Wednesday, July 8, 2009

speaking of gates...(its all in the hips..)

I've been working on this since a few days after Mike passed, around the time when all those bubbles were popping over here... the piece was inspired by the arch over the Gates to NeverLand. Unbeknownst to me, Jim was cooking this up. The mind-popping synch-ups that happen here sometimes feel like learning to think in another language...

In Arrowsmith's newest, Blue Flowers, starts off with a synch "scream" ("wink" seemed insufficient) from a songbird in the form of Pan. Peter Pan has left us here in neverland and shockwaves are still being felt throughout the synchrosphere.

"To die will be an awfully big adventure"

As yet untitlied. I kinda like The Eagle Gate...
any title suggestions?

~Kidd~ I was waiting to see if Elvis comes into play here. I thought someone would have brought him in by now. Ive been thinking about them kings and such...

Digging the legs on the sidebar here....the Music leg fractal.



  1. The REeagleg8 mash-up is dope, Toure.

    green wv = obame

  2. N "EVE" R land.... In Eve, Our Land

    The turtleportal is wide open...

  3. yes the legs are the arch for sure. nice one.
    crazy how he resonates with the ark

  4. The Roots ?uestlove and a bunch of other artists have been working on some beautiful music. In the wake of the MJ's transferrence and the subsequent rituals the crew have released this track as for the creators the event altered the resonance of the tune. It's a revisit of "Take Me With You" originally by The Artist Formally Known As Prince... They renamed it "Purple Flip". It's nice.

  5. I didn't mean to drawn reference to the legs as arches. I like that too. That reminds me of the book of Revelations chapter 10.

    I was drawing attention to the King of rock and King of pop. Also we see that the legs and feet are given special attention and are then turned into logos. I mean to show how the artists become the art in the land of OZ.