Friday, July 16, 2010

Nice Tin Operation: Nice Point


Leo the diCAPrio (Die Cap River?) is in Inception which opens today July 16th, 2010. Inception is an anagram for Nice Tin Op, or Nice POint (Thanks Jake!). It also has the word TEN in it. Ten is X. Completion.

TEN marks the spot.

Leo plays the character DOM COBB. He is called the EXTRACTOR. He is a Master of the Dream World.


Death is a farmer. The Black Hole harvests with its X Tractor.

Dom Cobb POints Nice to kingDOM COBb, or Kingdom of the Corn Cob.

King Corn

POP Corn. Father Corn.

POPcorn with BUTTERfly. Essential ingredient for visits to the Temple.

The Movie CHILDREN OF THE CORN also points nicely to Corn/Cob & Death. Stephen KING's name keeps us squarely with the Leo King in mind, as the words Corn and King seem to strange attract.

The scythe is used to harvest like the X Tractor. I remember Jake mentioning at some point that the number 7 looks like a scythe. The G Scythe.

Corn makes me think of the Corn Field that speaks to Kevin Costner and tells him that "if you build it they will come."

The Plants have been guiding our fields of dreams for a long time.

Corn also plays a role in Mel Gibson's Apocalypto. It is a corn field that Jaguar Paw escapes into after he gets away from almost being ritually murdered during the Total Solar Eclipse. The Field of Dreams ruled by King Corn saves him.

What is Eating Gilbert Grape comes to mind when thinking about Leo and Farms. In one scene in the film Gilbert played by Johnny Depp is eating with his brother Arnie, played by Leo Dicaprio. (I'm going to have to watch it again soon.)

Script - discussion between Depp and Dicaprio about eating corn:

"I don't...I don't want any chicken, Gilbert.
You want some corn?
I want...I want some corn.
Have some corn.
Yeah, here.
Not good corn."

In the above poster we not only notice the GG/77 of Gilbert Grape, but as well as the Purple theme. After P!nk comes Purple I feel.

"Doctor said we would be lucky if Arnie lived until he was TEN." - Gilbert Grape trailer.

Below Leo the Corn King of the Field of Dreams is seen sitting in a Tree/Plant and the Golden Sun is radiating from his head. The word SPECIAL touches him.

Watching the trailer quickly reveals some powerful syncs. Notice the 69/Keystone/Cancer/GG touching Leo's head as him and Depp eat from Burger Barn, the restaurant that JC Reilly works at.

On the fridge we see a BUTTERFLY, bringing as back to the butter we all like to put on our POPcorn when we go fly and watch movies.

I love this image below of Leo hanging upside like the hangman and pointing his Jupiter finger. It is as if he is Father Sky pointing to Adam, or those of Earth.

One last thing for now.

Today July 16th (or yesterday) was the anniversary of the 1994 impact of the Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 on the planet Jupiter. Same day that Inception is released. The Comet's impact lasted until July 22nd.

1994 - Leo is at the Acadmey Awards for Eating Gilbert Grape. Notice in the clip below Leo is super young and mentions ANNA PAQUIN as another recognized actress by the Academy. Anna Paquin comes from Winnipeg (I just so happened to be telling youth I work with this exact fact yesterday as we were watching X-Men 3 which she stars in.)

In 1994, Leo is in The Quick and the Dead. The X-Tractor reaping his harvest quickly.

Below the french poster for the Quick & the Dead has a great Black Hole Man.




Joseph Gordon-Levitt is The Point Man in INCEPTION an anagram for NICE POINT.
He stars in The Lookout which had many scenes filmed in Winnipeg. The building behind Levitt on the poster is right outside the job I was working when the word Synchromysticism occurred to me.

Winnipeg is the Center and the Point, man...
Early in the film he hangs out by the Millennium Library in Winnipeg.
He checks his notebook and sees he has an appointment with Janet.
Then directly making his way over to a diner.
Where he meets actress Carla Gugino as Janet.
She plays Sally Jupiter in the Watchmen. So we have the Point Man and Jupiter connected to Winnipeg via The Lookout.
Inception plays with perspective just like this 3D cube in a 2D field.

The above Cube Crop Circle was reported today, the day after the release of Inception. Crop Circle Connector gives us this amazing sync..

"As an additional attraction to this latest crop circle. Conholt House has the Foot Maze"
The Crops (wheat in this case) and the Maze/Maize resonate Jim's work above. I also believe Crop Circles are communication from the plants of the planET.
INCEPTION or NICE TIN OP is overtly about Mazes entraining it perfectly with this new Crop Circle.
Ellen Page is The Architect employed to build dream Mazes for Leo the eXtractor and Levitt The Point Man.
Just like the previous Cube Crop Circle this one veils the XXX or X3.
Which is totally mind bending as Ellen Page is in X-Men 3 aka X3!

The Maze is about finding the way Home.. where the Heart is. The heart is your own Consciousness aka Love.

The Plant Field of Dreams and the Moving Stars are now working together to unveil 2010 (20=XX,10=X thus 2010 is XXX) Contact.

Peace In.

KevIndra: Yes, Death, Scythes and Crops are totally connected! Scorpios Major Tarot Card is the 13th Unnamed Trump, which is mainly known by the name Death. This card features the Scythe as featured on Children of the Corn up there. The Scythe is also featured as part of Saturns astrological symbol as well. Saturn is THE planet of TIME, and also rules over "Earthly Matters" or functions of the Element of Earth. Saturn actually has nothing to do with Scorpio, but Scorpios function(Death) strongly concerns Time(Saturn). Above is Osiris the Egyptian lord of the Underworld and the Dead symbolizing this Universal function and activity of "Death". For further connectedness you can see my post "Momma Death".

