Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Lion KingDOM COBBbler: Funny FEAR


July 16th, 1994, the comet named SHOEMAKER LEVY 9 collided with JUPITER. This comet was nicknamed THE STRING OF PEARLS as it included 21 distinct impact points between the 16th and the 22nd of July.

In 1994, as the Shoemaker Levy 9 comet hit Jupiter for the last time on July 22nd, the SUN was moving out of the zodiac water sign of CANCER and into the Zodiac fire sign of LEO which starts on July 23.

16 years later on July 16, 2010, the movie INCEPTION is released starring LEO DICAPRIO.

He plays a master of the Dream World, of the Field of Dreams and his name is DOM COBB as if to say his is the "kingDOM of the corn COBb".

LEO's (the actor) newest movie release connects with the comet impact on Jupiter which then connects us to the coming shift of the Sun into the 5th House of Leo. (Jupiter is 5th planet from the Sun) Roar!

Above is the sign for Leo. Looks a lot like the OMEGA sign.

Liam Neeson who plays Zeus/Jupiter in Clash of the Titans also plays a LEO as Aslan, the Lion King of the Narnia movies.

Jupiter and Lions seem to be strange attracting.

Now DOM COBB also points me to the word COBBler which just so happens to be another name for a SHOEMAKER.

Ripples from the 1994 Shoemaker Levy 9 Jovian impact wave to us through Leo Dicaprio acting on the Silver Screen in 2010: The Year We Make Contact.

On July 17th, the day after Inception is released I visit the Manitoba Legislative Building otherwise known as King Solomon's Temple. On the night of the 16th I had done an Ayahuasca Ceremony and it is my habit to the next day visit the Temple. I often bring my young daughters.

Turns out that on this day the new exhibit of THE MAGNA CARTA is open. This exhibit opened to the public for four months starting on July 12, 2010. The Day After the South African World Cup ended and 9 days after the Queen of England visited Winnipeg bringing with her a STONE FROM THE MEADOW OF RUNNYMEDE to be used as the CORNerstone of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights to be opened in 2012.

This Stone was on display with a PAGE of the 1217 copy of the Magna Carta, or the GREAT CHARTER OF LIBERTY and the very inspiration for legislated democracy and human rights as we know it.

Already reeling from a Winnipeg Double Rainbow event from two days before as soon as I see the Magna Carta document my eyes find the 142c in the bottom right corner of the page.

Video of July 14 Winnipeg Double Rainbow Event.

Now without going into it too deep here, but if you follow the Sync Whole you will know that the numbers 142 have often made us think of everything Jovian and as well often in the context of JUNO or Jupiter's Wife and the Queen of Heaven.

142, Juno & Queen of Heaven can be read about in this 2009 post read HERE & HERE & HERE.

So one of the oldest copies the Magna Carta, perhaps one of the most significant documents of the modern era, of which there are only 4, is now in the North of King Solomon's Temple beside the future Cornerstone of the new Jovian Freedom Temple by the current Queen of age 84.

(If the angle of seeing a rainbow is 42, then double rainbow is 2X42 = 84 - The Queen is so DOUBLE RAINBOW! Read here on why one can connect 42 to Jupiter.)

And on the Magna Carta document is the PAGE number for JUNO aka 142. (might not be a page number, but it looks like one at least)

Funny how this brings us right back to INCEPTION which opened the day before my eyes where to see the 142 page number of the Magna Carta.

Because just that morning before my visit to the Temple I had been pondering ELLEN PAGE who is the ARCHITECT in Inception. She stars in it with LEO Dicaprio.

Ellen Page has also payed JUNO in the film of the same name. She is 142 and her last name is PAGE. Just like the Magna Carta.

Is the Queen of Heaven is the Architect of the Maze/Maize? Is she revealing herself to us?

The Stone Angel is here, delivered by the Queen of Heaven herself.

ELLEN BURSTYN stars alongside Ellen Page/Juno in Stone Angel a story that actually takes place in MANITOBA and home of the Temple.
Ellen Burstyn also stars with Hugh Jackman in The Fountain.

Hugh Jackman, the Wolverine stars alongside Ellen Page in X-Men 3 or XXX/101010/42.

OK. Got to go to bed. Will add when I can.



