Wednesday, July 7, 2010

27/42 Alignment

27 cubes make up the 3x3 Magic square and it is possible for the rows to all add up to 42.

27 Moon - 42 Jupiter.

I like how the 7-11 is up front on the blue side.

Soon after I post this graphic Jake mentions how this cube is like the Borg Cube from Star Trek: First Contact.

This is cool, because I had recently downloaded First Contact and was in the middle of watching it.

Here is Captain Piccard looking on the Borg Cube.

Now this for me was the second Picard sync today so I for sure took notice. Earlier in the day I had read of another Piccard flying a Solar Plane shaped like a Dragonfly. Alan Abbadessa mentions it in the comments for the last post. Picard was on my mind today in many ways.

Here is the Dragonfly plane flown by Piccard. (Not to be mistaken with Jean Luc Picard of Star Trek fame). Article here.

Gonna finish watching First Contact now.

Also on theme with the last post about the Queen's visit to Winnipeg is a tweet by Ashton Kutcher done today, 7/7/2010. This is what he tweeted alongside a picture:

"Never know what you are gonna find on a studio lot..." - aplusk

That statue sure looks like a replica of the Moai of Easter Island that is to be hit by a Total Solar Eclipse this coming Sunday 7/11/2010.

Their is a strange and intense alignment unfolding right now.

Good to bear witness to it all.

Peace so in it's out,



Day of awesome syncs. Thank the divine.

Highlights from today's enterTRAINment...
Rapa Nui with Jason Scott Lee.
Doc Brown pointing his Jupiter finger at the fuel for his time machine in Back to the Future Part 2 also featuring Jason Scott Lee.

"Its Miller Time"

Will elaborate soon, flux capacitor willing.
Cube Crop Circle or CCC/333 or 27. Y shape of cube resonates the flux capacitor.
Back to the Future fans fooled by Twitter hoax
Thousands of Back to the Future fans mistakenly celebrated July 5, 2010 as a crucial date in the hit film trilogy after a hoax circulated on Twitter.

In the movie Field of Dreams Kevin Costner travels back in time to the year 1972.

In the poster we see KKostner aligning with Crops and Circles:

While experiencing a recent surge of Dragonfly syncs (initiated by Costners Dragonfly movie) I noticed that a Blue Cube appears on the poster:

This didn't make much sense to me at the time as the Cube doesn't really play any kind of role in the Dragonfly movie. Considering recent events the Cube now takes on all kinds of wonderful new meaning.

Jake mentions actor Jason Scott Lee who starred in Rapa Nui (a KKostner movie) and Back to the Future 2.

Jason Scott Lee, the son of Bruce, also starred in the movie Dragon.

Here we see the Dragon Fly-ing into the Sun:

In the above poster we see Jason Scott Lee is engaged in a Kiss.

In Bringing Up Big Baby: Pucker UP! Jim said that:

The Star Cup is formed by the Kiss of opposites. Marriage is done and it is time to Kiss the Bride/Groom.

I feel this Kiss is right now. The EcLIPSe is the Kiss. The TwiLight. Twin Light. Twin Sun Kiss.

The poster for SPLICE, an anagram of ECLIPSE, shows actress Sarah Polley with her hand on a Box/Cube:

Notice that the Box has a hole in it:

Splice director Vincenzo Natali first came to fame with the movie Cube.

In the poster we see that the Cube, the final piece of the jigsaw, is about to slot into the Whole:

I like how the word Cube contains the Cup as the Total Solar Eclipse/Splice is due to take place on the final day of the South Africa World Cup.

Jake: (I started making changes to my earlier posting this morning. Meanwhile a SyncStar has come and added below that so it might seem a little weird as I hadn't anticipated all the above and have to leave my original writing alone..)
The film Cube is directed by Vincenzo Natali the same directer of..
Splice starring Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody.
Splice and Eclipse are the same word synchromysticaly, just jumbled. Meaning after removing the mind imposed conventional barriers, as in dream and poetry, the flow of unrestricted interconnection is revealed.

Sync think seems disorientating, loose and mush headed at first, it is not. The unbound flow of consciousness is the reality of what we call form beyond the narrow confines of conceptualized thought. Form, Thought, Symbol (like these words and letters) are little doors and pointers. Tools to help us realize WE/ME, not create an inflexible grid of structure over the eternal mystery of existence.

Splice sees the gene spliced Big Head Baby Dren. Eclipse has the Ring around the Moon resonating the name of its lead character Bella. The Bell Rings.

