Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stag Nation

Most recently I was viewing the movie The Time Travelers Wife, which I might add seems to me a fine movie. The time traveling Eric Bana loses his life by being mistaken for a stag or large male dear.This in my head falls right in to place with a certain mythos pattern that I'm currently studying. The Moon Goddess Diana AKA Artemis and Actaeon the hunter. Actaeon stumbles upon Artemis bathing with her naked gaggle seen above. Now Artemis is always seen as an under developed teenager. She is, after all, an eternal virgin. Artemis catches Actaeon peeking and splashes him with water, where ever the water fell antlers grow and Actaeon's own hunting dogs tear him mistakenly apart. Some legends have Artemis/Diana just scarred of him bragging, telling him not to say anything and when he calls his dogs near he sprouts antlers.... And so on. Point is that the dude sees her beauty, is spell bound, and then killed by it.

Many have interpretations of this particular event, however most deal with the accusation that the ancients hated women.... Or at least were afraid of them and or their naked bodies. Modern intellects always do this.... I mean cheating our ancestor, as if we are better than them now. My stand point lately is that nothing is being sold here. No ancient way of thinking at least. There is now enough people interested in myth to have a good blanket of meaning, however myth has shown itself to me to be very personal. You should not take anything that someone says is the interpretation as granite and solid, this creates dogmatism and detracts from the joy of personal exploration into the ideas. Myth does not belong to the Ancient Greek, the Freemasons, the Illuminitus, or any professor with a stuffy tie standing in front of your class room... It doesn't even belong to Chris Knowles... As well versed as he is, I'm sure that he, like others who really dig, discover their own personal growth along the way. Myth is yours, and permeates through YOUR pop culture like a forgotten child refusing to stay in the basement. It's in all of us and without us all the same.

That being said I do find a relationship between the Time Travelers Wife and this particular tale of Artemis in that Eric Bana wins his young bride while she is still an adolescent. It's not his fault of course, her finding him and telling him it's going to happen in time makes it happen.... In time.

See he has something called Kronos Impairment, and you can take that a couple of different ways.... Basically he beats time(death)... And shows up in weird places a weird times. Some places have certain gravity(is what he calls it) for him, and he comes to these places against his will often. One of them being the meadow in which he is shot and in where his bride falls for him. He is killed by his father in law, who never knows he himself shot his own son in law. The father in law is portrayed though the movie as being the hunter, and of course ask Eric many times to come along. All the elements are there, just rearranged or distorted slightly. Basically Eric dies due to the beauty of a teenager, and even in the same spot. Read it as if a dream my fellow Jungians.The Stag however is still, outside of the peeping Tom incident, a main game of Diana. Now Diana is the moon and the moon can be seen as imagination. It is the subconscious of the night, and only shines due to the reflection of the Sun, which is the bringer of consciousness. Diana hides in the unknowable, the Sun brings it all to light. Now the Stag is her main target because he is seen as the ever elusive state of intuition. Imagination always hunting for the darting intuition. And like the kids on Narnia, Diana has a hard time.The Stag is also in line with Celtic Cernunnos or Herne, and horned they were as well. Then again the Stag was also associated with the Green Man and the Stags were messengers of the underworld.

The poster above is in perfect form. The Moon, the Green Man, and the Stag as a hound. The Dog of course being a symbol of Hermes, another underworld messenger. The Dog is also a Dog Star or
Sirius resonator and that's perfect too seeing Hermes has some links to Sirius. Sirius has been pegged through out history as a source of external knowledge, meaning a source of Nosis outside of

See how that just runs around and bites it's own tail. All these symbols play the role of the External Conscience. Jimney Cricket.... The voice on your shoulder.
In Plato's Apology of Socrates, Socrates claimed to have a daimonion (literally, a "divine something")[9] that frequently warned him - in the form of a "voice" - against mistakes but never told him what to do.[10] However, the Platonic Socrates never refers to the daimonion as a daim┼Źn; it was always an impersonal "something" or "sign".[11]-Wiki

Once again there will be some who will feel the need to list many vices on Socartes(pronounced So Crates if your a Bill and Ted fan) in the hopes of showing their own superior knowledge to that of someone who couldn't bath often for lack of running water.

The importance however lies in the regurgitation of this theme in the form of modern pop culture. The Golden Compasses relationship to this was revealed to me by Stygian Port sending a link to Inside The Cosmic Cube. Where is Star! Anyway the Golden Compass using the word Deamon to describe the external soul in the form of an animal for all the people of that particular fantasy world. Cosmic Cube listed off that the Deamon can also be seen as the Patronus Charm summoned by the Wizards and Which in the land of Harry Potter.Harry himself owning the animal charm of The Stag.....