The Dream Is Real

-very nice work Jim, I love the connections you are making here. I actually would like to mention the way you and Jake are flowing now--it is an interesting, organic way to process SYNC. One notices that Jim and Jake go through their lives tweeting like the crazy birds they are. A day or two later, they look back and realize the connections of their sync walks, concert experiences, or zoo trips, etc. to everything else that was occurring at that time in the world--esp new movie releases. (I'm envious of the way you two are working. I discover a knot and work on untying it. sometimes I give up, later to return to it, or upon the completion of the current knot, it communicates w/ an abandoned knot, etc.)

Inception is a huge knot for me that I will be processing over time--at least the next three days, if (k)not three weeks. . .

to the point--I'm happy that you touched upon something Jim, that I would like to connect:

A banner for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights to be completed in 2012.

The word "inception" tickled me just prior to the release the film:

the establishment or starting point of an institution or activity : (she has been on the board since its inception two years ago.)

ORIGIN late Middle English : from Latin inceptio(n-), from incipere ‘begin.’

Inception refers specifically to the beginning of an undertaking, project, institution, or practice

Obviously there is a connection between The Sync Whole, and the Canadian Human Rights Museum. Jim is clued into the bigger picture, while I'm floating in the abstract of the work we are doing on the interwebs. Of course I did just update the facebook page for The Sync Whole and was able to concisely sum up our "mission" and "products" for our "company"--which also asked for our "Inception" date

The Sync Whole:
a communications company
mission: healing
products: wholeness

--the biggest tickle was how the tag line for the film Inception "The Dream Is Real" completely entrained w/ Jake's introductory Sync Whole post on the 23rd of April 2009: "A Dream Becomes Reality"

Inception points to The Sync Whole (which points to the Human Rights Museum) and wholeness.

It is.
I am.


Thanks Doug. I still have not been able to see Inception yet. Next week for sure.

Dream Becomes Reality = DBR = 4218

I just wanted to add something about the Shoemaker Levy 9 Comet being known as THE STRING OF PEARLS.

The String of Pearls is also the name of a story published in the mid 1800's.

This is the literary inception of the character SWEENEY TODD "THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET."

A character played cinematically by Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp stars with both Leo Dicaprio and John C. Reilly (HeyZeus!) in WHAT IS EATING GILBERT GRAPE.

Johnny Depp connects with the String of Pearls, or the Shoemaker Levy 9 Comet that hits Jupiter and looks like a string of pearls.

Johnny Depp, Leo Dicaprio (Inception released day of Shoemaker Levy 9 comet impact observed on Jupiter) & JC Reilly (Star of HeyZeus!)

All reveal the Jovian pull. The X-Tractor pull.

Thinking about GRAPES. I guess you need Grapes to make Wine.



RA: In An Ice Cube Chants In Hell...God Dances Doug mentions that Matthew Broderick did the voice for Simba the Lion King.

Coincidentally Broderick also did the voice for 'Tack the Cobbler' in this movie.

In the 1990 movie 'The Freshman' Broderick, the Lion KingDOM COBbler, played the role of a character named Clark Kellog.

Clark is a name associated with Shoe-makers while Kellog is famous for it's Corn.

Doug points out above that the origin of the word INCEPTION comes from the Latin inceptio(n-), from incipere ‘begin.’

Inception refers specifically to the beginning of an undertaking, project, institution, or practice

In Project X the Lion King makes contact with a grAPE.

In The Tale of DespereauX poster (which features a Dragon Fly) we see that Broderick is a small mouse with BIG Dreams. It makes me think of Jim & Jakes upcoming project (X) called Entertrainment 2 Knight.


The Dragon Flies through the air like the Sail Boat the winds.

And takes Matthew Broderick on his Road to Wellness.... Showing that the Sync Whole is a place of healing. Athony Hopkins shows his spinal Kundilini Energy as an erect penis. He has the Tin Man Heart of Atlantis. His mind grid maze is well balanced as he plays Dr. John Harvey Kellogg's Corn Flakes. Also with John Cusack from 2012.

There is no spoon that's just your imagination.....

See we have the Tin Man at the incepTIoN... At the Beginning.