Sunday, 7th Month 11th Day, is the end of the World Cup and sees a Total solar Eclipse hit the Southern Hemisphere and specifically Easter Island.
I like how similar the Cube poster is to the Star Trek First Contact poster. We see a plane of both Cubes (the elaborate prison of Cube and the Borg Cube of Star Trek) tilted on the left and bottom, receding in perspective, as if they were destined to be placed beside each other..

The smaller cube on the Cube poster casting a shadow over the plane mirrors the Star Ship Enterprise flying of towards Earth with its streaking twin blue warp drives.
Star Trek First Contact obviously resonates 2010: The Year We Make Contact and its Big Baby.
Lovely then that an amazing Cube Crop Circle appears in the week seeing the Total Solar Splice/Eclipse of 2010.
Predators released this Friday 9 July 2 days before the Splice/Eclipse

Marking this same week and weekend of the Splice/Eclipse is the Star of Splice Adrien Brody in a film featuring an E.T or Cosmic Consciousness resonator, Predators.
Adrien Brody won an Oscar/Golden Boy for Roman Polanski's The Pianist. We see him playing the Keys and wearing the Six Way Geometry Blue Star of the Jews.
The six pointed star and the Hexagons of the Cube Crop Circle go together like music.

The word Jewish resonates Jupiter as does the 6 pointed Blue David Star.
Cuboid Monolith at Jupiter is 2K long..

Blue Sun or Second Sun is Jupiter in 2010: The Year We Make Contact. We see the use of a Blue font to write the words Jupiter in the opening sequence of the 2010 film updating us on the events of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The E.T Cuboid Monolith that helps Jupiter become Lucifer the Second Sun resonates the Cubic Crop Circle and Borg Cube of Star Trek First Contact.
In The film Rapa Nui aka Easter Island we see actor Jason Scott Lee's star title over the Silhouette of the Island written in Blue. Lee is then a Blue Star and resonator of Jupiter. This film is relevant because Easter Island is one of the only pieces of land that will see the full Eclipse of 7/11 and because of its Giant Stone Head Statues.
Lee enters the film on a Surfboard.
This resonates the World Cup connection, ending on 7/11!, as the Logo has the DarkMan surfing a wave.

See Richard's Surfing The Net
Lees Dark skin making the bleed through here even more potent.
He is to participate in a sacred race to find a bird egg so he may become the BirdMan (a leader and representation of their God on Earth) of his clan, like his grandfather above.
Above the Holy Man and the current BirdMan, Lee's Grandfather, discus signs or what we call syncs, one of them being "That ring around the last moon" thus an Eclipse.
Back to the Future fans fooled by Twitter hoax
Thousands of Back to the Future fans mistakenly celebrated July 5, 2010 as a crucial date in the hit film trilogy after a hoax circulated on Twitter.

Two days before the Cube Crop Circle an erroneous tweet went viral declaring July 5 as the date Marty McFly (Micheal J. Fox) went Back To The Future.
Doc Brown pointing his Jupiter finger at the fuel for his time machine in Back to the Future Part 2.
The fuel for the time machine is the Eagle resonating Miller Beer.

This as well as McFly resonates the BirdMan or Jason Lee from Rapa Nui.
McFly enters the town square of Hill Valley in 2015 and passes a billboard featuring surfboards. Later we get a better look.
Its a billboard for USAir advertising Surf Vietnam. A silhouetted DarkMan as Rice Paddy farmer stands with the word Surf in Pink directly over him.
Again our USAir Dark Surfer is in the background as McFly stands in front of a 7-Eleven store.
In 2015, there's a 7-Eleven store in Hill Valley located where the Texaco service station used to be in 1985. A new service station for hover converted cars has been built on top of the store.
7-Eleven Futurepedia

We can see its a 7-Eleven a little better later when Doc Brown shows up again..
The 7-Eleven resonates the date the Eclipse is happening. It is also the ratio of the Great Pyramids Height to its Base.

Amazing the DarkMan and Surfers resonating the World Cup Logo right by the 7-11 resonating the date of the event.
Lucifer/Big Baby Head/Jupiter/Second Sun and the Great Pyramid resonating 7-Eleven in 2010: The Year WE/ME Make Contact below..

Above is a Graphic Jim Made including the 7-Eleven and Easter Island Big "Baby" Head.

Easter is East Star or Eastern Star resonating the Pentagram.

