Friday, July 17, 2009

Apo'll'o 11 comes into Focus...

While typing up this article I glance over to see what my Daughters watching on TV. Toot and Puddle visit Cape Canaveral. No shit... I fixate on the show as my syncbumps appear. The two characters begin to play with cubes while wearing space gloves. Toot and puddle wearing space suits, one blue, and one yellow...of course. "Toot & Puddle: The Show Must Go On; Astronaut Camp" Couldn't find any pics. Aaaanyways...

This article carries offah' the post 'If you Believe' Where I drew attention to the strangness happening at NASA these days...these glorious weird days...

First - "Perhaps 6 times is charm. After delays from weather and two hydrogen leaks, Endeavor got a clear pass from mother nature, and lifted off at 6:03pm EDT Wednesday evening. It was a beautiful, but then again... all complete launches are." Accourding to "Around Kennedy Space Center, each square mile of ground is struck by lightning on average 42 times per year ... so much for lightning not striking twice!"

I found this 'random' wikki entry on lightning, "The Empire State Building is struck by lightning on average 23 times each year, and was once struck 8 times in 24 minutes."

Second - Shuttle foam sparks new NASA worries "CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - The space shuttle Endeavour's astronauts inspected their ship for damage Thursday as NASA struggled to understand why a normally benign section of the fuel tank lost so much foam during liftoff." Count how many holes...

Third - "Forty years after the fact, some of the most historic moments of Apollo 11's televised moonwalk have been brought into sharper focus using computerized image processing techniques."

"The bulk of the lost foam peeled away from the central area of Endeavour's fuel tank in 6-inch strips, six minutes after liftoff when it's too late to pose any threat." Article here.

I also read somewhere(lost the damn link!) That the foam pieces were 6 inches cubed.
I'm shaking my head like a wet bird right now and thinking I'm paying to much attention to numbers. But in my unemployed state of mind this is what I get...

6th attempt.
6" cubed, foam holes 6 minutes into flight.
6 men. 1 woman.
13 total at the ISS.
11 lightning strikes.
Apo 11 o 11 film restored.

"The mission came just one day shy of launching on the 40th anniversary of man’s first lunar landing attempt, Apollo 11. On July 16, 1969 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins lifted off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to begin manned exploration of the lunar surface.":

L8or G8ors....


  1. Scary stuff about the shuttle. It may be next in line to have a disaster.. "The CHALLENGER COLOMBIA ENDEVOURs for the DISCOVERY of ATLANTIS."

  2. Does thou Universe loath thy feeble attempts to soar? I mean COME ON already! How many near missis are we gonna have? Oi Vain!

  3. The Trinity Test happened on July 16th 1945, exactly 44 years earlier

    One I assume opened inner spaces while the rocket did oppzit.

    Its 11:11:11:11

    1969 + 44 = 2013


  4. That is too much to ignore Ewan.
    Blending all that together was mind altering.

    LHC and Trinity = Fus ion
    NASA = Fus moon(october)

    Keep your Ion the moon...


  5. Should keep my I on the numbers

    Cupidity 44 - Wisdom 24

    Apollygeez for crackerjack computin'