(As Abraham Lincoln would say, I love it when a plan comes together.) The Forrest Spirit AKA the Night Walker from Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Monoke holds within it some clues as well... Seeing as he is also, like Diana's Stag, elusive, and even more so at night.Diana was not always seen with the tell tell masculinity of the horned Stag. And in Pop culture we also see that both sexes of the Deer are featured. Here above we are watching Sync Christ Carpenters Star Man. We are with Jeff Bridges and Indiana Jones Mary in the BOWdARKs parking lot trying to understand man's need to bee a predator. The deer is later resurrected by Bridges. Aliens like Bridges are always being shown with Christ like magical skills.... Aliens are blatantly divine, savior type figures.But then again any hero has to be more than human. Powder experience the same as hunters once again drop a defenseless doe. He lacks the ability to revive the deer but gives the hunter a taste of the animals fear... It acts in the same way as the conscience. Powder although not divine is of the Gods, it would seem, as he is dispersed by Zeus' thunder bolts.The Sunglasses set one apart from the normal populace... A God with a mask.As Bridges now resides on the opposite end of the invasion.

Sungalsess distinguish you as alien or at the very least allow you to see the world differently.(SUN SUN SUN)The God like Grey Alien looking Will Smith with super powers included. Also the common theme of the Eagle being visible over the sun. The Eagle as Jupiter, like the Thunder Bolts. And if Jupiter ignites into a second sun like the theme around these parts, then he's gonna need the shades. Because after all 2010 is....
The year we make contact.
Permanent Midday more like it. However this Ben Stiller movie deals with the biography of the TV writer for the show ALF. And as you can see the Alien Life Form is visible in his sunglasses.Love and Thanks....


So Jim goes into the jungle for a few days--away from his wife--and Mr. Morgan throws a Stag party.

As I mentioned below in the comments, I want more from this post. And it isn't that The Shaman's syncs aren't complete--they are crazy good like always, but as per usual, I think my desire to see more has more to do with me than anything. . .

The idea of a spirit guide or patronous is great. Another level to the J.K. Rowling thing is the idea of an Animagus--an actual transformation into your animal representation. Harry's Father (his paternal protector) was a stag.

I see myself as a fox. That's me, dancing in the grocery store, thinking up a new caper, buying a new bandit mask at 40% off. . .

of course my wife disagrees saying that I'm a Badger,

-probably the closest is a skunk seeing as how I'm skunking up Will's beautiful post. . .

So flow. A Stag party thought comes to me occasionally (in the shower of course). One of the powers of Zeus is his life creating lightning. We can see this aspect in the Ace of Wands card which portrays an "outpouring of raw creative energy".

As Jupiters, we all have this magic wand that shoots "bolts" of life. I sometimes wonder about stagnation--that it is perhaps important to keep the flow going even if it just winds up going down the sink hole. . .

. . .of course, sometimes that flow ends up in The Sync Whole and magic happens

(so perhaps this nothing more than masturbation, but) I've been compelled to reread Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. I have no idea why. It is bad! I enjoy it though. Interestingly, this time through, I noticed something he tossed off without later explaining. And when I googled it, I found Jake Kotze.

As Robert Langdon (played on the silver screen by THanks) lectures his class on the symbolism of The Masons, he tells his class how the Masons choose important and symbolic dates to lay the cornerstones of three of the most important buildings in Washington D.C. (This is fiction remember, and I didn't check his "facts".) All that Langdon tells his class about this though, is that they would have their ceremony only when the "Caput Draconis" was in Virgo. That is, when the dragon's head was in the virgin.

A little research will lead one quickly to the idea of Lunar Nodes:

Image of the Lunar Nodes from "Galactic Center" p 75 areas where the orbit of the moon crosses the apparent path of the Sun (Ecliptic). Eclipses happen near the these points. [from The Blob]

The Lunar Dragon with its Tail (Ketu) in Sagittarius or Galactic Center and its Head in Gemini or Galactic Anticenter. Another serpent equivalent to the Galactic Center-Galactic Anticenter axis part of the 2012 Equinox-Galaxy Cross.[from The Blob]

For something "to be in" Virgo is to correspond to the dates of the Zodiac constellation "Virgo"--which is August 23 - September 23 (roughly, & then there is the whole thing with tropical versus sidereal)

Virgo is the virgin. You can see the stargate in her symbol which is also a symbol for her fishy son.

Jesus Doug, will you get to your point!

Twice a month the moon crosses the ecliptic, the path of the sun. The moon is "read" as feminine and rules the cycles of women. We launched our Apollo mission from phallic looking rockets at the moon and many thought that we impregnated it, which gave birth to a new age. The moon is feminine. The sun is masculine. The masons (according to Dan Brown) understood this symbolism and then acted in accord with the heavens, beginning their new endeavor symbolically when the "egg" (moon) & "sperm" (sun) came together in the Virgin in September.

When I googled the terms "ascending lunar node sept 2001", I hit Kotze: Opening The Stargate Via Nicholas Cage. I bet you can see where my mind had gone. Know of anything symbolic that happened in September of 2001?