See previous Sync Whole post for Big Baby Heads and Pentagrams
Perfect then that our 7/11 is under the Five Pointed Star of Texaco. The connection between Back To The Future Part 2 and Rapa Nui extends much further then the recent Twitter Hoax. It's the presence of none other then BirdMan Jason Scott Lee that makes this rock solid.
He is one of the members of Griff's Gang in the center of the image above.
Lee, the dark hoverboard surfer, on far right chases McFly past a Pontiac store in Hill Valley.
This is interesting as Pontiacs have come up in my sync web a few times recently. Above is the one that crashed into the Garden at the Government House by the Winnipeg Legislature on the 8th of June.
Photo I took of the Pink Queen at the Government House.

This is the same spot the Queen visited on the 3rd, the day seeing a Pentagram Crop Circle and the start of the Dog Days.

Police chase ends on front steps of legislature

The man had been running from police after crashing a teal-coloured Pontiac Sunfire into a flower bed right in front of Government House, the official residence of Manitoba's Lieutenant-Governor.

This was particularly silly as I was right there when it happened.
The man who crashed the Pontiac ran from the Government House over to where me and a friend were sitting on the steps of the Legislative Building. The man and cop with gun drawn ran a few feet from us when the cop yelled "Get down on the ground!". I ran off a bit with my heart pounding and turned to takes these shots.
The previous Pontaic was at the Knox United Church Lightning Strike also in Winnipeg on the 28th of May.

Wrote about that and how it connects to Dennis Hopper here
The Pontiac symbol tells the same story as the Eclipse. The Sun/Star an Moon/Cup coming together to form the Big Baby/StarChild, represented by the Moai Stone Heads of Easter Island.
The Eclipse forms the Spliced Big Headed Baby of First Contact.

Will elaborate soon, flux capacitor willing.


Seeing the word Cube made me think of Cub.

Cub brings us right back to Chicago.

Cube. Cub. Cup. Puc.

Noted when looking for the original 7-Eleven post which was Scarlet Dragon: 2 Alyson Hannigan Boogaloo that it started with a Dragonfly...


  1. Awesome stuff, guys. This same design had been syncing for me a couple months ago, I knew there was more to it...

  2. That's intense. I saw a big blue dragonfly in the yard this morning - first one this year. All these stargate synchs are flowing. I went to buy cherries today at the farmer's market, and the lad who sold me cherries was wearing a blue SG-U t-shirt, AKA stargate U. Crazy

  3. maybe Nicolas CAGE (cube grid) gno-s who did this... ;)

    7+7+20+10 = 44... double 4, 4x4 is the magic square for Jupiter. I used to think my magic square/cube connections didn't make much sense, but today really changed things. Many things around us easily observable by anyone are cube/prism/square/rectangle shaped. You're looking into one NOW. Almost everything I look at and experience is resonant of Jupiter. It's very clear, but never overwhelming.

  4. Also saw a dragonfly today. And we don't get a lot of those in the city. We must embrace this.

    Been a bit obsessed with Time Travel lately, so I followed the link to the Back to the Future story. Immediately noticed an ad for Liberty Insurance reading "Save up to $322" - My first thought was "Ah, 322 - Skull and Bones" but I told myself to ignore that fear-based reaction and look for a brighter meaning. 3/22 is the celebration of Ostara or Easter on the Wheel of the Year. So Easter winks again! The Statue of Liberty on the Ad is the mother goddess.

    I want to put something out there. I've been mapping out very strong syncs with the Wheel of the Year dates all throughout 2010. I decided to keep an eye on August 1st and then I learned it is the date of the astrological Cardinal Climax. Suddenly the August 1st date is all over my radar (with August 1st-13th being pointed out by Steve Wilner and Clif High and on and on). Most are putting this as a dire date. Would you guys be willing to spend that day with me focusing on putting out the most positive energy in your hearts? Maybe we can turn this powerful day into something beautiful.

  5. Richard Just mentioned Professor X now Piccard.... Professor 24.

  6. Okay, so the first thing I noticed about that crop circle is that (in a 2-d pov) it is made of hexagons, piled upon each other to make a pyramid. We've got the honeycomb. Honey has been all over my radar for a while, but I was not the first noerwill I be the last. We all know about honey magic - combine that with a pyramid and a cosmic cube and a hyperspace hexagon - and get one powerful symbol.
    Tommy pointed out the 44 - I've been getting tons of 44s for a while. Makes sense as Obama, Lincoln resonator, is the 44th president.
    On your Twitter feed before I saw a flash about an updated Wiki page for 42. Not only was the game "I love Bees" made by "42 Entertainment" - but there is a passage in the "Technology" section that reads:

    "Tiling a plane using regular hexagons, which is honeycomb in appearance, is approximated in a topological sense to an accuracy of better than 1% using a stretcher bond brick pattern with bricks of 42 squares (6 by 7)"

    Look at the crop circle again.

