in Georgia. Georgia being home of the Peaches and contextually connected to Peace and Peaches by Duane Allmans Quote " I eat a Peach for Peace every time Im In Georgia".
"Kathleen Bergen with the Federal Aviation Administration said Matthew Conway was flying his six-passenger 1996 Piper Saratoga to Peachtree-DeKalb Airport shortly before 5 p.m. Monday when the engine failed over Interstate 85, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Tuesday."-UPI

This leaves me off with Tonight, while working on this post, a freind of mine in Florida sent me a link to a video that he sampled weeks ago. This video was an Drug Education documentary made about the lives of young people using Psychedelic drugs in America. This happened to have been made by the Georgia Education Department, not only that but a Goose appears at 1:07 mins and later we see him talking about how his birthday astrologically connects him to"The Hermit" Tarot Card, which is the Astrological Sign Card of Virgo, the sign in which all of the Goose an Peach narratives unfolded together. Check this video out its quite hard to be convinced that Psychedelics arent a beutiful thing by this fellows lifestlye. Hes a G8or!

Lastly I am left with one final beutiful Goose Wink that ties further back into my Band and how the Goose Narrative Began.

The Drummer of my band sent me a message saying that he has a friend Jason who does realy cool Collage Art and wanted to dig around for some cool band Art and Event flyer images. Upon skimming through he came upon the Golden Egg of them all.

Much Love to Momma Universe Fruitbearing Mother Goose! She has opened the Door! ITs up to us to Climb in! A recording of "MoonGoose" by my Band "It'ts Not Night: It's Space" that was recorded Live September 22nd 2010 hours before the Equinox can be heard here Part 1
and part 2 , MOON GOOSE is the 2nd To last song which begins with bells and noise and poetry. Enjoy :)

Love, Namaste, and Happy Autumn! -Kevindra<3


Actor/Comedian Larry Miller did the voice of a Goose named Marcel in the recently released Alpha & Omega.

Larry Miller also voiced a Tinman named XR in the kids cartoon show Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.

One of the episodes he starred in was called 42.

XR, the name of Larry Millers Tinman character, reminded me of this twitpic that Jake posted a while back.

X (24) + R (18) = 42

As Kev pointed out above, the Goose (Juno) and Jupiter seem to go hand in hand with one another.

Goose Gladwell is a character who appeared in a Simpsons episode called Fatman and Little Boy.

We see that the Goose's calling card entrains with the 42° angle of the Rainbow.

At the end of the episode the eccentric Goose Gladwell, based on Willy Wonka, cons Bart Simpson out of his T-shirt business and makes his escape behind a Crescent Moon cape.

Notice the word BUZZ (as in Lightyear) at the top right.

Having aligned with the MOON Goose falls through a Trap DOOR.

Larry Miller (the guy who voiced the Goose in Alpha & Omega and XR /RX in the Buzz Lightyear TV show) also made a guest appearance in an old Seinfeld episode.

Larry Miller was The DOORman.

This Door connection gathers more momentum if we take another look at The Simpsons Fatman and Little Boy.

In the intro sequence of the Goose Gladwell episode the Simpsons family are swallowed by a giant fish...

...the exact same type which tries to swallow DORY, pronounced DOORy, in the movie Finding Nemo.

This fish leads DOORy to P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney, OZ.

Dory was voiced by Ellen DeGeneres...

As Kev mentioned earlier:

The Goose is the Peach is the Queen
is the Door to Heaven.


Hanging in Flin Flon in my room at the Victoria Hotel. I just finished chatting with Kev through FaceBook (FB/62 - movie released on 1/10/10). I then surf a bit more on TV. I notice one of the channels is called PEACHTREE. So I take a picture. Next I sit down to read this post. Happy Libra.


Last year I had this little sync explosion involving Pelicans. I briefly mentioned it on twitter.
I'm into Julia Roberts because of stuff like her Jupiter entrainment in Mystic Pizza. Well, I'm into Julia Roberts for many reasons...

Kevin shows how the Pelican and Goose resonate and how there symbolism interchanges on the empress Tarot cards.