One of those "As above so below" thoughts I have, is how they say that life may have hitched a ride on a comet--that a comet strike may have impregnated Mother. . . and given birth to us!

don't forget about last summer either. . .


  1. Disney Fantaisa2000 Firebird

  2. --Time War-- from 2010: The Year We Make Contact

    2001: A Space Odyssey --Stanley Kubrick-- dead March 7, 1999 - 2 year before 2001

    2010: The Year We Make Contact -- Artur C. Clarke -- dead 19 March 2008 - 2 year before 2010

  3. This is too good, Will. you must be a cop.

    I love that you are literally chasing a stag (Hart) through the dark forest. I don't know if you caught em though. It feels to me like there is still more out there. Let us know if anything else turns up.

    (--you sound like a prof. )
    "Welcome class. My name is Professor Shaman and I will be teaching this section of mythology this semester. . .

    -very nice Will.

  4. i'm with Ishmael on this one... it's like you're chasing Bambi's PoPs through a dim-lit densely wooded forest, and we're astral planing, dreaming of seeing through your eyes. you've been chasing longer than you probably know, and this post is the second where he stops for a moment in the light and turns to meet your gaze...

    i started watching Bambi a few weeks ago, never finished it, but it got me thinking about the synks between that film and The Lion King; i'd forgotten that Bambi was a prince...

    i'm feelin the direction... wish i could see where this is going... i'm gonna watch The Time Traveler's Wife and see if i catch anything. and The Astronauts Wife while i'm at it...

  5. interesting; "wife" is in both titles... i was just thinking about Artemis' strange place in the pattern...

  6. ok--
    Tye's examination of these hoof prints have led me to what I thought was missing (possibly). Wife? Maybe I'll add to this soon. not sayin' it'll be anything but I can take your moon and raise it a sun and see what we get, perhaps an ascending lunar node?
    lots of birds out my window
    be well guys.

  7. This one really hit home for me. It's always a pleasure reading your work Will. Cheers.

  8. Will- Beutiful work as always :) The Stag and Diana come to mind via MJ. Find the Stag in this sync soup album cover for DAN(DNA)gerous. Love and thanks to you too

    Doug- Very interesting info, really cool about the Masons and Virgo, thanks for the thoughtfoods, love and thanks to you

  9. YeahMan! Yes!

    I took a break from writing about Denzel and Morgan Freeman to check in here; the first line of Will's Isis Incognito: "Seeing the fact that Denzel Washington and not Morgan Freeman played in The Bone Collector..."

    the invocation of a deity... contact high

    the dragon serpent kunda-thingy is in the virgin; freaky horny like the stag, the vagina is the vesica is the fish-shape... Oedipus Avatar sex with MoM? sex and death. ah. the year of the dragon we've been training is almost here, the dawning of the age of water-bearing, her water's breaking like tha red c... if pisces is on the way out, what will become of our floW?

    tee hee

  10. wow, i never saw this post before, as i just started reading the blog last month. but seeing it now as you re-posted today on facebook is perfectly timed to the thoughts that have been racing and dancing around my mind as of late! truly inspiring!
    i am not familiar with the myth of Artemis and Actaeon, but reading of it now, brings to mind what i have been thinking on lately of Mercury. (The stag as you said being associated with Hermes, and the astrological symbol of mercury having the "horns" as well) not certain I have a complete grasp yet, but i'm feeling that the intuition of the moon/feminine that can be inspired by observation, brings about understanding and enlightenment (the growing of horns), which in turn brings about death/transformation/rebirth.
    the fantasia clip was absolutely amazing, as i have also never seen that film, but in combination with this post it really seems connected to a collage i recently did on my blog:
    i apologize if i'm not making sense here, just very excited about the connections! thanks!

  11. Only thing I have to add to this one is about the alien/sunglasses theme...And this is probably one of the most far-out comments I'm gonna leave on any of these!

    On the day of one of my uncles' funeral, I got up, drank some juice, hopped back in bed, and...uh...relieved a little tension with a one-armed workout.

    As soon as I finished and relaxed myself into the release, I approached the threshold of sleep, and saw my arms reaching out through my closed eyelids...I'm a bit experienced with OBE's, but I managed to open my eyes to verify that my physical hands were actually folded up against my chest...I closed my eyes, and again saw my astral hands reaching out towards the corner of my bed, as if to embrace something...

    I then saw a little green man materialize, perhaps about 2 feet tall...He appeared to be wearing shades, or some sort of stylish sunglasses, which made him look absolutely hilarious. I had never met any sort of entities during an OBE yet, and I was quite disturbed that he chose to appear just as I had finished some very private business.

    I mentally intended the thought to him, "Wha...Who the hell are you and how long have you been watching me?" I was sort of stuck between trying decide if I was being funny/sarcastic, or actually offended. But he simply turned his head to the side, and de-materialized.

    I never saw the little green peeping tom again, although I've seen much more confusing things on other hypnagogic occasions.