Monday, May 3, 2010

May the 4th Be With You!

May 4 is called Star Wars Day because of a pun on the similarity between "May the 4th be with you" and "May the Force be with you", a phrase often spoken in the Star Wars movies.
Star Wars Day Wiki

Jim Sanders or @syncwinnipeg came over to my place today to watch Red Dawn. We are working on a sync video for an appearance by C. Thomas Howell on Radio8Ball.
Jim (who always notices crazy stuff like this!) realized the Blue Chariot Patrick Swayze drives a young C. Thomas Howell to safety in, away from the invading Soviet/Red Army, contains the 54 in its license plate. That would be today May 4 or 5/4 aka Star Wars day.
First good look we get at C. Thomas Howell and KAboom! He is wearing a Star Wars Cap.

Soon after we note Howell is crowned by Star Wars on Star Wars Day I we also hear a noise in the apartment. No one else is hear so I go to investigate.
My Star Wars Slot Machine poster (which a friend in SA gave me because he helped design this advertisement or something like that..) has fallen off of the door and into the hallway. I call Jim and we laugh.

A little later a take a look at the poster now lying with its lesser seen obverse side (the front looks much like a regular newish Star Wars Poster image just with the words Star Wars Slots etc..) exposed.

It talks about Jedi Nights right next to Magic 8-Ball Slot Machine, the very name of the show me and Jim are making the C. Thomas Howell video for.
Further we see the Jester with his Cap a varation of the fool. I tweeted this stuff yesterday.

When the King and his Priests have lost touch with God the Jester wears the Cap.

Jesters Cap JC Jesus Christ.

@strangeye just informed me that today is 3 May not 4 May.

Guess this becomes then a loud pointer and entrainment with 2morrow.
When we rotate PAC-Man we note the negative space forms a delta/triangle or CAPstone shape. PAC=CAP.
The sprawling and belled Blue Jester's Cap is the Crown that shows he is enlightened.
Here is the Same Pac-Man effect on Tom Cruise's 51 Chariot in Days of Thunder. We note the Pac-Man shape is the Sun Crowning the MounTIN or Pyramid. The Sun Crowned Pillar of enlightenment just like the Star/Sun Wars Cap worn by C. Thomas Howell in Yellow Font.
Yellow Star/Sun on Cap. Yellow PAC/CAP-Man and Jesters Cap, same, same, same..

Have to go to work. More Later.

Peace in G8tors!


  1. Ha! I was on the wrong day. I guess I am ahead of myself. tomorrow is force day. peace jake


  2. 2day.. 2morrow, same, same...
    Nothing could resonate 2day more then 2morrow.
    The I of the Jed Pillar rises 2morow then.

  3. Fascinating personal sync in this one for me guys.

    I airbrush and draw (couple of my favorite 'hobbies') and just last night I was checking out the work of the Air Syndicate and air-wizard Craig FRASER.


    Thank you for the confirmation!
    Perfect sense, and May 4th was a beautifully intense day so so so intense..

    thank you for the help !!!

    I greatly appreciate it!!


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