Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bee Day

-it's mother's day, and I'm being stung by a number of things/associations:


I wanted to speak at length about
the happiness of my body and the
delight of my mind for it was
April, night, a
full moon and--

but something in myself or maybe
from somewhere other said: not too
many words, please, in the
muddy shallows the

frogs are singing.

~Mary Oliver


  1. hot damn. that Suga Mama video... did you see those hips? that's the goddamn cradle o life right there. good god she's fine.

    how bout this;

    Beyonce is creole, the infamously historical coming together of bloodlines: american and french, black and white, master and slave, new world and old... creole americans are central to Louisiana, which was the state affected by two recent mama-earth attacks; hurricane katrina and the recent oil spill-flow...


  2. I found something of a mind fuck this weekend. I need to share and think that this post is perhaps the place to unveil this, but don't know if I have the time exactly right now.

    I'll check my one fact and see. Maybe it needs to be its own 911 post.

    I think you and I have the same taste in women, toure. And damn is she a woman!

  3. Jupiter has lost one of its prominent stripes, leaving its southern half looking unusually blank. Scientists are not sure what triggered the disappearance of the band.

  4. Beutyfull post Ish! Loved it, tuned into my recent Green flows, thanks! Namaste :)