Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Return of the Red-i

Return of the Jed-I/Red-I = Return to Source/Force/Flow

Like Yoda (voiced by Frank OZ) the Tinman is a Red-I/Jed-I Master.

The Jed-I of Jupiter wears the white mask of the
Fool - Clown - Joker - Jester

The Empire Strikes Back

Luke Skywalker dons the white mask of the Jester/Joker while wearing the TH-421 Stormtrooper helmet.

Skywalkers co-pilot is the TINy TINman known as Artoo D2/DB.

The allie of the Jed-I also has a Red-I

beep beep

May the 4th be with you!

Djed Pillar, mystery object of Ancient Egypt thought of as Back Bone of Osiris. A Pillar is an I shape making the Djed (an I shaped pillar) resonate the Jed-I.

Those who tame their Dragon (Kunadalini/DNA Serpent Pillar) or I/Eye/Self, master The Force and become JedI Knights!

RA: Recently spotted the Djed Pillar in the movie Iron Man 2.

Whiplash (played by actor Mickey Rourke) uses the power of the Djedi to take on the Tinman.

Mickey Rourke/Whiplash is also due to star in The Expendables. In the poster we find emphasis placed on the Pillar of the spine.

Once the Djed-i/Red-i is awakened the Bird takes flight and Contact is made.

When the Djed-i/Red-i opens we become Skywalkers.

I spotted this poster recently and noticed that Jet Planes (Bird resonators) emerge from this guys spine in close proximity to the word Dog/goD. The skull at the bottom right has a Red-i/Djed-i.

The letters DNA is found inside the word cANDy. Notice that this cDNAy Girl holds the Djed Pillar while the Death Star hovers close by.

Here's Natalie Portman, Mother of the Skywalker, doing the Kundalini Pole DANce.

Portalman highlighted by the Djedi Pillar in this poster.

While pondering the syncnificance of the Candy Shop poster above, I realized that the Disco Ball is yet another pointer to DB's Treasure.

San Diego's supercomputer made a model of the Earths core which looks surprisingly like a Disco Ball. Article here.

The (DB/42) Disco Ball is found within the eartH/Heart centre.

While googling the words 'Disco Ball movie' this poster came up as one of the results. I like how it shows that we're each facets of the same Heart.

Reminds me that we're all floWers growing from the same Djed Pillar/Stem. We're the Pollen Nation.

Peace all.


just had to throw this in;

the image above was a preliminary sketch for a t-shirt design i did a while back. the box on the guy's spine below the ankh was a placeholder for the Djed, which -coincidentally- you can see detailed in the image above the thinker's spine. also, if you look closely, the first guy's 3rd eye has been opened, in addition to him balancing his heart/earth/core with my crude version of a hieroglyphic-style feather.

RA: The first thing that came to mind when seeing toure's design was this image from V for Vendetta.

While thinking about the connection between toure's art and the floW of this post it hit me that the guy doing the pose is none other than the pale faced Joker/Jester/Fool who was mentioned earlier on.

V is Natalie Portalmans mentor, connecting him with the Star Wars theme already explored here.

Notice in the image above that V's hands create two 'buns' on the side of Portalmans head, kind of like Princess Leia's:

Carrie Fisher 'Under the Rainbow' surrounded by TINy people:

toure [back for more];

"The Djed pillar opens up into an 'iris' (the top loop) and gets 'wings' (the cross) mimicking the kundalini that awakens into the crown giving us wings." -JK



  1. Jake: As I opened up the post, I was already thinking of adding on the Djed-I thing. Very cool :)

  2. Hi great post! Arrowsmith as always your resonating" symbols that are featuring heavily in my conciousness , your post syncs well with one i did a while back entitled

    "red envelopes, red eyes and jedi smurfs"


  3. awe-sum stuff guys, peace in :)

  4. Toure's additions implies that the Ankh is the Djed that has evolved. The Djed pillar opens up into an 'iris' (the top loop) and gets 'wings' (the cross) mimicking the kundalini that awakens into the crown giving us wings. The winged orb would be another evolution of the theme.

  5. RA,

    excellent as always!

    That Expendables movie is looking pretty good!

    Quite the cast - should be billed as the ultimate collection of Action Movie stars... Even the Black Sun, the Gover-nator, Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a return appearance in the flick.

    The Expendables (2010) Trailer on YouTube

    I was particularly interested in the use of the crow (Corvus) symbol at the end of the trailer and perched on the Skull in the poster/ad. You could even argue the official poster has a crow winged skull (formed by the guns and blades)

    Here's some background info on "The Crow".

    And one just for fun:
    Sir Isaac Newton


  6. TOURE!

    we got a man in black theme coming at us.
    --I'm feeling Twin Peaks & The Dark Tower (not to mention Lost).
    Someone was telling me today that like 95% of the universe is made up of the so called "dark matter". Time to integrate the light?
    -hey who got their chocolate in my peanut butter?

  7. Yezzz I like this :) Be verily well all!

  8. hello , this is mys-ynck of 25 april

    Hall the Red-eye of "2010: The Year We Make Contact"
    turned on

    sorry only italian clip

  9. Red Eye of jupiter is europe ...Europe at this time have many financial problems.
    ReD eye is Vulcan ...turned on

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