Friday, July 9, 2010

Moving from A to B via the red-C

Actress Dakota Fanning plays the role of Jane in the movie Twilight Eclipse.

In the intro of Twilight Eclipse a guy called Riley leaves a bar and passes the XXX (more on this at the end of the post).

He steps out into the rain and is stalked by a vampire as he walks home.
As Riley tries to escape the Predator he heads to the docks and runs past a boat bearing numbers associated with the planet Jupiter:

Having been bitten on the palm of the hand by a rogue vamp Riley's transformation takes place in front of ark 421:

The venomous bite resembles a Red-C:

In Twilight Eclipse the new-born vampire Riley is watched over by Jane/Dakota Fanning.

Dakota also starred in Speilburgs War of the Worlds.

Both movie posters show a Black Sun highlighted by a Red C-rescent:

On Sunday, July 11th 2010, a total eclipse of the Sun will be visible from Mangaia (Cook Islands) and Easter Island (Rapa Nui).

July 11th is a much anticipated date as it also marks the end of the War of the World Cup.

Dakota Fanning is an actress who entrains with Eclipses and World Cups.

Above we see that the 3-pronged alien hand and the raised arms of the World Cup Golden Boys create a shape resembling that of a Trident.

In this Dragonfly poster we see that the Trident is symbolic of 3 different forks/branches/paths. In the movie this Trident symbol is associated with the Cross on which Christ was Crucified.

Dakota Fanning also did the voice for a character named Coraline.

Throughout the movie Coraline wears a Dragonfly in her hair:

In this image we see that the Dragonfly is replaced by a Blue Butterfly:

Dragonflies and Blue Butterflies seem to have something in common.

In a post called The Sink Hole, Lightning Struck Tower & Thunderous Blue Butterflies I wrote about a Blue Butterfly which appeared in a 3D TV commercial.

Looking back at the advert I noticed that the Cube is present in the 3D logo:

While hiking out of Mayantuyacu in Peru on the 18th May 2010 Jim came to a bridge where he encountered a Blue Morpho Butterfly. Jim was recording his walk through the jungle and managed to capture the moment:

Blue Morphing from Syncwinnipeg on Vimeo.

One of the Nazca Lines in Peru is associated with the Parrot or Libellula (aka Dragonfly).

The Parrot and Dragonfly resonate one another.

In the movie Dragonfly Kevin Costner returns home with a Box/Cube under his arm and says hello to his Blue Parrot named 'Big Bird':

KKostner opens the Box and inside he finds a Prizm Dragonfly Mobile:

Dragonflies, Blue Birds/Parrots and Butterflies all sync with one another.

Ashton Kutchers 7/7 tweet directs our attention to the July 11th Solar Eclipse which will be visible for the very first time on Easter Island:

KKoster (star of Dragonfly and Rapa Nui aka Easter Island) and KKutcher (Blue Butterfly Effect) both star together in The Guardian.

In this poster a Pentagram shaped helicopter-blade aligns with the Tidal Wave (Surf the Net for more on this).

I'd like to finish this off by following one more lead via Dakota Fanning.

Here we see Dakota/Coraline standing in the shadow of her Other Mother.

The Dark MoM standing behind Coraline was voiced by actress Teri Hatcher.

On July 7th the final episode of Desperate Housewives (Season 6 episode 23 "I Guess This is Goodbye") played here in the UK.

Out of curiosity I decided to check out the season finale and watched as Teri Hatcher packs up her belongings and says farewell to her neighbours. Due to financial reasons she's been forced to sell her house and leave home.

Symbolically we could say that Teri has Hatched - i.e. the time has come for her to leave the nest.

As the Other Mother reluctantly leaves the street the new owner of her home pulls into her driveway. The cars registration reads DBB 492.

The new tennant exits the car, enters the empty nest and signs a new contract of ownership:

The camera zooms out to reveal that Paul Young (don't ask me who he is!) has returned.

What I find interesting here is that Paul Young is played by an actor named (MM/2K) Mark Moses.

The Return of Moses seems to have something to do with the opening of the Red-C(resent):

Mark Moses starred alongside MarTin Lawrence in this mOther Man movie:

I still have no idea what all these Mother Man synchronicities mean but I trust that time will tell.

Poco a poco as Maestro Jim would say. Slowly, slowly.

*one last thing and then I'll shut up.

Drake Bell (the guy who was bitten by a radioactive Dragonfly in the Superhero Movie) starred as the Hare in this movie. I like how he points his Jupiter Finger at the Tortoise. The Dragonfly seems to suggest that poco a poco is the only w-A to B...


Crazy work RA.

Just as Richard posts his ideas about Dragonflies and Butterflies resonating each other, we can check the sync ticker tape (sync tigger tape?) and see that unbeknownst to each other Will and myself tweet about Butterflies then a Dragonfly.

I am glad Rich has brought up DAKOTA. Dakota Fanning always makes me think about the Dakota people. The Dakota are the ancient keepers of the heartland of the North America. They are the Bison People. Or Bi-sun aka Twin Sun People. I really believe they play a role in this great divine movie we are all part of.