Then the Scarecrow in his Corn Maize. He's "The Mark" or the X Spot. The X is the cross on which the Scarecrow is Crucified upon. A Cross is a Cube.A Cube is a Box.
And Upon the Box Cing-Red we find the city maze scape of Oz or New York City. N and Y are just a few letters away from OZ in the alphabet. The Cowardly Lion Watches with a wink to Matthew Broderick mouse and Anthony Hopkins Red Dragon... The Scarlet Dragon is 2012 seeing that according to the Chinese Calender 2012 is the year of the Dragon. The Lion sees a Sailboat as well. Return to Magic Return to Hope Return to OZ.I must be dreaming... I'm not sure if Cameron Diaz is seeing Y2K towers. Or me seeing dirty K2(Coca-Cola is phonically Double K) Sailboats... Or just the Eye of god... The Eye OZlan the eye of us all seeing the Sailboat drift under the World Trade Center one last time.And over the Rainbow Bridge is OZgard. Where sits the One Eye of Odin.
Anthony Hopkins as Odin showing Thor the Road To Wellville.... The Road To the Heart. The Yellow Brick Road.
The Road to Peace. The Moon and Star a sign of magic... Returning to the King Corn's Empire through Cinema.

Come on grab your shoes from the Cobbler.... It's time to go down this road. The Inception Begins here...


Horror TV series Tales from the Crypt episode "Four-Sided Triangle" stars Patricia Arquette.
We are to make a video for Radio8Ball featuring a sync web of Arquette to be released on 10/10/10 (XXX). This entrains with the XXX theme as seen above in the Ellen Page featuring X-Men 3 or X3.
This tale is set on the YATES FARM, which we read was EST 1969. The 69 is the symbol of Cancer, the sign we just left as today 22 July we enter Leo.
Red C resonates Jupiter's Red Storm Eye while Inception is also NICE TIN OP. Tin and Jupiter are interchangeable as having the same alchemical symbol.

Just to reiterate what Jim mentioned: Inception with LEOnardo DiCaprio aka The Extractor started on the 16th anniversary of the Jupiter Schoemaker Levy 9 impact which lasted until 22 of June, the start of LEO. A clear reflection here as LEO DiCaprio starts a time window aligned with the Jupiter impact which ends with today's start of LEO.

Leo is playing Cobb (resonating the corncob) in Inception. A cobbler is a person who repairs shoes, clearly again echoing the Jupiter Schoemaker Levy 9 impact, who's anniversary was on the same date as the opening of Inception.
Arquette is FARM Hand Mary Jo in "Four-Sided Triangle". The FARMer becomes dangerously obsessed with the attractive young Mary Jo.
We see in Horror show Tales from the Crypt that FARM and FEAR, go together.
FEAR becomes FARM as E=M when spinned.
After Being assaulted by the FARMer, Mary Jo, bloodied and winded, stumbles through the Corn field and falls down in front of a Scarecrow.
Mary Jo sees it motioning towards her and we don't know if she is imagining this episode or if the Scarecrow is really animate.
Will mentions that actor Cillian Murphy, The Mark of Inception, is Jonathan Crane aka The Scarecrow in The Dark Night.
The mARK aka Scarecrow. Resonates with Patricia ARKuette who interacts with a living Scarecrow just like Cillian Murphy in Batman.

The Scarecrow very much resembles Christ on the cross. Christ and Cross resonate X as X is a Cross shape and Christ becomes X in situations like Xmas.
Cillian Murphy is JC Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow. JC Jesus Christ and JC Scarecrow. Cillian Murphy's character name in Inception is Robert Fischer Jr., again resonating Jesus the Fisher of Men.

The Scarecrow character in Batman and on the FARM in Tales from the Crypt is all about instilling FEAR. FEAR=FARM.

This is fascinating. If Scarecrows resonate the loving crucified Christ, how does this connect to the FEAR and FARM resonance that sounds un-Christlike?

The Cross we are nailed to is the restrictions, attachments and FEARs that keep us from realizing we already are Christ. It is actually the Pain and FEAR of being attached (nailed to the Cross) that awakens us as Christs. We FEAR death and annihilation, yet it is this very process of dying and being crucified that frees us. The Cross we FEAR is our liberation.

The things that seem to confine and restrict us to the maze is actually the cocoon of becoming. All pain and FEAR are the FARM implements of Self-Realization.
EARTH is a sacred FARM of FEAR until we learn to see that WE/ME have never left the HEART of Heaven to begin with.
I like how Chevy Chase (KK/K2) has the Cracked EGGO over his crown on Funny Farm.
In Rapa Nui Jason Scott Lee must retrieve an EGG from a tiny satellite Island (Eyeland) of Easter (EGG) Island.
He must then strap it across his brow (Ajna Chakra) and carefully swim back and climb the rocks without braking the EGG. If he manages to do this before his rival he becomes the Birdman of his tribe and leader of the Island.