I sat down to re-watch The Pelican Brief one day, a film I clearly remember watching as a teen on the big screen on my birthday.
I was thinking about The Pelican Brief when only a short while later Steve Carell said "The Pelican Brief" as I passed a television playing an episode of The Office. Sync and Sign is the same thing.
The Pelican Brief (document the film is named for) itself, which Julia as Darby Shaw writes, shows her address as 42 Beau Lac Lane.
(Just a thought. Been seeing lots of Lanes, as in Diane Lane and Changing Lanes with Ben Stiller. pLANEt also entrains.. TINkering...)
2010 above, Pelican Brief below

Noticed a shot in The Pelican Brief where a scene of the sun fades into a shot of another, for a brief moment then looking like the Twin Suns in 2010.
When I typed in 2010 to find the image of the Twin Suns my PC spat out these images as tagged with 2010. 'Accidentally' we see one (named "Windy Hills 2 010") with of Ayahuasquero Juan Flores pointing up with his index finger.
That was cool because it was this very same retreat where me and Jim learned for the first time about the Pointer Finger as associated to Jupiter.
Before each of the two extremely potent Ayahuasca ceremonies we did with Meastro Juan some of us went to the beach/peach.
Jim, our Sync Whole buddy & Ayahuascero, did a ceremony to honor the water and pray for a good journey during that evenings plant sacrament.
At one point he made a bundle of plants and twigs as an offering and set it adrift on the lake.
A few of us noticed how right then a pelican swooped over Jim.
On my way back to the retreat center and ceremony I took note that the pelican is indeed an animal associated to the area. Jim had also told me Juan saw seven pelicans flying overhead and said it was a sign.
The Pelican is flying right across the peach. Compare with the Twin Sun Pelican Brief still also seeing a Pelican right over the sunny peach.
This episode with the Pelican flying overhead and being taken for a sign is much like Glen Beck's incident described by Kevin.
Funny enough my first ever post at The Brave New World Order, where I eventually started writing sync posts, was about Glen Beck.
My initial intention with The Brave New World Order was to share my thoughts on the "Crazy World!" and the "overwhelming proof of 911 as an Inside Job!"
I also had some thoughts on strange synchronicities involving these topics which soon took over and changed my perception of the "Crazy world" and "Inside Job".
The Ayahuasceros above also showed up right on time to further nudge consciousness into balance and realize the peace and joy underlying all that exists.
Now I know the crazy state is just as much inside of me as outside.
Peace In=Peace Out
In medieval Europe, the pelican was thought to be particularly attentive to her young, to the point of providing her own blood when no other food was available. As a result, the pelican became a symbol of the Passion of Jesus and of the Eucharist (see for example the hymn "Adoro te devote", or "Humbly We Adore Thee", by Saint Thomas Aquinas, where in the second to last verse he makes reference to Christ, the loving divine pelican).
Wikipedia Pelican

How perfect that the Pelican/Goose is thought of as symbolic of Christ (HeyZeus/Jupiter) and His Blood.
Ayahuasquero Jim and Juan interact with pelicans then provide the sacrament of the plant. Ayahuasca is the Blood and Holy Eucharist we can drink to make Contact.
In Finding Nemo Geoffrey Rush is Nigel (from Australia/OZ) the Pelican who carries the fish/Jesus (including Goose wearing Ellen) to safety.
Geoffrey is again a bird in Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole, opening today.


I am teaching video to kids from Flin Flon today. I am based in the Flin Flon Community Hall. My room has a nice September display with Geese taking flight.


just cuz..

"You remind me of someone... a man I met in a half-remembered dream.
He was possessed of some radical notions."

"A recon gyrene in an Avatar body... that's a potent mix!
Gives me the goosebumps!"

"This is the Ocean, silly, we're not the only two in here."

"why, why, why, mr anderson..
why do you persist?"

cuz i choose to...


More photos from my day in FLION. (Flin+Flon = Flion).

Joyfully I notice that my picture of The Rainbow's End has the image file number of 4120.