Kevin Costner knows this. He made Dance of Wolves about the Lakota (part of the Twin Sun Nation).

This video below is from a meeting between Maestro Flores and the Dakota Chief Frank Brown.

Dakota means Allies.

Allies. All Eyes.


This is the latest design to appear in the plant fields, reported today or the 9th of June. Can't shake the feeling that this is communication from plants...

I like that we see 3 X's as me an Jim have been talking about just that for the past couple of days as we have a new video lined up with Patricia Arquette for 10/10/10 (or XXX) with Radio8Ball.

The 2012 Olympics are the 30th or XXX Olympics. 2010 can be seen as 20 which is XX and 10 which is X so 2010 is also XXX...

When I told Jim the above XXX syncs he said it was funny as all the cube talk, owing to the previous cube shaped circle, made him check out Ice Cubes posters at IMPawards
He showed me this one XXX: State of the Union.
Thats just insane as this new Circle is a Cube of X' with triple showing! A cube inside a Hexagon which is also a veiled cube echoing the XXX Cube theme. It's exactly like the XXX: State of The Union Poster.
XXX and Cube

State of the Union/Onion? I'd say it's pretty freakin' healthy and strong!
Further WE/ME aka The Union/Onion learn that Ice Cube made a record called The Predator.
Which is the movie released today!


An excerpt from a Blob post I have been working on called CAP Man...
We see Ice Cube wearing a Baseball Cap on the poster for Boys N the Hood. The Baseball Cap is crowns our heads just like the dome of the sky crowns our planet.
HOOD, H=8 O=15 O=15 D=4, 8+15+15+4=42 Thus Hood = 42 The Answer to Life The Universe and Everything and Jupiter.

Hood - seen in Boys N the Hood associating with the Cap - is a place but its is also another name for headgear that crowns. Hood = 42, the number of Heavenly father Jupiter, showing how the Hood/Cap is the Top.

At the same time Jim showed me the XXX Ice Cube poster we checked out Boyz N The Hood and Jim says "Oh, its a Detroit Tigers cap"
Ice Cube with the Cap(stone) of the "2010 Year of the Tiger" and "2010:The Year We Make Contact"!


  1. Yea, that 42 really stood out in the opening scene. The fact that its a Boat, reminds me of this: file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/fyrsong/Desktop/Pics%202010ish/boats.jpg

    among other things

  2. Beautiful post guys. I'm going camping in North Dakota next week and you just got me really psyched!

    Knowles pointed out the similarity between the ISIS (space station) and The Cross of Lorraine. But, it also looks like a Dragonfly - especially the Nazca version.

    re: The Parrot in the Dragonfly movie. A "psychic" parakeet is making headlines by predicting the World of War Cup - The bird's name is Mani and its owner, astrologer M. Muniyappan. MM=44or2K

    When you said State of the Union/Onion - I remembered that Ice Cube was in the movie "Three Kings" - so perhaps we're also talking about the State of Orion.

  3. Ice Cube. He's part of something that I've been floating on . . .
    I hope I have time to show it to you.
    Lovely Work Whole. . .

  4. Yes, we're all part of a divine movie. Life is becoming more and more surreal, almost as if I'm awake in a dream.
    Awesome syncs, I love Dragon flies, they're everywhere in my Winnipeg lately.

  5. Note that the BP logo is an ECLIPSE of three suns (a green sun, a yellow sun and a white sun). And today BP removed their CAP.

    I've been thinking about that white sun a lot (working on a post) - but it lead me to Whitsun - also known as Pentecost - which is a cosmic enlightenment event that occurs 50 days after EASTER.

  6. Also, compare the Moia "Red Hats" to the Queen's pink hat in her Easter-island-resonant unveiling ceremony.

    A veil is worn on the head (usually at weddings and funerals).
    Remove CAP = unVEIL.

    When the wedding veil is lifted, the marriage kiss takes place. Male and Female become one.

  7. Ive been thinking about CAPs or hats for a few years now. IN relation to hexagons and cubes and such.

    Most baseball caps are hexagonal. I thought about how the hexagon on the north pole of Saturn is essentially a cap. We wear caps on our north poles. These caps also have a button on top that fucking hurts when hit. And the the brim is kinda like the rings.

    I'm not a hat guy though.

    Anyways pace out

  8. Just read AA's above comment after I posted...


    Unveil Saturn perhaps. I danno

  9. RA--I just now was able to give this the time it really required to take it in. I love how my perfect storm ref communicates so nicely with your tidal wave. You forecast it and then my image of GC and Marky Marky show it hitting. so much fun what we do.

    also, just noticed that you are working on an Ice Cube Blob post, Jake Awesome, so curious to see what you find. (I'm envious of the time you have, I wouldn't trade you, but still wish I had more time to write.)

    guess the rest is history, eh.
    See you boys on Oprah's Couch soon!