Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another trembling LEG (Happy Feet)

Today I checked out the latest news on the BBC website and came across this article about the recent rumblings in New Zealand called Tsunami alert after NZ earthquake.

I learned that: 'A strong earthquake has shaken New Zealand, generating a small tsunami and briefly putting the country on alert.
The US said a 7.8-magnitude quake hit off the south-west tip of New Zealand, 161km (100 miles) west of Invercargill at a depth of 33km.
The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii detected a small tsunami and issued a warning for New Zealand. The quake was detected at 2122 local time (0922 GMT), reports said.'

The article goes on to say that: 'The US Geological Survey (USGS) and Japanese seismologists classified the quake as a 7.8-magnitude event, but authorities in New Zealand suggested it could have been weaker. New Zealand's Institute of Geological and Nuclear Science measured it at magnitude 6.6.'

A second earthquake, provisionally measured at magnitude 5.8 by the USGS, was detected shortly after the first event.'

After the L'Aquila earthquake, which took place on the LEG of Italy, I've been paying much closer attention to any reports of seismic activity. While wondering what syncnificance this latest quake in New Zealand might yield I checked out a map and noticed that the similarities with the Italy quake were quite remarkable:

When we look at the island of New Zealand from a slightly different angle we see that they also form the shape of a LEG:

Here's the previous Quake/Leg synchronicity involving Robin Tunney and the movie Cherish:

Earlier this year the Achilles Heel of Europe was symbolically struck, which brought to mind the fall of the mighty Achilles. At the time I interpreted this event to be a sign that the Pope, and therefore Christianity, had just been dealt a mortal blow. This Fall might be taking place in slow motion, which is why we haven't seen an obvious impact (yet), but it seems to be a Fall nonetheless. As more and more people begin to explore their own personal relationship with the Divine the need for a 'middle-man' (the Pope/Priests) is becoming somewhat obsolete. The Chain which has bound so many people to dogmatic religious belief systems seems to be breaking.

If we look again at the shape of New Zealand we see that there is a clear break between the Foot and the Leg. On that break we find the city of Wellington, the capital of NZ:

The city of Wellington resonates with the rubber Wellington Boot and further emphasizes the resonance between NZ and the Leg/Foot:

We find the Wellington Boot in this low-budget New Zealand flick called SisterHOOD. The word HOOD naturally resonates with the ROBIN ('Robin Hood') and we've already seen Robin Tunney's involvement on the Cherish poster. The recent earthquake struck the top of the New Zealand 'Leg' and here we see the word 'hood' highlighting the top of the Leg once again:

In Empire Records we see the bald Robin once again connected to the concentric circles, but notice that the boy in Red has placed his Foot (for no apparent reason) on the top of her Leg:

I'm not sure how I stumbled across this next image but as soon as I saw it I knew it was somehow connected to the NZ Quake. Here we see the Leg of Olivia Newton John (initials ONJ, or when reversed: JNO) beginning to turn White as she reaches for Xanadu. White is a color associated with Spirit and Purification:

There's been a very strong Female vibe in both the Italy and New Zealand quakes (thanks to Tunney and the movie 'Sisterhood') and this makes sense when we consider that Mother Earth is the one who instigated these events. I interpret this as the rise of the Divine Feminine and the awakening of the Goddess. She seems to be starting at the Foot and working her way Up.

If we look at the poster for the recent Broadway version we find the Rainbow (resonating Juno/JNO/Jupiter), the PEGasus (think PEG LEG) and even a Disco Ball which highlights the top of the male Skaters leg:

If this trend continues then we should see (and I hesitate to say this) another quake later this year which will strike the 'main body' of a country/continent. We've seen the Achilles Heel tremble in Italy. We've now seen the top of the Leg tremble in New Zealand. If we follow this Rise then the Groin or Navel seems to be the next natural step up the Ladder. Time will tell...

Before wrapping this up I just want to point out one more interesting sync involving New Zealand. Mr. Kotze recently wrote about the Robin Tunney/Cherish sync in his ace post Chain of Events.

At the very end of the post, almost as an afterthought, Jake mentions his encounter with the Kiwi. In this photo (taken at Stella's) he showed how the Kiwi entrains with the Cracked Egg and the K2 mountain:

The Kiwi is a bird which is native to New Zealand. If we consider that Jake starts the post with the Tunney/Cherish/Italy Earthquake image, and ends it on the Kiwi (resonating the NZ quake), we can see that this post has a prophetic feel about it. This latest quake seems to be one more link in this long Chain of Events.

I've been getting a little obsessive about the Nose recently (I Gno you've all Gnoticed!) but this is simply my way of trying to work things out. The Nose syncs bugged the hell out of me at first but I feel that things are gradually coming together.

I couldn't help but notice that the letters NZ (representing New Zealand) resonate with the NOSE.


While looking for a picture of the Kiwi bird I came across this article focusing on Rihannas Maori-inspired hand tattoo:

Jim brought to light the connection between the Broken Nose, the late MJ and the Sphinx in Michael and the Ark.

Toure's been taking a closer look at Rihanna over at The Patternist and this Goddess resonator has recently been in the public eye due to her assault at the hands of Chris Brown. When this first came to light there was much speculation about how serious her injuries were. One of these speculations involved her Broken NZ:

The Kiwi of NZ connected to the NZ of Rihanna. Go figure!

L8r G8rs


I took this shot earlier today before reading this post by Richard.

I had bought new laces for my shoes as one of them had snapped.

The brand is called Kiwi (a bird native to and iconic of New Zealand) and remembering the quake which I had read about this morning and earlier K2 syncs, I felt it might prove relevant.

This happening resonates the highlighted foot/shoe and place associated to the quake, New Zealand, all that Richard talks about above.
Perhaps the planet is moving its feet to the music of Joy.
The MOON(NOW)Walker's reverse birth also highlights Happy dancing Feet.


  1. The earthquake had a (possible) magnitude of 6.6. 66/W/23. Even the 7.8 magnitude resonates well, if 7 is replaced with G it becomes G8, which took place in L'Aquila where the last LEG earthquake took place.

    Chris Brown/CB=32/23

    Awesome post!

  2. You got the LEG thing pegged.

    Interbreasting fractoid RA

  3. Hi,

    I am a Kiwi (colloqial name for New Zealanders) who lives in NZ.
    I had to smile as I read your inspired see my retail store just hired a sales girl who just happens to be Italian. She talks loudly about Italy all day long, and plays a Dean Martin CD called "Volare" for all to hear.

    Oh btw, I live in Auckland (as in Orc land from "Lord of the Rings") at the other end of the country, we didn't feel the quake.

    Love from NZ,