Saturday, July 11, 2009

11 Lightning Strikes on July 11th...

Lightning Strikes Delay Endeavour's Launch

"Twice delayed in June, NASA again scratches its mission to the International Space Station after 11 lightning strikes are recorded in the launch area. After a check of all systems, NASA hopes to finally get the mission under way July 12."

"NASA called off the launch of the space shuttle Endeavour for a third time July 11 after lightning strikes in the 'C'ape 'C'anaveral area prompted the space agency to move the liftoff to July 12. The mission to deliver equipment to the International Space Station was scratched twice in June due to a mysterious launch pad hydrogen gas leak that appears to be resolved."

Do you see what I see? Lightning never strikes the same place twice right?


On Thorsday the 2nd of July the Highlands of Scotland encountered a pretty amazing Thunder Storm (we don't get many so any loud noise from a skyward direction is considered 'amazing'). I watched the spectacle unfold above my hometown of Thurso (named after Thor, the Norse God of Storms) as a beautiful scorching Summers day suddenly turned into torrential rain and booming thunder. While at work earlier on in the day we had warning that an electrical storm was arriving because all the PC's in the office kept shutting down. I like how Father Zeus/Jupiter/Thor, or Mother Earth, gives us subtle warnings before She/He strikes.
Someone in Thurso caught a snippet of the storm on camera and published it on Youtube. The clip starts off with the words 'Oh Jesus' before we get a glimpse of a chequerboard floor followed by the Lightning strike:

Notice that the Lightning illuminates the sky exactly 42 seconds into the vid:

Numerous properties were flooded during the storm and the roof of one house was split wide open (with the occupants still inside) due to a lightning strike. The unlucky owners watched as their property burned, gone in the blink of an eye. I take this as a reminder that life can suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, change in a flash.


  1. Lightening hit a Hydro pole right near my house
    a couple of days ago. Scared the beegeebus out of me and my fam.
    Lots of lightening is a good thing. Nice to see the wolves flowing once again.

  2. Man last night was the craziest lightning storm I've ever seen. It started out just big lightning all the way a cross the sky. Around here you can see everything for miles, so it was cool, the sun going down and peeking behind clouds, lightning and then random showers here and there. It ended up getting dark and cloudy across the whole sky and then it frigin was non stop lightning, almost like strobe lights or Fantasia's Wizards Apprentice on shrooms. It was great and after it left and cleared up you could watch it roll out in to Kansas. What a powerful night.

  3. Great story man. I "borrowed" your story cause there were some real crazy syncs happening over at my blog that this story 'shined some lightning on" for me. Thanks for your site, good stuff.

    If you want to check out my post here you go

  4. "Mike Moses, chairman of that team, said there were 11 lightning strikes within three-tenths of a mile of the pad, although none of them struck the shuttle, external tank or the two solid rocket boosters."

  5. I updated my post with some interesting pictures of the astronauts. Check em out at the bottom of my post. Throwing some gang signs, lol.

  6. I'm reminded that Swine Flu is also called H1/(one) N1.

  7. Interesting that it happened on 7-11:

    The dimensions of the Pyramid were chosen so as to embody the factor 7 and the factor 11; this is made most clear by the side which is 11/7 of the height.

  8. I left that one for you Tommy..Siriusly