Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Eagle G8

Earthquake plus G8 meeting in the city of the Eagle seems to point to the Eagle G8, whatever that is. I find the turtle as logo is perfect as I believe the Eagle G8 is a door into an awakened Turtle Island (Turtle Island being more than just north America but rather Pangaea, or the time when the land was one. A land of the lost perhaps.)

Notice how Barack "Black Eagle" Obama is wearing blue and his wife
is in Gold, as well they are framed by the blue sky.

This Blue & Gold theme is still going strong in the movie realms as the soon to be released 500 Days of Summer is all blue & gold. To top it off, the movie star OZ/NOW resonater ZOOEY DESCHANEL, who's face is plastered all over the poster, including in the 12 Rayed Golden star.


  1. Just now realized I'm wearing my Ninja Turtles shirt. 4 turtles.

    Ninja Turtles are somewhat rainbow-like, seen here in a cross position (or forming one larger multi-headed turtle, either way they form into one symbol much like the turtles in the G8 logo)

  2. Nice.. Zooey is such a strong resonator.