Monday, July 6, 2009

LL Blackstar

I watched the Deal last night with William H. Macy, Meg Ryan and LL Cool J. The Blue & Gold theme of the above poster tells me we are on the right track.

LL Cool J is the really hot thing about this film.

LL Cool J has been interesting as his name resonates EL, or God, as well as 1212, or 1221/ABBA. (L is the 12th letter of the Alphabet.)

In the Deal, he plays a huge Black Star (very much like he is in "real" life) who has recently converted to Judaism. 

His name is Bobby MASON. He sports the Star of David on his head as part of his look. 

In the film within the film he has a climactic battle in what is referred to as the Temple. 

I find that El, Blackstar, Mason, and Temple all resonate the Manitoba Legislature to a T.

This version of the poster below reveals a nice double X, one in the director's chair and one on the script. XX marks the spot. 


  1. Funny how you guys have been talking about Arks and Black Stars/Holes, I have spent the last few days watching this:

    It's long but worth it, he covers so much of everything that the Sync Web has been resonating over the last year: Pyramids, Black holes, 2010 the year we make contact, Jupiter, crop circles, the Temple of Solomon, galactic centre, and then finally the Ark!

  2. From

    Michael Jackson signed his last will on 7-7-02, seven years to the day he will be memorialized and buried.

    Also, the person above me posted Haramein's lecture (excellent, btw), so i'll take this opportunity to post another good one by David Flynn. Cheers.