Now to edit and sync deeper.

Peachy Keen



-this doG came from the pound on 7/7/10 from kennel #421,--you may connect him to Jupiter by way of his naming--my wife named him Charlie on the spot, which is also the name of the doG that Burt Reynolds played in All Dogs Go To Heaven, which is true. Welcome!


  1. Philip k Dick on Valis talk about Mother Goose...
    Eric Lampton (# Eric Lampton: rock star, screenwriter, actor, aka "Mother Goose" - apparently a fictionalised version of David Bowie)<-->Mother Goose

    David Bowie DB...

  2. Yes, PKD's fictionalized David Bowie was the earthly father of the Messiah--"the root and offspring of David" Bowie? Maybe we should all watch Labyrinth again and ask why he was so into the Baby Universal with the Power of Voodoo.

    Plus, the first Masonic grand lodge was organized at the Goose and Gridiron in 1717. And the grid-iron syncs nicely with PKD's "black iron prison."

  3. @El,

    A little known SECRET that's no secret at all...

    13,1,19,15,14,9,3 = 74 = 11
    4,1,1,6,5,9,3 = 29 = 11

    10,5,19,21,19 = 74 = 11
    1,5,1,3,1 = 11


  4. 10.30.2010 is the night before Halloween and is more commonly called GATE NIGHT, but wikipedia tells us it's also called GOOSEY Night

    Mischief night or Gate night (also known as Devil's Night, Goosey Night, Cabbage Night and Mizzy Night in some areas) is an annual tradition in parts of England, Canada, and the United States; a night when the custom is for people (primarily teenagers and preeteens) to take a degree of license to play pranks and do mischief to their neighbors. The most common date for mischief night is October 30, the day before Halloween.

    Check this one out...

    12+21+3+9+6+5+18 = 74 = 11
    3+3+3+9+6+5+9 = 38 = 11


  5. Also on 10.30.2010...

    The planet VENUS, orbitting our Earth every 224.7 days, named for the Roman goddess of love and beauty changes from the Evening Star-VESPER to the Morning Star-Lucifer

    On 10.30.2010...(Gate / GOOSEY Night)
    VENUS, although not visible to the naked eye due to its position between Earth and Sun, will rise at the same time as our SUN over the East horizon. (very last day as EVENING Star)

    then on Halloween, All SAINTS Eve (10.31.2010)
    VENUS will rise moments before our SUN over the East Horizon making it the MORNING STAR.


  6. (sorry i couldn't put all these in one post comment but blogger kept crapping out on me when i tried to post it all as one)

    VENUS (Lucifer) is goddess of LOVE

    JESUS's prime commandment...


    Venus is our closest NEIGHBOR planet.

    Bible, Book of REVELATION Chapter 22: King JAMES Version
    16 I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.

    Venus is also the ONLY planet in our solar system with a FEMALE name... Therefore also the ONLY planet that can be a "Momma"!!

    ... and it wasn't until Milton's book, PARADISE LOST that Lucifer-VENUS and by equal value in english gematria, JESUS, were given ANY negative meanings.

    Venus-Lucifer-Vesper is 38 million kms from Earth.


  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Thanks everyone, honored to share with all of your bright stars, much Love!!!!

  9. OOPS!
    Should've been written as:

    "The planet VENUS, orbitting our SUN every 224.7 Earth days."

    A single DAY (sunrise to sunset) is longer on VENUS than its year...
    1 day on Venus takes 243 Earth days.

    Read more about VENUS at Wikipedia


  10. For those who never knew...

    The Christian churches (both Eastern and Western) has evening prayer called...


  11. beautiful syncs! that last photo with the two geese facing each other at the bottom reminded me of the previous sync whole posts showing the glyph of jupiter mirrored against itself, looking like two swans and making the shape of a heart - you know the one?
    from wikipedia:"Swans, genus Cygnus, are birds of the family Anatidae, which also includes GEESE and ducks. Swans are grouped with the closely related GEESE in the subfamily Anserinae where they form the tribe Cygnini."
    silly goose!:)

  12. Beutiful additions Richard! What a trip, "my goose is cooked!" much love <3

  13. @Cosmic Ti69er, RA

    a couple pop culture syncs to go with Jim's "PEACHTREE" addition:

    Tonight Show w / Jay Leno (Thurs, 9.23.2010) had Brian Wilson of the "b"each ("P"each / PEACe) "b"oys.

