Sunday, May 23, 2010

Star Cup

JIM: This is the newest sync video for Radio8Ball done my Jake and myself. It is not done. I was too pressed for time and had to wrap it up in time to make the Radio8Ball show tonight with C Thomas Howell. I plan to finish it tomorrow and repost it.

Amazing enlightened work as usual Jake.

But I still thing it rocks. Just needs a bit more polishing (some edits/ more graphic explanation/ more music mixes etc...). If you wonder what the Jazzy tune is for most of the video it's SUN RA and THE SOLAR ARKESTRA'S ON JUPITER.

I wanted to have it posted before Lost ends tonight. So here it is:

Stargazers present STAR CUP....

Star Cup - C Thomas Howell from Syncwinnipeg on Vimeo.


  1. C Thomas Howell was also in Grandview USA with Patrick Swayze

  2. Just watched it for the 2nd time. I always find these 8ball videos gets better and better with repeat viewings. Great work!

  3. I agree Richard... I keep thinking of that scene in Wolverine Orgin's when they're talking about the Wolverine howling though.

  4. I LOVE SUN RA!!!!

  5. Great vid. The ET scene with the stainedglass/bluebird/yellowflower/lightshade forming a blue 3T Howl halo really WOWed!

    Peace Gaitöres

  6. Very interesting work. I had some connections with this occur on the day this was posted. I recently started a group at called the Collective Unconscious Project (CUP). I have been planning to create a logo using a cup image. On Sunday, I was at the family cottage (Ontario - I see you're in Manitoba). I ran into a man I haven't seen since childhood, and I remarked how he looked so much like C. Thomas Howell. His name was Les Whitehouse (less government, freedom). He was fixing an antique boat called a Disappearing Propeller boat (no idea if that means something, just throwing it in there). I watched the Lost finale that night, on an island. The next day my daughter drew a picture of a hand with a face in the palm area, and a face on the tip of each of the fingers, and it's very similar to the image in your right column here. I'll write something about this in the Evolver group which is here:

    John Topp

  7. Great vid.

    The photo at the top of this post is exactly like a Fountain described over and over again in the book "Sirens of Titan" which has contained so much synchronistic wealth for me.
    ...And the hits just keep on coming.