The EGO is the EGG. The very thing that we believe imprisons and defines us, is the birthing machine of God. You and what you think of as your self is already the totality experiencing itself subjectively.

I love how all the recent syncs like X's, Corn and Scarecrows seem to be about the FARM/FEAR.
Patricia Arquette and the FARM X-Tractor.

EARTH is the HEART FARM of FEAR where WE/ME learn to harvest Joy.

Stanley Tucci standing on the harvested corn field in Lovely Bones

Another Corn field recently arising in consciousness is the location in Lovely Bones where Dark Man or Stanley Tucci murders Susie Salmon.
The FARMers corn field and FEAR do indeed strange attract like magick.
Tomorrow sees the opening of film Ramona and Beezus. Bees and Zeus/Jupiter are elements that have strange attracted before...

Here we see the BeeZeus covered in her little sisters purple and blue hand prints. The five rayed fingers are stars. Blue and Purple stars on BeeZeus.
What really baked my noodle was when I noticed who designed this poster "The Ant FARM".


more blackstar kosmic khrist kraziness...

the majick man mj michael jackson on the kross in oz from The Wiz (1978)...

notice the black crows eating corn cobs

Today sees documentary film Mugabe and the White African open in USA theaters. Mugabe is the President of Zimbabwe and his government has been evicting white farmers, sometimes violently, as part of a land reform program.

Since 2000, the Mugabe-led government embarked on a controversial fast-track land reform program intended to correct the inequitable land distribution created by colonial rule.[6] Mugabe's policies have been condemned in some quarters at home and abroad, especially receiving harsh criticism from the British and American governments arguing they amount to an often violent land seizure.

In 2008, his party suffered a tight defeat in national parliamentary elections, but after disputed presidential elections, Mugabe retained presidential power

Wikipedia Robert Mugabe

Again we see FARM and FEAR going hand in hand. This particular incident entraining with the very realization of FARM as FEAR.
Evil, if it is anything at all, is attachment to form or concepts. When WE/ME build ideas and beliefs that are rigid and inflexible the natural constant flux will eventually grate against them and you are left with stuck energy or 'evil'. All 'Evil' or Stuck energy is desTINed to surrender to the eternal flux.


I had taken this still from Children of the Corn the other day. I thought it hits home with the Christ on the Cross as a Scarecrow.

Today, July 23rd, I had to go to Future Shop to get a cord for my computer to be used at Jake and mine inception workshop we are giving tonight in the Peg.

To go there I have to drive by the cinema that Jake and I most frequent. Our Temple of Cinema known as Silver City.

Lo and behold the new outside poster is for the December release of NARNIA: VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER.

There he is. Liam Zeus Lincoln Aslan. The Lion King mounted on the Temple exterior just as the Sun enters its' own sign of LEO. Purrrfect!


Peace In/Out

Richard: On Friday 23rd July a Whale launched itself onto a South African yacht.

To see the actual video footage check out this CBS news link:

According to the article a couple, Paloman Werner and her partner Ralph Mothes, where on their way to Robben Island, seven kilometres off the coast of CAPe Town, when a giant 33ft whale decided to say hello.

"I still like whales," Ms Werner told the BBC afterwards.

"Our boat's engine was off and so the whale just didn't know we were there," she said.

"We were just the wrong boat, in the wrong place at the wrong time."

The yacht was named INTREPID

In this photo we see that the sail of the Intrepid shows an image of a stick figure which is wearing a Cap or Halo on it's head:

This seems to be the mark of a Saint:

The Saint entrains with actress Elizabeth Shue, or Shoe.

Considering this post started with the comet Shoemaker Levy 9 and it's collision with Jupiter, it makes sense to me that Elisabeth Shoe might somehow be involved.

The Saint/Blue Star was played by actor Val Kilmer.

In The Ghost and the Darkness we see Val inside the Eye of the Lion:

Will pointed out earlier that the yacht/boat also appears within the Eye of the Lion:

There seems to be a subtle but tangible relationship between the 23rd July Whale attack and our recent transition into the constellation LEO on the 22nd July.