    (and a WHOLE lot more!)

    Carson Daly (9.23.2010 (early morn 9/24), had Janelle Monae...
    in 2005 had single "Peachtree Blues" (click for youtube vid)


  14. ohh.. should add...
    a relevant observation to consider...

    How is 9 = 42 and 6 ??
    (If 6 was 9)

    NINE = 14 + 9 + 14 + 5

    Think "Baseball"


  15. This post is sooooo good, like a summer peach, as ripe and good as they get. Juicy, sweet, hairy! Thank you Kevin. You always bring out the best in us all.

    Richard, you never cease to completely amaze me.
    Toure, love it.

    this is turning into a love fest, so I'll stop. . .

    ohh Libra by the weigh, was a latin unit of measure. It is why we in the US, abbreviate pounds w/ lbs (likely)--for Libra, balance. I thought of this because my dog came from the pound.
    take care all.
    much love to you all.

  16. I was raised by my stepfather Fred Goossen. Trip indeed. Honk honk. Dennis

  17. I really like this post. As I was reading along I remembered an old school nursery rhyme that we were taught...Goosey Goosey Gander where shall I wander...wikipedia has a nice write up on this, as does-
    - It's headed - Zealous Protestants & Secret Priest Holes!!!!!

    As I checked my daily news sites including 'FloridaOilSpillLaw' I found a new synch report - I wonder if you have seen it?

    "ALL KINDS of sea birds PARALYZED and DEAD..."
    It starts with.. "Dead swans waking up Southwest Florida news rooms.."

    A goose by any other name!

  18. Wow, Amazing additions everyone, this is beutiful, I love Your doggy Charlie and the Geese Doug! Beutiful :) <3

  19. POP goes the culture again...

    Pic of Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory on Wikipedia...

    Jim in the Goose t-shirt


  20. Suppaduppaflow!!!
    “Sorry, Goose, but it's time to buzz the tower”

  21. Isn't it beautiful how sometimes the subtle truths go unnoticed??

    Mother Goose = Mother Fowl
    = Mother FLOW


  22. Mother Goose!!! ALSO SPRACH ZARATHUSTRA!!!!

  23. What a trip, heartwarming, I love you all! <3

  24. wow, good eye StrangEye! :)

    also, to jake:
    yesterday i was thinking about the "lanes" that you mentioned you've been seeing...lane/road/avenue/street=a path for traffic to flow. which reminds me of mercury because of the association with communication and transportation. and of course mercury/hermes is thoth, the BIRD headed father of language!

    diane(lane)- diane from diana, meaning divine, and the very feminine lunar goddess. diane lane=the divine feminine way?
    interesting, the other day i was walking downtown with my mom while she was visiting, and someone handed us a flier about dianetics, at the time i had no idea what it was, my mother explained to me that it was practiced by scientologists and it had to do with changing the way you think. etymology says that the word comes from the greek dianoetikos: "of or for thinking; (there's mercury again) interesting though that dianetics contains the word diane.

    separately, i also thought of neil lane, "favorite jeweler to the stars". also neil can be neal which is lane. in his collection they also feature the LEO diamond, which comes with it's own "Return of Light" Certificate. How appropriate :)

    anyhow, this post just keeps on inspiring new thoughts and connections!

  25. @Crystal Rose

    I'll give you 1 guest who made her way into the culture consciousness via The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno (Mentioned in previous comments in this article)

    You got it... DIANE LANE
    (Wife of Josh Brolin who resonates ABE.L via their shared birthday of 02/12)

    Josh will be playing "Young Agent K" in the next release of M.I.B. (Men In Black 3) in 2012.


  26. Just remembered this!

    Boom Box by SNL, featuring Boiled GOose