Friday, July 2, 2010

The Queen Arriving on jupiter.

The Queen comes to Winnipeg tomorrow, July 3rd, 2010.

She arrives in Winnipeg as the first person to use the new James Armstrong Richardson International Airport. James2010 website.

This will be her first time ever to use a public TERMINAL BRIDGE at an airport.

The word TERMINAL is derived from the latin word TERMINUS which means A BOUNDARY STONE. It is used to describe THE END OF THE ROAD.

In Rome, Terminus was often equated with Jupiter. In Rome, the Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus was said to have been built on top of an older shrine to Terminus. Terminus was often referred to as an aspect of Jupiter referred to as JUPITER TERMINALIS.

I like how in the image below for Terminus there is a big monolith hanging from the Key Stone point of the arch. The monolith is not only resonant of the black monolith from the movies 2001 & 2010, as well as it kind of looks like a movie screen.

The Queen will be using the Gate 7 Bridge. Gate G.

Bridge is also G Bride.

The Queen is the G8 GG Bride to kick off the 2010 Dog Days of Summer.

And to think she is bringing with her through the Terminal G8 at the End of the Age a stone from the Meadow of Runnymede. (Stanley means Stone in Meadow).

This stone will symbolize the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215.

It is to be the "cornerstone" for Winnipeg's New Jupiter Tower, I mean, Canadian Museum of Human Rights slated to be complete by 2012.

The Queen is bringing her Stanley with her through the Terminal StarG8.

Interestingly enough is that the movie Terminal starring Tom Hanks also stars Stanley Tucci. Perhaps a non-local echo of this moment to happen tomorrow. Because Stanley Tucci has already been to Winnipeg and visited the Manitoba Legislative Building aka Temple to Jupiter Optimus Maximus. (The Temple to Joyful Maximum Optimism).
Jake has already written about Stanley Tucci's scene with Richard Gere in the washroom of the Manitoba Leg.

Nice how the Queen through her Terminal experience brings us right back Tom Hanks (Twin Ankhs) who is the voice of WOODY in Toy Story 3, our Cosmic Ti69er Gate Movie.

The poster for Terminal has a stylized I with and airplane on top. This to point to the EYE/I Taking flight. I is the 9th letter as well and some believe 9 symbolizes Spirit.

Spirit takes flight at the Terminal. The I with airplane reminds me of the symbol for an Ankh which makes sense considering we have Mr. Twin/Tom Ankhs/Hanks starring in the movie Terminal. When the KA unites with the BA, Spirit takes flight as the IMMORTAL ANKH.

The Queen syncs up with Jupiter Terminalis incredibly. Perhaps best through the actress Helen Mirren.

Helen Mirren plays the Queen in the movie of the same name - QUEEN.

She also play a Queen in The Madness of King George. In the poster below her name appears at Midnight or the Keystone POint of the Arch of Being.

She is also a Queen in Prince of Egypt. This woman just screams QUEEN OF HEAVEN.

Helen Mirren, the Queen, travels to Jupiter in the movie 2010:The Year We Make Contact and is integral in triggering the Twin Sun of Jupiter to shine and bring warmth back to the eartH/Heart.

The Queen also voices the super computer DEEP THOUGHT in H2G2 where she gives the answer to life, the universe and everything as 42. A number that has been repeatedly shown to resonate everything Jovian. (Read The Tinman's Rainbow Lodge & Gnosis of 42 for my initial post that connects 42, Deep Thought and Jupiter)

Helen Mirren also resonates with Terminus as she stars in the movie THE LAST STATION which clearly signifies The End of the Road or where we meet Jupiter Terminalis, the God with the Maximum Optimism.

All aboard the enterTRAINment!

Helen Mirren is Hermia in the 1968 movie version of Midsummer's Night's Dream.

File:A Midsummer Nights Dream (1968 film).jpg

Stanley Tucci stars as PUCK in the 1999 version of Midsummer Night's Dream.

The Stanley Cup Puck. The PUCUP. Read Bringing Big Baby Up for more depth into the meaning of the PUCUP.

Hermia is a name derived from Hermes. Mercury. The Golden Boy.

The Golden Boy will be part of the Queen's visit to Winnipeg tomorrow as she will be visiting Peg Leg Joy Temple.

I like how Queen is already attracted to Mercury with one of the 20th Centuries biggest Rock Stars - Freddie MERCURY of the band QUEEN.

Freddie Mercury of Queen also has a song called THE GOLDEN BOY.

After the Queen comes through the GG Bride G8 at the End of the Road of the Age, she will then head to Government House for a private dinner. The Government House is the White House that is beside the manitoBA Jupiter Temple. It is where the High Priest lives (her representative).

A new statue of the Queen is being unveiled on the lawns of the Jupiter Temple at exactly 4:20 PM. Read the her Peg schedule here.

Jovian Cosmic GG Rite (tiGGer) in full effect!

Peace yall.


Remember The Queen of Hearts rule 42: All person more than 1 Mile high must leave the court. In other words DUCK!


  1. Concerning the Twin Pillar Archway "Terminvs" illustration... I keep seeing the 4 sided object (think of a plank of wood, or a rectangular street sign, or a TV [20+22=42] screen, or the 2001 monolith) as being related to Jupiter. The common board of Wood is known as a 2x4. It was just interesting to see this idea that I was playing around with expressed in that drawing, seemingly out of place, because it was one of those things that I really wasn't finding many associations for by simply observing.

    "Q" as in QuEEn, in lowercase form (q) becomes part of the bp/69/Gg sync web. I've explored 4 being an inverted 17 (numeral value of Q) here.

  2. bp=db=42...

    Check out the 42 Puzzle by Douglas Adams... Little red balls look like the little red blobs of oil washing up in Gulf Coast beaches... Also: all that dolphin stuff...?! I'd imagine the dolphins would love to leave for another star system, or whatever, right about now. Not really funny... Also: Adams bought the first Apple, right? One of the first, anyway... Adams... Apple... Gnowledge... 42!

  3. good point papageno. as if we had not noticed that the bpd spinner is db and 42! thanks. be well.

  4. Yep, sounds about right to me! Haha, more and more speechlessness these days! Peace way in <3

  5. Plus, Freddy Mercurius recorded "Under Pressure" with David Bowie (DB/42, the Bowman lost in a Space Oddity), who was in the band Tin Machine and sang of a coming "Baby Universal". I've been documenting Bowie syncs lately and the material is overwhelming; he's a living meme machine.

  6. @JiM,

    the Queen's "22 Visit", (V = 22 )
    arriving at "Gate 7" (G = 7 )

    ... and that's right out of the headline in the article you linked to at

    A tasty slice of PI, π
    22/7 = 3.142857142857142857......

    See 6 Days of Creation - the Ring, the Sphere, and Jimi Hendrix on Strange Eye blog
    For more 142857 background !


  7. So perfect!

    ans another occult math take on it...
    "22 Visit" is also 22+22 or 4 twos and 44!
    "Gate 7" is also 2 sevens and 77!

    77-44 = 33

    44-27 = 17


  8. And in the NEWS...
    Terminal/Terminus sync

    Bomb scare false alarm at JFK Terminal 1Updated at 09:54 PM today

    QUEENS -- A bomb scare that turned out to be a false alarm forced the evacuation of a terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport for two hours Sunday.

    John Kelly, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which manages the three main New York-area airports, said 250 to 300 passengers were evacuated from Terminal 1 at the airport around 6 p.m. and were allowed back in after 8 p.m.

    More story at