Todays pattern makes me think of the Lion, the Scarecrow and the Tinman's journey along the Yellow Brick Road/Lightning Bolt. The path to OZ.

Notice above that the Jupiter lightning bolt splits the letters SA (South Africa?) from the letters INT, or TIN.

If you play about with the letters of the SAINT and change the I to an L then you can make the words SALT TIN or SAIT TIN (like SATAN).

A couple of hours ago Jake tweeted that:

Angelina Jolie and Val Kilmer star in Alexander whose totem is the lion. Val is in Salton Sea and Jolie in Salt.

In Jakes poster mash-up^ he highlights the movie The Ghost and the Darkness.

SALT and SAINTS seem to have something in common with one another.

Angelina Jolie and Will Smith both starred together in Shark Tale.

The LAST MAN is also The SALT MAN.

Will Smith shares his name with this American footballer who plays for the New Orleans SAINTS:

Notice above that the SAINTS logo looks kind of like the Whale Tale which was caught on camera earlier today:

I like how Will Smith throws a Whale at a yacht (invoking todays fishy business) in the movie Hancock.


  1. Not for nothing, but in the opening scene of Away We Go, JK (John Krazinski) is whittling and confuses it with cobbling and that stuck out in my mind because no one talks about Cobbling in movies.

  2. Also, in relation to the previous synch whole post, i randomly google video searched the words
    "the noise from war of the worlds inception lost and the world cup." And then only two videos came up about the secrets of the Hebrew language. I thought that was excessively weird. Try it.

  3. few months ago, I designed this: (very large image)

    was a non-reflective paint unconscious,
    when I started I had in mind what I had to draw.

    only finally taken shape.

    few months after I read this: (see the image of the demiurge (A lion-faced )

    I was impressed

  4. Any thoughts on the Jonathan Toews Stanley Cup/Chalice/Holy Grail celebration in Winnipeg on July 11 (7-11-2010) at 11:00 am? (

    Also you might want to check out the newest episode of Futurama where the character named Hermes leads Bender (the tin man) on a quest to make Bender immortal/escape death. It also has a giant cube where Hermes works in the episode.


  5. In 1994, as the Shoemaker Levy 9 comet hit Jupiter for the last time on July 22nd, the SUN was moving out of the zodiac water sign of CANCER and into the Zodiac fire sign of LEO which starts on July 23.

    And on July 23, 2010 (16 years or 4^2 years later) Capt. Brian Bews crashed his CF-18 Hornet at an airshow in Lethbridge, Alberta

    Capt. Brian Bews is a member of the 2010 CF-18 Hornet Demo Team and part of 3 Wing / 425 Tactical Fighter Squadron Canadian Armed Forces known as the Alouettes (Skylarks)

    425 Tactical Fighter Squadron Canadian Armed Forces, out of CFB Bagotville, was formed on June 22, 1942.

    The Lethbridge Airshow features a re-enactment of the bombing of Pearl Harbour.

    Story, pics and video:

    Pilot survives after CF-18 crashes, burns at Lethbridge airport

    cf-18 HORNET
    Hornet = Vespa
    read as VESPER


  6. For those who don't actually follow all the links in comments...
    (here's more for you not to follow!)


    Painter Nicolas Poussin (1594–1665), most famous for "Et in Arcadia Ego" also painted "CEPHALUS and EOS". (which features the PEGasus/PEG-a-zeus)

    Cephalus has also been identified with the constellation ORION.

    Nicolas Poussin's artwork has been linked to the (SIMON) Templars by many authors over the centuries.

    (For recent SAINT / "Simon Templar" NEWS see the CAPE TOWN RIGHT WHALE INTREPID story)


  7. Isn't that what this place is right now though? A fear farm... Makes sense to me. Anyways, here's an interesting article for you.

  8. very rare planet's grand cross 7 august


    For a Navajo, to be a well balanced person, he/she must have equal development in the four values of life. When a Navajo has been well taught in all areas of life, that person is a harmonious person and well educated. Just as corn needs four things: sunlight, water, air, and soil to grow; so a Navajo needs the four values: values of Life, values of Work, values of Social/Human Relations, and values of Respect/Reverence to grow.
    The Navaho also believed that the first man and woman were made from corn.


  10. Kid with the initials JC found in a cornfield:


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