Monday, May 31, 2010

Star Cup 2: Days of Thunder

Made this combo on Friday (on the opening day of Prince of Persia 28 May) to show the arising Sand/Dune theme.
Noticed that Sex and the City 2 which opened the day before Prince Of Persia on the 27th also had the Sand/Dune theme. Above is Gemma Arterton's character poster as compared to Sarah Jessica Parker's both with Sand/Dune.
Gemma Arterton is Strawberry Fields in James Bond Flick Quantum of Solace; fascinating as SJP has a new line of Strawberry scented perfume...
The number 27 (veiled by a simple 2) has come up via sync as associated to the Moon. The same day SatC 2 was released just happened to be a Full Moon.

Both Silver (a color traditionally associated to Luna) and 27 can be associated to the Moon. The Moon can be thought of as the cup that receives the light of the sun, thus a Star Cup. The Cup as associated to the Moon is highly appropriate as it is a female sphere of the White Goddess just like Carrie above.
Have noticed these Vesica double O's as strange attracting to the Moon in movies for a while. This happens again when we look closely at SatC 2.
Carrie carries a purse by Coco Chanel who's Logo is the Twin C Vesica's.
So, a Movie that resonates the moon with 2/27, Silver, The White Goddess and Vesica opens on the Full Moon of 27th May. Pretty Powerful stuff.
That same day I had been invited over to friends to watch Dune who's poster has the Sand and Moon/Cup theme.
Realized while watching it that Kyle MacLachlan was also in the TV series Sex and the City.

Sand is also Pans meaning "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" resonates "Time of Pans" aka the current period of becoming Pan/Whole/Totality. I love that the Prince Of Persia poster with KINGsley has Fog/Vapor just like House of Sand and Fog with JC (thus resonating Jesus Christ) Jennifer Connelly.
Kingsley is famed as the Oscar/Golden Boy winner of Ghandi. He then resonates the Mahatma/Great Soul or one who is aligned with the Heart Whole.

The same day as Prince of Persia (also POP) was released 28 May lightning struck the Knox United Church in Winnipeg.

"I saw a blue flash"

May 29th Dennis Hopper reverse birthed. We see below that he is in Elegy with Ben Kingsley and Penelope Cruz.
In literature, an elegy is a mournful, melancholic or plaintive poem, especially a funeral song or a lament for the dead.

Fascinating as Penelope made a cameo appearance in Sex and The City 2.

So three of the Stars above in Elegy were highlighted this weekend by the films that opened and by dying.
Last week Jim posted this image as associated to our video for C Thoma Howell called Star Cup.
Kevin noticed this Crowley Thoth deck Tarot card entrains with the Champagne pyramid a short while later as we went into the Bp Oil Spill. This depicts how the Joy flows from the top of the MounTIN into all our hearts.

A pyramid of hearts that is being poured into the now and will build the new world.
Because of sync me and Jim decided to watch A Sound Of Thunder last night starring Ben Kingsley from Prince of Persia and Elegy..
KaBoom! as the first scene with the Mahatma in time traveling themed A Sound of Thunder, just like Prince of Persia (where Kingsley is the BAD/214 guy..) has the Star Cup Pyramid of Happiness.

Now we are off to go watch Mr Kingsley in Prince of Persia to drink more from the Star Cup!
Love from my P!nk heart.

Kevin: Beutyfool work up there :) I love the Pink flow, as per usual I didnt have to think or wait very long for the Pink to make its way into my consciousness after all my g8or brothers were tweeting about it last night.

Last night after reading about everyones Pink tweets I happened to be looking into the film "Contact" which prominently features many Sattelite Dishes, or literal - Star Cups on the Cover. Also Note the C- in Contact which is emphasized, Cs ca turn over and be U a Cup to contain Love, Flow, Spirits, and the Cosmic Intelligence of PoP-the Stars!

Contact features Jodie Foster as "Eleanor Arroway" Arrow-Way, the Way of the Arrow, like the Sagitarian Bowman, like David Bowman who acheives Contact via the Jupiter Monoith in 2001 A Space Odyssey.

I was Joyd up to see the PINK sands when Jodie Foster enters the Stargate and goes to the "Other Side" in Contact. She meets an Alien Intelligence which takes the form of her father, and tells her that humanity is about to take the first step.

As it turns out, PINK Floyds Echoes album is one of the more popular Album and Movie " Syncs' that people enjoy listening to while watching "Contact". One of the most popular is PINK Floyd and the Wizard of Oz, also known as Dark Side of the Rainbow.

Nuit our Lady of the Stars can be seen on "The STAR" Tarot card, being the Aquarius Tarot card we can see she bears the Star Cups of flow, shes pouring the contents of the NOW over the Solar System as it Crystalizes into the Flow.

I was also overJoyed to see that the week of Cosmic Ti69er this June 18th-24th will be blessed by the "Contact" Alignment of Uranus(the Fool-Baby) and Jupiter(Fortune). I made a little collage of info that inspires me about this Summer.

Much Love all u Shining Stars :) <3>

The Thunderous Silence of Contact.
Dennis Hopper is also with Kyle MacLachlan in Blue Velvet..
Realized today that Sex and The City opening this week gives us the Cup.
This one a pink MarTINi with the WTC!
And that the other major release "Prince of Persia" is the sword. The union of man and woWman, sun and moon.
Then I saw this Crop Circle that was reported today with the Sperm/Sword and Concentric Circle/Egg/Cup..

This is the full Star/Sun Cup/Moon. The cup receives the signal/sword and the Gr8 Work is done.


  1. Whoa. I think the Maydays of Thunder did the job. Time for the month of Junity!

    Peace all



  3. synk pynk!

    you haven't lost a step in all these years; that eye is as sharp as ever. the Chanel bag? brilliant catch.

    Our whole bad/good thing is exemplified by this Oil Spill... i see the connections, the signs, and still i'm reluctant to see the 'silver lining' in something so ridiculously horrible for our life here on earth. then i'm reminded of our synk all-spark, 9/11, but on a practical global scale, the comparison seems to weaken. then again, its been so long since 01. all healing and dealing, i suppose.

    very clean synkage here... i have got to get on the ball. i'm usually slower on the draw, but i've been practically asleep at the wheel lately. it's like i'm synking a few steps behind; really frustrating sometimes.

    anyways, very well done.

  4. here is an interesting caveat with the moon and 42 I recently found and thought would be interesting to look into futher in terms of the numbers. and the moon being fake and unreal and not really bein a natural satellite perhaps..who ever put it there knew something about 42.