Monday, July 13, 2009

If you believe.. If you belly Eve..

This is kind of an update to the article Man Moon Jake posted a while back. Have a look and come back to read this if you wish.

Think of Jim Carrey's roles while watching this. I almost think he could have played the part.

Here's a trailer for MOON...

While watching this preview I realized, about half way through, that it shared obvious resonances with themes discussed here. Mainly The Truman show. This film will tie into Jim Carrey's vortex, fractal, blob pattern quite easily. But I'm pretty sure this preview sums most of it up already.

'The recycled man on the moon' should have been the title.

Imagine picture yourself ...Ok... This dude... is a man... that has been recycled in order to keep some poor soul on the moon to keep this robot happy. The robot remakes this guy every three years and passes his SPARK from one meat bag to the next. But wait! He starts to wake up and realize hes been here before. The Twin black cats loop and all hell breaks loose.


  1. Thats Richard's find. I f@#king love it.

  2. Seems like the moon has been busy. It wont go away over at my blog either. I like that other Jim Carey post you shared the link to, good shit!

    P.S. I woulda liked to see you try and tie in some Wiploc from 'Earth Girls Are Easy' & some Johnny Squares from 'The Dead Pool' syncs in there, lol.

  3. I belly Eve Jon, I belly Eve!!!

  4. Also theres Twillight and the new moon doc on the apollo landing coming out. Vampires aligning with M.J's theme of selling your soul naturalmente..

    Please write some more on this stuff guy - its entertaining