Death is indeed a function of the phenomenon we call "Time". As William S Burroughs said "Death needs time for what it kills to grow in, for Ah Pook's sweet sake" More updates flowing :) <3>


Crop Circles having been around sense at least the 16 hundreds as the evidence above shows have had a plethora of theories to explain them. This 1678 broadsheet depicts the like of satan/saturn creating this little devious act scythe in hand. These days most discredit the phenomenon having already seen evidence of man made circles. And then the other half are to quick to state that the Circles are evidence of something unexplainable to the realm of science. However as Jake recently pointed out this should not detract from their over all ability to just exist. Things may have either purposeful meaning or non-purposeful meaning the main point is that they have meaning. Mind is the originator of all meaning. All sync hinges on this fact. If you are talking of fish and a gigantic truck drives by displaying a huge fish then the meaning lies with you.
Kevin Kostner has taken half his crop and constructed a field. The plant field relays meaning, most can look at it and tell quickly what it is.Others can look and find even deeper meaning. If on purpose or not does it detract from the meaning? From it's beauty?Be it aliens, or the corn beckoning us to lend an ear for the whisper of the dead, or perhaps even our own mind.... No matter what, sooner or later you come to the conclusion that whatever something is... It is. Knowing does you Know good.The Moment of truth has arrived.... Contact this way comes.


It's "Corn Season" at my job (produce clerk), and the other morning during set-up, which means filling the corn bin, I realized that I create a "Corn-Flower" design and have done so for the past couple years. (I'm the only one to do this) The new development is the realization of what it looks like:

Of course there are obviously implications, but they are lost on me now. It feels like a corny rabbit hole though, looking into those corny eyes, an iris of plant. . .PlanET. . .(ET Plan). . .plant consciousness. . .

Kevin: Southparks Imaginationland episodes also feature this theme of Cornfeilds of Dreams and other Dimensions. Beutiful stuff :)


On the day this post (heavily featuring Corn and Crop Circles) was started the band Korn was broadcast in the U.K doing a show called "KORN Live: The Encounter" inside a Crop Circle they had made especially for the occasion.

'KORN Live: The Encounter' will be broadcasted in the UK on Scuzz TV this Friday 16th July at 10pm UK time and Saturday 17th July at 11pm UK time. See Here


Korn | MySpace Music Videos

Seems it was first broadcast on July 11th..
The once in a lifetime Crop Circle Concert’s Broadcast Premiere is on HDNet this Sunday, July 11 at 8 PM EST (then repeats again at Midnight EST) and worldwide online premiere on Monday, July 12 via MySpace in countries all over the world. See Here


  1. Osiris the King of Crops was the lord of the Quick and the Dead.

  2. Yep. King Corn is exploding what mind I had rebuilt this week.

  3. Hmm.... I work at a pizza restaurant in Cobb County.

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt was also in Angels in the OutFIELD, linking him to the "farmer's field" and the "field of dreams".

  4. very clean synkage here, guys.

    i can't see Ellen Paige without thinking of her incredible role in Hard Candy, where she was the willing Little Girl Lost/Red Riding Hood venturing into the lair of the wolf/predator (played by Watchmen's OwlMan...


  5. My cornflowers bloomed yesterday or today. Cornflowers are Blue/ or Violet, depending on how you want to look at it.... and the flowers are ancient medicinal plants used as a remedy for eye sickness. The 16th of July is famous for more than just the impact on Jupiter of the Shoemaker comet! Apollo 11, Foundation of D.C. Washington, and the first detonation of the A-bomb at Alamogordo New Mexico. It's also the day of the archaic festival in the Himalayas "Herala" which connects to death through the word "Arlington" and to the Phrigian hat, worn by Jimmy Jump, the other day, the 11th and close of the World Cup. According to the Kaumoni tribe who celebrate Herela the 16th, the day is the marriage day of Shiva and Parvati. "pegcarter"

  6. This is beutiful.As always. <3

  7. I'm new at this, Jacob is the father of the 12 tribes right? His name is like Jahova/Cobb to me. I was born in Alamogordo. This site freaks me out every I visit it.

  8. I like how Kostner Eclipses the Moon.... EpocoLipse

  9. As stated by my old pal James Ratte the last timed we talked about corn, we see it also reflects the brick pattern and thus sacred geometry that so many plants incorporate into their design. And thus the hexagon thus Saturn thus corn time...thus.

    Devil Crop circles, wicked!

    Corn comes out in tact through the digestive stargate.

    1 medium (7") ear has 77 calories according to How stuff works.

    finding god through corn...again and again

  10. Awsome updates Will and Doug!

    I didnt have time last night to mention my personally most potent sync here. When I was 16 my Uncle John passed away, at that age Death was more real than previous years for me when Death and Funerals were confusing. After the funeral I returned to my high school that week, back to psychcology class where I first was instructed on meditation(clear mind, focus on breath, relax) and as I meditated for the very first time, I had a most profound vision my mind sees clearly to this day, it was Uncle John peaceful and proper in a throne made of Corn, with two ravens at the arm of the chair and just massive yellow feilds of corn surrounding him. I just knew he was in peace, and that he was always with me and just fine, all of this while being a self proclaimed "Atheist". So when the Corn and the land of the Dead came up here, it struck a personally resonant chord, I thank you howmies for sharing, always leave this blog with more and more faith, as we all should! Much love <3