  7. Now follow the Wiki link in that passage to Hexagonal tiling.

    See the vertex configuration is 6^3 or 666 - the carbon-based lifeform and the 2010 Lucifer Sun/Satan-figure Jake connected to 42 in the last post.
    See that the 666 also makes a pyramid.

    And that "the densest form of circle packing is arranged like hexagons in this tiling." Circle packing is often referred to as "penny packing" - Pennies feature 44-resonant Lincoln.

    Google "Penny Packing" and get this story about a math teacher from Chicago.

    "With a patch over one eye, titanium legs, and a bite to match his bark, math professor Paul Sally runs a tight ship."

    One-eye - Peg Leg - Dog/god/Sirius - Water/Ship

    See the photo of him with the capped pyramid above his one-eye and a math problem that reads Dee (like John Dee)

    And he is another "dark man" again resonating the 6&3 or 666.
    "On this February night the 6-foot-3-inch Sally looks particularly menacing in all black"

  8. And the pennies are made of copper:
    Bees swarmed a Wall St restaurant on day 42 of the BP spill (same day as Guatemala Sink Hole). Restaurant named after Cyprus. Symbol of death/rebirth.
    StrangeEye pointed out that Cyprus is the land of copper - and that copper is the metal of Venus aka Lucifer.

    Sorry to slam your message board. Earlier tonight I was trying to write a post about overcoming darkness and doubt and instead found myself troubled by the very mention of such things. Then I came back here and reread these last two posts and had a pretty powerful breakthrough in the
    "this and that" area. The sun and the moon - together. Male and female energies. The ego and the id in harmony. Yes, yes yes.

    I hope you guys realize how awesome you are. Much love to you all.

  9. @Alan,
    RE: Dates...

    Early August (8/4) is Obama's Birthday.

    Mid-End August is minor contact window (8/22-29)

    The BIG MAJOR contact window is end of 2nd week / start of 3rd week in NOVEMBER, 2010. (and if you said 'Strangey spit out a date right now', I'd reply, 11/20)

    August contacts, (no brainer here), will likely be "Hurry-CAIN" related whereas November is likely to be Middle East related.

    For me, I'll simply use the August dates as pointers to other 'major contact' future dates.

    ...and all of these "contact" pointers are covered in the February articles (and PI-day article in March) on Strange Eye blog.

    To me, "major contact" dates are simply dates which, if a major event does not manifest on them will definitely contain solid pointers to other future dates. Finding the windows is quite simply a combination of synchronicity, intuition and experience.

    and something else for your future radar, Jimmy Fallon will host the 62nd EMMY's Sunday, August 29 !!
    (also 5 yr anniversary of "Hurry-CAIN" Katr-ina)

    Do you have any thoughts on the strange case of the Russian (RUSHIN) Spies?


  10. @Alan

    But if we really want "prognostication" rather than Universal download (human software upgrade) dates, perhaps the World needs to pose its questions to "Paul the OCTOPUS" - That psychic-cephalopod with the 100% track record in World Cup game winner predictions.


  11. Lovely floW J&J. It feels like we're sharing the same brain sometimes. :)

  12. @Strange

    Thank you. I will factor your dates into my research. I know you're heavy into astrology. Any thoughts on the "Cardinal Climax?"
    I agree with the dates being pointers. Sometimes what I'm looking for is more subtle than I expected, but it is always there.

    re: Russian spies: They are calling her a Femme Fatale - see Eastern Star & "Fatal"
    Plus this quote gives us 17 and the 88 keys of the piano: "Juan Lazaro, the 17-year-old son of spy suspects Vicki Pelaez and Juan Lazaro, is an accomplished classical pianist"
    My very first post on Honey featured the emerging idea of the Femme Fatale and specifically the number 1788.
    It also questioned the importance of the number 88 as 420. As you know, BP spill happened on 4/20.
    So, should we be looking at August 8th or the 88th day of the spill (now 8 days away)? I'm going to watch both.

    Funny you should mention Paul and the universal download. I stumbled upon a major set of syncs the other night which brought me to the story of the Pentecost - which seems to me a very explicit telling of universal download. Pentecost is also called "Whitsun" - and I had been musing about the "White Sun" at the center of the BP logo. I'll have a full post on it soon.

    And, since Paul is an Octopus - let us recall the "Atlantis: Gateway of the Squid"

  13. I'll revise that 11/20 date to 11/7 or 11/8.


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